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Very impressive! Wuling colorful fruit sells more than 18000 cars a month.

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On June 2, SAIC GM Wuling officially announced the latest sales data of Wuling Bingguo in May. Data show that the sales volume of Wuling Bingguo in the second month of listing is 18015 vehicles, another record high. The industry believes that the car will become another explosive "divine car" after "Hongguang MINIEV".


In 2020, SAIC GM Wuling launched Hongguang MINIEV mini electric vehicle, which once became A00-class market "explosive model" by virtue of its cheap price and scarce model in the automobile market, and occupied a unique share in the market segment, becoming the god car of SAIC GM Wuling. However, with more and more homogeneous models in the automobile market, Hongguang MINIEV is difficult to make a breakthrough in previous achievements.

As for whether Wuling Bingguo can become another explosive "divine car" of Wuling brand? According to the sales performance of Wuling Bingguo since its listing, its sales volume is basically comparable to that of Hongguang MINIEV at the initial stage of listing. Official figures show that in less than three months since the launch of the new car, Wuling has sold 42154 units. By contrast, Hongguang MINIEV sold 7300 vehicles, 15,000 vehicles and 20,200 vehicles respectively in the three months after its launch, and the cumulative sales volume in the first three months was also about 42,000 vehicles.


Wuling Bingguo is the first "large-space five-door pure tram" owned by SAIC GM Wuling, positioning a small car, one level higher than Wuling Qingkong and Wuling MINI EV. Wuling Bingguo was launched on March 29. The new car launched 5 models with a price range of 598 - 83,800 yuan. After listing, it mainly competed with zero-running T03, Chery Unbounded and BYD Seagull.

According to the automobile industry attention previously reported, Wuling fruit in the appearance design adopts retro style, the overall shape is more round and lovely. Specifically, the new car adopts a brand-new design language, the front face uses a closed front grille with oval headlights, the interior is equipped with LED far and low headlights and two curved daytime running lights, the visual effect is very fashionable. On the side of the car body, the new car adopts the popular suspension roof design, and the addition of low wind resistance rim also enhances the fashion sense of this car. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Wuling fruit are 3950/1708/1580mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2560mm. It is positioned as a small pure electric car. At the rear of the car, Wuling fruit also adopts round shape design, which echoes with the front face. The X-ripple LED tail lamp is full in shape, and the inner lens adopts water ripple laminated design, which has rich layering feeling.

In terms of interior decoration, Wuling Bingguo adopts color-matching interior decoration, with chrome trim strips with many details, oval shape in the center console, air conditioner air outlet, window opening and closing button, etc., with double-spoke multi-function steering wheel and knob-type shift mechanism, creating a good fashionable atmosphere. At the same time, the new car is equipped with the popular double 10.25-inch through-screen design to further enhance the vehicle's sense of technology. In terms of power, the maximum power of Wuling Bingguo motor is 30kW and 50kW, the maximum torque is 110N·m and 150N·m, lithium iron phosphate battery is adopted, and the endurance under CLTC condition is 203km and 333km respectively.

"What the people need, Wuling will make what" is Wuling's initial intention. For Wuling Automobile, if you want to realize the transformation, you must launch new models to participate in the market competition, such as Wuling NanoEV, Wuling Air EV Qingkong, etc., while Wuling Bingguo is a high-end model relative to Hongguang MINIEV, which is intended to make up for the market vacancy between RMB 50,000 and RMB 100,000 yuan, and become the key to undertake Wuling new energy series brand upward. According to the analysis of current sales data, although Wuling Bingguo cannot completely replace Hongguang MINIEV customer group and market, the listing of Wuling Bingguo has boosted the sales volume of SAIC GM Wuling to some extent, and the subsequent Wuling Bingguo will certainly directly affect the market share of competitor BYD Seagull. As a reference, the data shows that BYD Seagull delivered 14,000 vehicles in the first month after its listing in May, basically comparable to the first month of Wuling Bingguo listing.

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