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Good looking? Xiaopeng's new model P7+ official map released

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On July 10, Xiaopeng CEO he Xiaopeng revealed on his personal Weibo that his new model is named Xiaopeng P7bike, along with an official picture of the new car. It is understood that the new car internal code F57, positioning higher than the current Xiaopeng P7, known as "technology +". He Xiaopeng said that the mission of the new car is to "start a new era of smart driving". According to previous news, the new car will abandon the lidar and replace it with a pure visual smart driving solution similar to Tesla FSD, which is expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter.

From the official picture, in terms of appearance, the new car continues the classic family design style of Xiaopeng. The front face adopts large area closed grille design, with through-type light belt and split headlight group design, and the lower enclosure adopts three-stage air intake. The raised rib line vision on the front hatch cover is very obvious, and the overall hierarchical sense is clear, which is more in line with the current car use standards.

The side of the body, the new car shape is simple, smooth lines, using hatchback body and two-color body layout, the visual effect is quite slender, he Xiaopeng revealed that the car will be more than 5 meters long. As a reference, the current Xiaopeng P7i length, width and height are 4888/1896/1450mm, wheelbase 2998mm. In addition, the new car also uses a hidden door handle with a new style of rims, the overall sense of movement is full, at the same time the sense of fashion is very prominent. In the rear part, the new car taillight adopts through-type design, and the rear spoiler is integrated into the rear design, showing a double-layer visual effect, coupled with the raised wheel eyebrow lines and the raised ducktail shape at the end, the overall movement flavor is very strong. In addition, the new car is also provided with a charging port at the right rear fender of the vehicle.

The interior part has not been officially announced. According to the previously exposed spy photos of the interior decoration, the new car is equipped with a full LCD dashboard and a large-size suspended central control screen, with an overall layout similar to that of the Xiaopeng X9. Taken together, Xiaopeng P7 + is positioned higher than the current Xiaopeng P7, which means that the price will also be higher than Xiaopeng P7. As a reference, the price of the current Xiaopeng P7 is 22.39-339900 yuan.

So far, Xiaopeng car models on sale include P5, P7, G6, G9, X9 four models. On July 3, Xiaopeng MONA M03 was officially released. The new car is the first model in the MONA series and will be launched in August. When Xiaopeng official forwarded the news today, it also said: "Pengyou please pay more attention to @ Xiaopeng MONA; # Xiaopeng P7pm # see you later!" With the launch of Xiaopeng MONA M03 and Xiaopeng P7 +, Xiaopeng's product matrix will be further improved. It is worth mentioning that at the earnings call, he Xiaopeng pointed out that a brand new B-class pure electric car under the Xiaopeng brand will be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year as the first model to achieve the 25% technology reduction target. He Xiaopeng predicts that the new B-class car, coupled with the incremental contribution of the MONA model, will enable Xiaopeng to achieve a substantial increase in monthly delivery volume in the fourth quarter of this year compared with the same period last year.

Figures show that Xiaopeng sold a total of 52000 cars in the first half of this year, up 25.57% from the same period last year. Among them, the highest-selling model was the G6, which was 15400, while the X9 and G9 were 13100 and 11400 respectively, while the P7 and P5 sales were very mediocre. According to the plan, Xiaopeng will achieve the sales target of more than 280000 vehicles this year. According to this calculation, the completion rate of Xiaopeng in the first half of the year is only 18.58%. Xiaopeng urgently needs to launch new cars with more popular style potential.

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