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Maintenance is difficult! Weima Haikou 4S stores are all closed

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According to the Hainan Special Economic Zone News, all the Weima 4S stores in Haikou, Hainan Province are closed, with car problems, no after-sale and no accessories, making it difficult for more than 2000 car owners to maintain and repair.


A Weima owner told the unfortunate experience of buying a car. in order to catch the "last bus" subsidized by new energy, he bought a Weima car at a Weima 4S store on Haidian Island in November 2021. Before that, he saw all the brands of new energy vehicles in Haikou. Either the price was too high, or he had to wait for the car. At that time, the Weimar 4S store happened to have a car, and finally decided to buy it at the 4S store, with a total price of 140000 yuan. Loan 100000 yuan, at that time Weimar promised life-long free maintenance, battery decay less than 70% free replacement and so on.

According to the owner's description, from May 1, he found that the Weima App on his mobile phone had a network malfunction and could not connect with the car, and initially thought it was network maintenance. After the holiday, he went to the 4S store to maintain his car, only to find that the 4S store was closed and the display car was gone. Later, he searched all the Weima 4S stores in Haikou and found that all of them were closed. Today, the Weima APP has become a decoration, can not control the vehicle, driving very carefully, in the event of an accident to replace parts is very troublesome.

A number of Weima car owners said that according to their incomplete statistics, there are about 2000 Weima car owners in Haikou, and the closure of all Weima 4S stores in Haikou means that these car owners not only cannot realize their rights and interests when buying cars. Once difficulties occur, there will also be problems of maintenance.

On May 8, some car owners drove Weimar cars to the Weima 4S store on Qiongshan Avenue to safeguard their rights, but the 4S store has removed all Weima signs. A number of Weima car owners told reporters that according to their incomplete statistics, there are about 2000 Weima car owners in Haikou, most of whom run online car-hailing, and many of them are loans to buy cars. A car-hailing owner said that the Weima he bought had problems one after another, and now he can't find after-sale, how can he repair it without accessories? It is estimated that the car will be scrapped before the payment is finished.

The reporter tried to contact Weimar's official customer service, but the phone number at the beginning of 400 has been busy. In addition, the second-level page of Weimar's official website is also "unable to open". It is understood that at present, Haikou Meilan District Market Supervision Administration has sent a letter to the relevant departments in Shanghai to punish manufacturers, while advising consumers to safeguard their rights through judicial procedures.

As a result of the broken capital chain, Weimar is already alive and dead. The Weima plant has been largely shut down since the second half of 2022. At the beginning of this year, the Weima retail end was also nearly paralyzed, a large number of directly operated exhibition halls were closed, and most dealers chose to withdraw from the network.

Due to the closure of a large number of exhibition halls, many Weima owners are deeply troubled by the inability to enjoy after-sales service. Take the Beijing area as an example, after the Weima repair center at Wufangqiao was withdrawn due to rent problems, the Weima after-sales service center on Chaoyang North Road became the only official network that can provide maintenance services, but can only provide some simple inspection and maintenance to car owners.

On February 28, the Consumer Protection Commission of Qingpu District of Shanghai issued an article saying that a number of consumers complained about problems such as abnormal operation of the company, closure of stores, inability to repair vehicle failures, inability to provide auto parts, and inability to connect official customer service, reminding consumers to be cautious in buying Weima cars.


On March 7, Weimar responded to the question of resuming production and work in the exhibition hall, which was highly concerned by the outside world, saying that in the near future, more than 100 dealer showrooms across the country will gradually return to normal services to solve the problem of car purchase and use for consumers. In view of the after-sales maintenance difficulties of some car owners caused by tight supply chain, Weima has contacted the company's after-sales department and spare parts outsourcing storage and distribution company to urgently allocate relevant accessories to meet the needs of users as soon as possible. After the announcement, Weima's after-sales service has indeed improved, but vehicle maintenance is still faced with many difficulties.


In addition, due to the broken capital chain can not pay suppliers, in recent months has been frequently sued by suppliers. On May 11, Wanan Science and Technology announced that due to the poor management of Wilmaster New Energy Automotive parts (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wilmaster"), it has been slow to pay the remaining payments. and gradually stopped purchasing products from Zhejiang Wanan Zhizhong Automobile Control system Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanan Zhizhong"), resulting in economic losses.


As of November 24, 2022, the total invoice amount settled by both parties is 19.733 million yuan, and the total invoice amount that has been shipped and not invoiced is 1.2959 million yuan. Wan an Zhizhi repeatedly urged Wilmaster to pay for the goods, but Wilmaster only paid 6.6222 million yuan and has not paid the remaining payment so far. In addition, Wilmaster gradually stopped purchasing products from Wanan Zhizhong due to poor management, but Wanan Zhizhi purchased raw materials based on the projected orders provided by Wilmaster, and is currently hoarding finished products, semi-finished products, WIP and accessories totaling 3.0619 million yuan. Wanan Technology said that the lawsuit has not yet been heard, and there is uncertainty about the impact of the final decision on the company's current or later profits.

Shen Hui, chairman of Weimar, forwarded "People's Daily" Weibo on May 1, saying that "everything is getting better". However, at the bottom of the comment area, there are still many car owners or employees defending their rights, but unfortunately, both Weimar and Shen Hui are silent.




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