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Die! The ideal owner helps the driver to lie flat and drive.

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With the popularity of intelligent vehicles, auxiliary driving has become the standard of many new energy vehicles, equipped with related technologies, vehicles can achieve lane maintenance, autonomous lane change and other operations in the process of driving, which can relax the driving process a little bit, but after all, auxiliary driving can only play an auxiliary role. When driving, you can not overtrust auxiliary driving and relax your vigilance. However, there are still some drivers who rely too much on auxiliary driving. There is even "lying flat" driving, endangering the driving safety of others.

A few days ago, a car blogger uploaded a video of an ideal car driving aid, causing a heated discussion among netizens. In the video, the driver is driving an ideal L-Series SUV on the highway. judging from the swing frequency of the wiper, there should be a lot of rain outside the car, but surprisingly, the driver is "lying flat" driving, putting the main driver's seat on, taking off his shoes and lying flat on the seat, while watching the video through the back row ceiling TV. In addition, it uses a mask to hang a bottle of mineral water on the steering wheel, which can deceive the system detection and make the vehicle think that the driver is operating the vehicle in real time. What is even more unexpected is that the co-pilot's seat is also lying flat, which is simply too big.




Judging from the available information, the video was also shot by the main driver, but it is unknown whether the driver himself was exposed. After the video was exposed, it triggered condemnation and abuse from many netizens: "Don't cause trouble to others if you want to commit suicide", "if you drive like this again, an accident will happen sooner or later, then it depends on the size of the accident to determine the fate of the driver."you want to die. Don't involve others."


This kind of thing is not an isolated case! Earlier, a blogger posted on Weibo, "the ideal high-speed run is too cool. 140km of road will be piloted by 120km highway. It will automatically overtake and change lanes without any operation. You just need to look at the scenery and chat." In order to deceive the system, a "auxiliary driving deception ring" (counterweight ring) is installed on the steering wheel, which can make the vehicle think that the driver is operating the vehicle in real time.


Subsequently, including Chen Zhen, Han Lu and other well-known car commentators expressed their views on this behavior: "Auxiliary driving is not autopilot, hurry to turn yourself in", "Auxiliary driving deception ring, death equipment." Of course, in the face of good advice from professional car bloggers and netizens, the ideal car owner did not take it to heart and expressed full confidence in the operation of checking his mobile phone while driving. In his eyes, assistant drivers drive better than people, are smarter and safer, trustworthy, and have the habit of driving to check their mobile phones. However, he also said that when driving assistance is turned on, he will watch the road and take over the vehicle at any time when the road condition is complicated.



Until May Day, there was still an accident, because the auxiliary driver did not pay attention to the road and hit the ice cream bucket at the speed of 130km/h, but fortunately there were not too many casualties. Judging from the picture, there was almost no deformation in the front of the car after the accident, only some scratches appeared, and the arch of the left front wheel broke and fell off. Of course, for such a way of driving, an accident may also happen sooner or later.




Whether it is ideal or Tesla or other car brands, the current auxiliary driving is still far from being able to let go, which means that car owners still need to stay focused while driving and pay attention to the situation on the road in real time. no matter it is adaptive cruising, automatic lane change, active braking and other functions, can only be used as a driving supplement, once the vehicle camera and radar error, it will not only lead to a car crash. At the same time, it will also endanger the lives and property of other road participants. In other words, once auxiliary driving is used as autopilot, it is only a matter of time before something happens.

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