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The former general manager of Dongfeng Citroen has been investigated!

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On December 21, the official account of the discipline Inspection Commission of Dongfeng Automobile Group, "Clean Dongfeng," issued the latest announcement: Gao Xianli, former special manager of the Marketing Center of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., and Rao Jie, former head of the New Business Strategy Promotion Office of the Product Planning Department of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., are currently under disciplinary examination and supervision investigation by the discipline Inspection Commission of Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. and the Jiayu County Supervisory Committee of Xianning City, Hubei Province.

DPCA was founded in May 1992, jointly funded by Dongfeng Motor Group and Peugeot Citroen Group. As the first joint venture to enter the Chinese market, DPCA has mass-produced household-known models such as Fukang, and has reached an annual sales peak of 700000 vehicles, making it a popular car brand. However, at the same time when DPCA entered the highlight moment, product quality, technology iteration, business philosophy and even internal corruption were also exposed, coupled with the slow iteration of product renewal and other reasons, DPCA gradually faded out of the market. Sales have declined for four consecutive years since 2016.

Due to poor sales, DPCA has repeatedly adjusted its middle and high-level personnel. Data show that Rao Jie has successively served as regional director of Dongfeng Citroen sales department, director of product platform of marketing department, minister of personnel administration department, and minister of service department. In April 2016, DPCA confirmed that Rao Jie was appointed general manager of Dongfeng Citroen brand department. Chen Xi, then general manager of Dongfeng Citroen brand, returned to Dongfeng Company and joined Dongfeng Renault as vice president and minister of marketing and sales the next month. In October 2017, Rao Jie, general manager of Dongfeng Citroen brand, resigned and became the head of the New Business Strategy Promotion Office of the DPCA Product Planning Department, responsible for new energy, used cars, spare parts and other services.

In addition, DPCA also adjusted the heads of the Public Relations Administration Department, the Marketing support Department of the Marketing headquarters, the spare parts Service Department of the Marketing headquarters, and the Dongfeng Citroen Service Department. Gao Xianli, former head of the Public Relations Administration Department of the Dragon Company, was transferred to the Party Committee Secretary of the Marketing headquarters of the Dragon Company.

It is worth mentioning that before Rao Jie was investigated, Chen Xi was also investigated. In July 2021, Chen Xi, former vice president and minister of marketing and sales of Dongfeng Renault Motor Co., Ltd., was suspected of serious violation of the law and was under the supervision and investigation of Xianning Municipal Supervisory Commission and was taken retention measures. It is understood that Chen Xi joined DPCA in 1995 and successively held the positions of senior manager of the Marketing Department and the Department of Commerce of DPCA. Later, she worked for Dongfeng Citroen, serving as director of the sales department, director of the marketing department and minister of the service spare parts department. In May 2011, Chen Xi was transferred to Dongfeng Peugeot to take over the post of sales minister. In March 2014, Chen Xi returned to Dongfeng Citroen as general manager of Dongfeng Citroen brand. In May 2016, Chen Xi officially joined Dongfeng Renault as vice president and minister of marketing and sales. In October 2018, Hong Hao took over Chen Xi as vice president of Dongfeng Renault, responsible for marketing, sales, after-sales, channel management, system construction and other areas of Dongfeng Renault, while Chen Xi separated from Dongfeng. After leaving Dongfeng Renault, Chen Xi joined Boxun Automobile, a new force in car building, as vice president of marketing and sales of Boxun Automobile. In April 2020, Dongfeng Renault announced its delisting. In July 2021, Chen Xi was investigated.

Apart from Dongfeng, I am afraid there is no second car company that has demonstrated a continuous high-pressure anti-corruption situation. For Dongfeng Motor, it seems that it is not uncommon for managers to be checked, with several managers falling off the horse every month. According to incomplete statistics, as of December 21, 2023, a total of 25 senior executives of Dongfeng Company were investigated. Including Luo Xinwen, Party Committee Secretary and Director / General Manager of Dongfeng Consulting Co., Ltd., Sun Zhigang, Vice Minister of Commodity Planning Department of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Wu Guidong, former Deputy General Manager of spare parts Logistics Division of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Dong Haozhuan, former after-sales service director of Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd., Zhang Xiancheng, former deputy general manager of vehicle logistics division of Dongfeng Logistics Group Co., Ltd., Lu Wen, head of facilities Management Section 2, Manufacturing Management Department of Dongfeng Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and Huo Jing, former head of Market Public Relations Department of Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. Of course, this also reflects from the side that the corruption within Dongfeng Company has gone deep into all aspects compared with other automobile groups, and it still needs more in-depth examination and investigation.

"the risk of integrity in key areas is still very high. The problems of bid collusion and internal and external collusion in the fields of new energy, procurement and bidding are relatively serious. Some leading cadres transfer interests and misappropriate state-owned assets by holding 'dry shares' and acting as' shadow shareholders'. Some leading cadres are willing to be 'hunted' and become 'agents' and 'spokesmen' of 'interest groups'." Huang Chuan, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Company, secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission, and inspector of the State Supervisory Commission in Dongfeng Company, said: "We must always blow the charge, always maintain a strict tone, strict measures, and a strict atmosphere, fight corruption and punish evil with zero tolerance, and never tolerate it."

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