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The Chinese name is "Musa"! The pre-sale of Hyundai MUFASA starts from 139800 RMB

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On May 17, Beijing Hyundai announced that the pre-price of the MUFASA is 13.98-149800 yuan, and announced that its Chinese name is "Musa". The new car will directly replace Hyundai ix35, powered with the same 2.0L engine as ix35. It is understood that Hyundai made its debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show and is scheduled to be officially launched in June. It is based on the i-GMP platform and will be the first new product launched by Beijing Hyundai under the "2025 New Plan". As a reference, the current market price of Hyundai ix35 in Beijing is 12.98-155800 yuan.


In terms of appearance, the new car uses the latest family front face officially named "Parametric Jewelry Design". The design style is similar to that of modern Paris. The size of the front grille is very huge, and the internal design is also more complex. The center of the grille is inlaid with a huge modern LOGO, the interior decoration is similar to the gem shape, and both sides are vertical full LED headlamp groups. With the fangs-like encirclement shape below, the overall recognition is not low. According to the declaration information, you can also choose to install blackened car marks, external rearview mirrors and so on, so that the overall texture can be further improved.



The side of the car body, compared with the ix35, looks more hard, the side lines are more prominent at the wheel arch, the visual aura is more sufficient, and the decoration of the side skirt is also connected with the encirclement, broadening the visual effect. The suspended roof is also the mainstream design method now, and the D-column can also form a strong contrast with the car paint through silver decoration, showing rich layered details. In the rear part, modern designers have created a round-around OVAL combination taillight for the car, with a modern brand letter logo in the center, a round-around taillight and a hugging structure on both sides of the rear bumper, which is also highly recognized as a whole. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4475 inch 1850 hand 1665 (1681 hand 1685) mm, wheelbase is 2680mm, positioning compact SUV.



In terms of interior decoration, the new car unexpectedly uses the popular penetrating double screen, and the center console tilts slightly to the driver, creating an obvious driving area, on the one hand, it is convenient for the driver to operate the screen and function keypad. On the other hand, it can also enhance some driving desire. At the same time, the car may use a push-button shift mechanism, and the seat details are handled with red stitches.


In terms of power, the Beijing Hyundai MUFASA ordinary version is equipped with a G4NJ 2.0L naturally aspirated engine produced by Shandong Hyundai Weiya Automobile engine Co., Ltd., with a maximum power of 118kW. As a reference, the current ix35 offers 1.4T turbocharged engines and 2.0L naturally aspirated engines, with a range of 12.98-155800 yuan for all models.

Ix35 is a compact SUV model owned by Beijing Hyundai. It was once a best-selling model under Beijing Hyundai, with monthly sales of more than 10,000 vehicles. It is a product that can compete with the German and Japanese compact SUV. However, with the decline of the quality and competitiveness of Beijing Hyundai products, the performance of ix35 in the end market has obviously stalled.

The annual sales of the ix35 in 2022 is 64148 vehicles, which is far behind Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Nissan and other models in the compact SUV market, according to the Carriage Association. However, in the Beijing Hyundai product camp, the performance of the ix35 is not poor, it is the second-selling model of Hyundai in Beijing, after the Elantra, which sells 99856 vehicles for the whole year.


In November 2022, Beijing Hyundai launched the "2025 to New Program", which plans to return to the annual sales target of more than 500000 vehicles by 2025 through product transformation, brand innovation and service innovation. Among them, Beijing Hyundai will achieve full hybrid fuel vehicles in 2025, and build a hybrid product matrix of one MPV, two cars and three SUV models in the next 3-5 years, reaching the annual production and sales scale of 300000 hybrid products.

Today's Beijing Hyundai is at the crossroads of fate, even if the Elantra once had more history, but it really can not move the new energy vehicle market which has already entered the intelligent competition in the second half. With the high-end market of new energy vehicles has long been a red sea, without the new popular style to join, the survival of Beijing Hyundai is even more difficult. With the gradual maturity of China's automobile market, consumers no longer simply take the pursuit of brand as the only standard to measure automobile products, but consider comprehensively according to price, configuration, etc., combined with the actual demand, and how the newly launched products get market attention and how to be recognized by consumers is a problem that Beijing Hyundai needs to ponder.

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