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What's the name? Chery TJ-1 Top Ten list announced

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On June 9, Chery announced the list of the top 10 TJ-1 models. As can be seen from the published list, the names selected are Fengyun, Exploration, Remy, camper, Freedom, Happy Home, Ruijing, Laoyue, Conqueror and Senling. According to official sources, the 12-day campaign will select the top 10 from more than 7000 creative names, and will vote for the top three in the final round, and the final name of the TJ-1 model will be announced on June 16.




Earlier in the Shanghai auto show, Chery TJ-1 model has been unveiled, the new car is positioned as a compact SUV, focusing on "light off-road," the new car will be launched this year. In terms of appearance, the use of more square shape, the appearance of the design is relatively strong. The front face is equipped with a large front grille, with vertical LED light groups on both sides, and the English logo of "CHERY" is embedded in the middle of the net to enhance the recognition of the vehicle. The rear part uses through-type taillights and has an irregular strip design inside, which makes the vehicle look more hierarchical.


The side of the car body uses strong lines to create a domineering visual effect of cross-country. Equipped with hidden door handles and suspended roof design to cater to the current aesthetic trend. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the vehicle are 4538/1898/1680mm and the wheelbase is 2672mm.


In terms of interior decoration, it adopts a simple and strong design style, the steering wheel is a three-spoke design, and the interior is equipped with a large-size central control LCD screen and air conditioning outlets with rounded rectangles on both sides, which makes the vehicle look full of science and technology. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with seat heating / ventilation / press, SONY sound, face recognition and HUD head-up display, 64-color dynamic atmosphere lights, SONY brand 8 speakers, W-HUD heads-up display, 540 °panoramic image and other functions.


In terms of power, the Chery TJ-1 is equipped with 1.6TGDI+7DCT Kunpeng power and hybrid system. The fuel version is equipped with Kunpeng-powered 1.6TGDI engine, while the hybrid model is equipped with Chery's fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI engine + third-gear DHT powertrain. After the launch of the new car, it will compete with Harvard's "dog series" model, Harvard Dog.


It is worth noting that after entering 2023, the growth rate of Chery Automobile New Energy in January and February is obviously slow. Related data show that Chery's sales in February were 7999, down 25.4% from a year earlier, down 25.4% from January to February, down 57.6% from January to February.

In order to reverse the decline of new energy sales, Chery announced in March that it would offer a discount of up to 9000 yuan for its QQ ice cream, Chery Little Ant and Chery Unbounded Pro models, thanks to the global price correction of new energy raw materials, corporate cost control and improved supply chain management. According to relevant data, Chery Holdings sold 330000 vehicles in the first quarter of this year, up 44.1 per cent from a year earlier. In terms of brand segmentation, Chery brand sales rose 38.3% year-on-year to 238000 vehicles in the first quarter, Jetway brand increased 94.2% year-on-year to 52000 vehicles, and Xingtu brand increased 56.1% to 16000 vehicles. As for the year-on-year increase in sales, officials have said it was mainly due to the injection of new products.

In fact, in order to seize more market, many car companies have accelerated the launch of their new models this year. Chery is no exception. This year, it has launched Ruihu 7 PLUS New Energy, Ruihu 8 PRO New Energy SUV and the new Erize 5 GT sedan. With the successive listing or debut of these new products, there is no doubt that Chery's sales growth has injected a steady stream of power. From the point of view of the new car listing, car companies can not only let netizens participate in increasing the attention of the vehicle before the launch, but also enhance the exposure of the model, which is a good idea.

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