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Countdown! The current BMW 2 Series four-door version is about to be discontinued

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According to media reports, the current BMW 2-Series four-door coupe (code name F44) will officially stop production in September, August 6 is the last production day of the current BMW 2-Series four-door coupe. Since then, consumers will not be able to carry out flexible customized options at BMW dealerships, but can only choose to buy in-store cars or on-the-way cars. The new generation of BMW 2-Series four-door coupe (codenamed F74) will be officially produced in November, and the new 2-Series four-door sedan running long wheelbase version (codenamed F78) will be launched in China in 2025 to replace the BMW 1-Series hatchback sedan that is about to be discontinued. The official price of the current BMW 2-Series four-door coupe is 27.29-298900 yuan, according to BMW's official website.

The BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe model was officially unveiled at the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show and is based on BMW's front-wheel drive UK12 platform. This is the first time BMW has launched a compact sedan with a four-door coupe. The new car is made at a plant in Leipzig, Germany, and half of its production will be supplied to the US market, while the Chinese market will absorb about 15% of its production.

At the 2020 Macau Motor Show, the BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe model was officially launched in China and officially listed in China in January 2021, with only 225i (2.0T engine) version for consumers to choose from, and the transmission system matches the 7-speed wet double-clutch gearbox with a maximum power of 192hp and a peak torque of 280Nm.

In addition, the domestic BMW first-series hatchback (F52) has stopped production and sale, officially retired from the historical stage. Initially, the BMW 1-Series was also sold in China by import, with the main hatchback model priced between 25.60 yuan and 469000 yuan. Due to the relatively high price, sales of the car have been lukewarm. At the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, brilliance BMW brought a domestic version of the 1-series, which is different from imported models in that it mainly features a hatchback version, which is more in line with the needs of the Chinese market, and is based on the UKL front wheel drive platform, which has more advantages in space and cost. In June this year, BMW officially released the official map of the fourth-generation BMW 1-Series / M135 (F70), which is the fourth-generation BMW 1-Series model (E87 in 2004, F20 in 2011 and F40 in 2019). This generation of products skip the mid-term model and replace it directly. It is understood that the new car will be produced together with the new BMW X1 based on the UKL2 platform, will still provide front-drive and all-wheel drive models, and will be upgraded for appearance, interior and power. Unfortunately, the fourth-generation BMW 1-Series will miss the domestic market.

It is understood that after the suspension of production of the cash 2-series four-door coupe, BMW Group will officially unveil a new generation of 2-series four-door coupe (chassis code F74) in October, and will officially start production in November. At the same time, brilliance BMW Shenyang plant will start production of the extended wheelbase 2-series four-door sports car with extended wheelbase code F78 at the beginning of next year, which is a domestic version of the new generation 2-series four-door coupe. Its production line is expected to be built on the previous BMW 1-Series hatchback production line, which will replace its position in the Chinese market.

In addition, BMW will launch the BMW M235L four-door coupe (F78 MPA) as the M Performance performance version of the former, based on the domestic long wheelbase model of the new generation 2-series four-door coupe. It is worth noting that the naming of the BMW model has changed-the letter "I" representing the gasoline direct injection model has been deleted. BMW said the letter "I" would only be used in the names of all-electric BMW models, starting with a new generation of 1-Series and a new generation of X3.

In the eyes of consumers, the cash BMW 2-Series four-door coupe is relatively minority. Some people contradict its horizontal front layout, which is not enough to be a "BMW", while others think that it is imported and "moral". In fact, compared with the emphasis on German origin, it is more valuable in its unique design language and minority taste. At present, with the birth of new energy models one after another, there are fewer and fewer interesting fuel vehicles for consumers to choose from, which highlights the significance of the BMW 2-Series four-door sedan.

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