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Listed within the month! SAIC Volkswagen introduces ID. Buzz

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According to media reports, Volkswagen ID. Buzz will be launched this month at the earliest, will be imported by SAIC-Volkswagen, and will provide long-wheelbase and standard wheelbase models for consumers to choose from. SAIC-Volkswagen has already distributed large quantities of goods in its distribution stores in preparation for the next listing. It is understood that ID. Buzz, based on the MEB platform, is a pure electric MPV model and a tribute to the Volkswagen classic minibus T1, which was born in 1950. It was released in March 2022 and officially unveiled in China in November 2023. As a reference, the starting price of Volkswagen ID. Buzz in the German market is 60892.3 euros, or about 473000 yuan.

The ID.Buzz has a distinct appearance difference from the MPV model on the market. It is based on the concept version of the ID.Buzz launched in 2017, while adding the classic look of the Volkswagen T1, which looks like a "baby bus" as a whole. Built on the MEB platform, the ID.Buzz has a short front cabin area, which maximizes the use of its interior space. In addition, the ID.Buzz has a suspended roof, the front face is similar to the Volkswagen T1 arc design, the matrix headlights on both sides are connected through the LED daytime driving lights, and there is a large Volkswagen LOGO in the center.

On the side of the car body, the ID.Buzz adopts double A-column design. In order to reduce the blind area, transparent glass is used between the two A-columns. The size of the side window gradually shrinks from the front row to the back, forming a different visual style. At the same time, as a MPV model, ID.Buzz uses an electric side sliding door design to facilitate passengers to get on and off the bus. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4712mm/1985mm/1937mm, the standard wheelbase version is 2988mm, and the long wheelbase version is 3238mm. The rear part of the car is relatively square, which forms a strong contrast with the curved front, which maximizes the utilization of internal space. At the same time, it uses through-type taillights and has the ID.Buzz logo under the huge Volkswagen LOGO.

Interior decoration, ID.Buzz and the current Volkswagen ID. The interior design style of the family is similar, using two suspended LCD dashboards and multimedia display screens, and the air outlet of the air conditioner adopts a penetrating decorative design, but the central air outlet is actually still located under the central control screen. In addition, Volkswagen ID. Buzz standard wheelbase version uses a double-row 5-seat layout, while the long wheelbase version adds a third row of seats, and offers 6-seat and 7-seat models.

In terms of power, ID.Buzz uses rear wheel drive, maximum motor power 150kW (204Ps), peak torque 310N ·m, maximum speed 145km/h. Combined with the German official website, the comprehensive mileage of ID. Buzz under WLTP conditions is 423km, which can be charged from 5% to 80% in only 30 minutes.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz is located in medium and large pure electric MPV, and the pure electric MPV with similar positioning in the domestic market has extreme krypton 009, Teng Teng D9, Xiaopeng X9, Lanto Dreamer and so on. Most of these models have been listed on the market and have occupied most of the market share of large-scale MPV in new energy. coupled with Volkswagen ID. Buzz sold as an import, its price is not cheap. Of course, Volkswagen ID. Buzz has certain characteristics in appearance, even different from the traditional MPV, so it is difficult to predict its market performance with the purchase concept of traditional household cars.

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