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Ideal ONE officially stops production and sale!

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On June 8, the Tramway report learned from the official website of ideal Automobile that consumers are no longer able to order ideal ONE models from the official website, and ideal car APP is also unable to place orders, which means that the first model of ideal car is officially out of history and the baton will be handed over to the successor model, the ideal L8. The official customer service said that the production and sale of the ideal ONE has been suspended, and the production and sale of the ideal ONE replacement model, the ideal L8, will continue to be the main focus, but there are still a small number of ideal ONE vehicles in stock in the market. It is understood that although the ideal ONE has been discontinued, it has sold a total of 8169 vehicles as of May 2023.



Ideal ONE is the first production model of ideal car, which was released in October 2018 and delivered in December 2019. More than 200000 vehicles have been delivered so far, including 32624 in 2020, 90491 in 2021 and 78791 in 2022. In terms of sales volume, the ideal ONE is indeed a praiseworthy product, whether in the new power products or in the medium and large SUV market, the ideal ONE sales performance is among the best, and the ideal car also depends on the ideal ONE product to dominate the world, a dozen is three years, which is enough to prove the importance of the ideal ONE to the ideal car.

In September 2022, the new generation of ideal ONE is named ideal L8, and the price is 35.98-399800 yuan. As the third production car of the ideal car, the L8 and the L9 are from the ideal second-generation add-on platform, with 6-seat and 5-seat versions to choose from, as well as lidar, a full set of safety redundancy and other configurations. In terms of product power, L8 surpasses the ideal ONE in an all-round way.

After the release of the ideal L8, there was also a great controversy because the ideal car did not release the news of the launch of the new car in advance, and the terminal store promised that it would not be updated during the year when selling vehicles, resulting in many consumers directly buying the ideal ONE, which became out of print as soon as the new car was mentioned.


For consumers, they all want to buy a new car instead of an old one, and it is best to enjoy a discount, so it is difficult to accept that there is a discount or a replacement to stop production of the newly bought car. For car companies, the announcement of new product information in advance may affect cash sales, and it is not illegal not to publish it, but at the cost of harming the interests of old car owners, bearing consumer anger, and even brand image damage. In addition, unlike traditional car companies, the product update of the new power of car building iterates very quickly, and there is a huge difference between new and old products, which is also difficult for many consumers to accept. Later, the ideal car responded to the suspension of the ideal ONE and offered a series of quality assurance measures to appease the owners and alleviate the impact of the rights incident.

At present, ideal car has become the head of new forces in China, including L7, L8 and L9 models, all of which are hybrid models with added programs. Taking May sales as an example, ideal car once again became a new force in China with the result of 28277 vehicles, an increase of 146.0% over the same period last year and 10.1% month-on-month growth, setting a new record for monthly delivery, while achieving delivery of more than 20, 000 vehicles for three consecutive months. In terms of specific models, the ideal L7 delivers the most, reaching 11119, while the L8 and L9 are 7604 and 6852 respectively. In the medium and large SUV market, L7 and L8 rank in the top two respectively.


Overall, in the luxury car market of more than 300000 yuan, including traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, ideal cars have been firmly in the top five and are getting closer and closer to BBA. Different from NIO, although the prices of the products sold by both are more than 300000 yuan, they are ideal for hybrid cars with added programs, and the models are popular. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the add-on program, ideal car has announced to enter the pure electric market, the first pure electric MPV will be released at the end of the year, followed by the launch of six pure electric models, "extended range + pure electric" walking on two legs is still worth looking forward to.

If nothing happens, ideal Automobile will be the first brand to launch the MPV model, with the internal code name W01, which will be produced at the ideal car Green Intelligent Factory in Beijing, and the first all-electric model is expected to be offline by September. Previously, the ideal car has applied to register a number of ideal M-series logos, and the ideal M9 is expected to be the name of the first MPV model.

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