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Rush to the hot search! BYD's college entrance examination questions were successful.

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The topic of success in the # BYD exam went viral on Weibo on June 7.


The thing is, after the official end of the Chinese subject examination of the college entrance examination in the morning, the Education examination Institute of the Ministry of Education released to the public an evaluation of the national examination questions of the 2023 college entrance examination, in which the content of the national paper B is "blowing out the lights of others will not make you brighter." stand in the way of others, and you won't let yourself go further. " Write a composition for the data. After the proposition of the composition was released, it aroused heated discussion among many netizens, and it was easy to think of a major event that happened in the car circle at the end of May.


On May 25, Great Wall Motor said in an official statement that it had submitted reporting materials to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on April 11, reporting that BYA Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i were suspected of substandard evaporative pollutant emissions from their vehicles using atmospheric fuel tanks. Subsequently, BYD issued an official statement in response, saying that the vehicles submitted for inspection by Great Wall did not meet the inspection status required by the national standard, and that the test report of Great Wall was invalid and could not be used as a basis.


Since then, Li Yunfei, General Manager of BYD Brand and Public Relations, du Guozhong, Deputy General Manager of BYD Brand and Public Relations, and Zhao Changjiang, General Manager and Chief Co-founder Officer of Teng Teng Motor, spoke on the report of Great Wall Automobile: "blowing out other people's lights will not make you brighter; blocking other people's way will not make you go further."





# after BYD successfully rushed into the hot search for the examination questions, the Weibo comment areas of many of the above-mentioned BYD executives were also "occupied". Some netizens said, "A sentence of public relations Weibo suppresses the questions of the high school entrance examination", "the words of the Road of Light, rich in philosophy, and successfully entered the 2023 college entrance examination Chinese composition questions", "originally we all misunderstood CC, made such a big move, originally is to leak the questions for the broad masses of candidates, with good intentions" …... It is understood that this sentence comes from General Secretary Xi Jinping's keynote speech and expresses the general truth in vivid language.

On May 29, BYD responded to a number of issues of concern to investors on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive platform (Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive platform).

BYD said: the atmospheric fuel tank fuel steam emission control technology independently developed by BYD can achieve evaporative emission standards. It points out that BYD DM-i is a series-parallel structure of two motors based on the electric vehicle platform, which can decouple the engine from the wheel (detach the connection), the engine can start flexibly in EV mode, and the fuel steam can be desorbed freely (oil and steam can be removed from the carbon tank). At the same time, coupled with the cooperative strategy of multiple control units and the in-depth study of the characteristics of the carbon tank, the fuel steam emission control technology of the atmospheric fuel tank is developed. This technology can realize that the PHEV will start the engine automatically before the carbon tank is saturated, even if the vehicle is used in EV mode for a long time, and the problem can be solved in about 4 minutes without increasing fuel consumption or noise. It can also complete fuel steam desorption, vehicle power generation and engine maintenance, which is both reasonable and legal.





In addition, BYD also explained through an example that the atmospheric fuel tank of BYD's PHEV model can also meet the emission regulations. Take the Shenzhen area as an example, when the vehicle is parked, the fuel tank can produce 3-5 grams of oil vapor every day. Under EV condition, about 1 gram of oil vapor can be produced for every 100km driving, and the oil vapor produced is absorbed by the carbon tank. On average, the weight of the carbon tank increases by 46.6 grams a day. If the average value is 5 g / day, the weight of the carbon tank will increase by 30 g after 6 days. Taking BYD 1.5L self-priming engine as an example, the desorption capacity of 40g to 50g can be achieved in about 4 minutes, which can ensure evaporative emission compliance.

At present, with regard to the atmospheric fuel tank used by BYD Qin PLUS DM-i and Song PLUS DM-i, whether the whole vehicle evaporation pollutant emission is not up to standard, the final judgment needs to be made public by the relevant departments before it can have public credibility.

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