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GAC Toyota sales questioned, the group responded.

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A few days ago, some bloggers on Weibo questioned the sales figures released by Toyota and Nissan.


According to data released by GAC Toyota, GAC Toyota sold 77534 units in May, up 10.7 per cent from a year earlier. It is worth mentioning that according to the production and sales data released by GAC GROUP, Guangzhou Auto Toyota's sales in May 2022 was 83800 vehicles (wholesale sales), higher than in May this year, and it is impossible to achieve growth.



In response, GAC GROUP responded that the statistical caliber in GAC GROUP's announcement remains the same, but there is no standard caliber in the publicity manuscript on the official account, which can be wholesale sales, retail sales, and insurance sales. It is not clear what kind of statistical caliber is used in the official account.

According to Automotive Industry concern, the sales data released by GAC and Toyota in the past are not uniform, sometimes based on risk statistics, sometimes based on retail sales, sometimes based on wholesale sales, and sometimes not marked, for example, May 2023. Generally speaking, automakers have no problem publishing any kind of data, and they will generally choose data that is beneficial to them. After the "Automotive Industry concern" inquiry, it is known that the sales volume announced by GAC Toyota in May 2023 may be retail sales.

According to the data released by the Federation of passengers, GAC-Toyota retail sales in May 2022 were 70046 vehicles, while if GAC-Toyota released retail sales, it would indeed be 10.7 per cent year-on-year growth. The calculation formula is: (May 2023-May 2022) / May 2022 * 100%, that is, (77534-70046) / 70046 / 100% 10.7%.


As for Nissan China, the figures released are somewhat special. According to data released by Nissan China, sales in May 2023 were 66096 vehicles, up 10.7 per cent from a year earlier. According to previous data released by Nissan China, it sold 68844 vehicles in May 2022, also higher than in May 2023, and is unlikely to achieve a 10.7 per cent year-on-year increase. Unlike GAC Toyota, the figures released by Nissan China are marked "passenger cars in the above table are retail sales data, light commercial vehicles are wholesale sales data".




It is understood that Nissan's sales in China are composed of the passenger car business plate of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan / Qichen / Infiniti) and the light commercial vehicle business plate of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd (Zhengzhou Nissan). After the understanding of "Automobile Industry concern", the sales volume of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will no longer be included in Nissan China since October 2022. In other words, Nissan China's disclosed sales in May 2022 are actually (passenger vehicles + light commercial vehicles + complete vehicle imports), including Dongfeng commercial vehicles and Zhengzhou Nissan. Data show that Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales in May 2022 were 9159. If Nissan China (68844) minus Dongfeng commercial vehicle sales, it is actually 59685, compared with 66096 in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 10.7 per cent. As a result, there is nothing wrong with the figures released by Nissan China.

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