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The new Red Flag HS5 is available on the market for 18.38-249800 RMB.

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On May 21, the new Red Flag HS5 went on sale at a price of 18.38-249800 yuan. Compared with the old models, the new Red Flag HS5 continues to offer three configuration gradients: Qiyue, Flag-sharing and Flag-collar, but the number of optional models has been reduced from seven to five, of which Qiyue is an entry-level version, offering only two-wheel-drive models, and two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models are available in the middle and top "flag-collar" models. In terms of model naming, the new Red Flag HS5 cancels "Zhaopin" and adds "Pro", using a new combination of Chinese and letters.


As a medium-term revamped model, the new Red Flag HS5 front face is replaced with a larger front grille and a new split headlight set, the front face style is more similar to the H9, with the iconic red flag light belt LOGO in the middle. The headlights are changed to a split design, the far and near lights are moved to both sides of the front bar, and the bottom of the front bar is surrounded by a painting of the same color as the car body, which looks very athletic.

The side of the car body is mainly optimized in the details, such as the decorative style with the red flag logo on the front fender has changed, the chrome decoration under the door has also been optimized, using a new style of large-size rims and so on. The rear part of the vehicle, the taillight is re-optimized, the taillight adopts a new penetrating design, and the exhaust system is also adjusted from the solid bilateral to the bilateral two-out exhaust shape. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4785/1905/1700mm, wheelbase 2870mm, positioning medium-sized SUV.

In terms of interior decoration, the whole center console of the new Red Flag HS5 has been redesigned, in which the air conditioning outlet of the center console has been redesigned, the touch air conditioning panel has been cancelled synchronously, and the air conditioning control area composed of three circular knobs has been added. At the same time, the new Red Flag HS5 is equipped with a new shape to shift gears, and the installation position is changed from the center to the left, so the cup holder is re-adjusted to the right of the shift lever, and the cup holder position of the old model is changed to the mobile phone wireless charging board.

On the power side, the new Red Flag HS5 continues to carry a 2.0T turbocharged engine, but the engine model has changed from CA4GC20TD-32 to CA4GC20TD-35, which is the high-power version of the series, with maximum power increased from 165kW (224PS) to 185kW (252PS) and maximum torque from 340N ·m to 380N ·m. In terms of transmission system, the 2022 HS5 is equipped with an Aixin 6AT gearbox, and the new HS5 is replaced with an Aixin 8AT gearbox.

Among the main competing models at the same price, Honda CR-V carries 1.5T+CVT, Toyota RAV4 carries 2.0L+CVT, Volkswagen Touguan L carries 1.4T/2.0T+7DCT, even the strongest 2.0T high-power version of Volkswagen Tuguan L is only the same as the acceleration ability of Xinhongqi HS5, which reflects the superior power performance of Xinhongqi HS5.

At present, FAW Hongqi is selling more than 10 models, of which HS5 is the best-selling model, with cumulative sales of 37953 from January to April, followed by H5 with 30682. In addition to the relatively outstanding performance of these two models, other models such as H9 and HS7 are not popular, especially when the automotive industry changes to the new energy track, it is also a big test for Red Flag, and the performance of new energy vehicles such as E-HS3 and E-QM5 is mediocre.


According to Red Flag's product planning, in addition to the new H6 and new HS5 that have been listed, it will also launch HS3, HS6 and other models. The rich product lineup also strengthens the market competitiveness of FAW Red Flag, but it is also unknown how much market sales it can bring to Red Flag.

FAW is also ambitious for new energy vehicles. On January 8, 2023, FAW released the global strategy of Red Flag New Energy Brand. Xu Liuping said: "Red Flag Brand will promote the electrification of all models by All in New Energy." A more detailed goal is that the total sales of the Red Flag brand will reach 1 million by 2025, of which more than 500000 new energy vehicles will be sold. By 2030, the total sales of Red Flag brand will exceed 1.5 million, and new energy vehicles will become the main body of sales.

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