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Lang Yi Rookie will be on the market tomorrow!

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On June 13, SAIC-Volkswagen's new compact car, long Yi Xinrui, was officially launched, with a total of models, with a price range of 999-123900 yuan. As a new member of the Lang Yi family, the new car is not a car with the familiar Lang Yi, its positioning is between Santana and Lang Yi, and its appearance is younger and more fashionable.

In terms of appearance, Lang Yi Xinrui adopts a more flat and younger design style, the new car redesigns the front face, the black decoration net is connected to the through-type LED headlights, and the front is surrounded by a dot matrix chrome-plated decoration design and decorated with black car paint. The side and rear parts of the car body are very similar to the 2023 Lang Yi, but the internal structure of the taillight is different. The split taillight group adopts a smoked design, and the rear bumper also adopts a new styling style. The LAVIDA logo moves to the middle of the lower side of the tail door, and the "XR" logo indicates identity information. It is understood that Lang Yi Xinrui will provide turquoise, cat's eye blue, coral red, Jiaoyu white and obsidian black a total of five body colors to choose from.




In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4561/1740/1474mm and the wheelbase is 2651mm. For comparison, the length, width and height of Xinlangyi are 4678/1806/1474mm and the wheelbase is 2688mm, while the length, width and height of Santana is 4475/1706/1469mm and the wheelbase is 2603mm. Generally speaking, the new position of Lang Yi is between Santana and Xin Lang Yi.


In terms of interior decoration, compared with the new Lang Yi, Lang Yi's new interior color matching is very bold, providing three theme colors of quiet blue, misty gray and misty gray, equipped with multi-functional steering wheel and 8-inch LCD dashboard, 8-inch LCD central control screen using embedded design, air conditioning outlet shape is also different from Lang Yi. At the same time, there are two kinds of seat materials: PVC leather and metal texture fabric. In addition, Lang Yi Xinrui is equipped with liquid crystal instrument, automatic headlights, multi-function steering wheel, one-button start, manual air conditioning, front auxiliary system, lane maintenance auxiliary system and other configurations.


In terms of power, Lang Yi Xinrui will be equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine code-named EA211, maximum power 81kW, peak torque 141N ·m, and the transmission system matches the six-speed manual self-integrated gearbox.

SAIC Volkswagen brand sold a total of 416900 vehicles from January to May in 2023, of which the highest-selling model was the Lang Yi, with 124500 vehicles, second only to Nissan Xuanyi in the fuel car market, with 130200 vehicles, according to the CATV data. It is understood that SAIC-Volkswagen carried out a medium-term modification of the Lang Yi model in June 2022, providing 1.5L, 1.2T and 1.4T powertrain for a total of 6 models, with a price range of 12.09-150900 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the new Lang Yi in addition to ordinary models, but also launched the Star version of the model, the appearance design is younger.

SAIC-Volkswagen launched the lower-positioning Lang Yi Xinrui, which also hopes to retain the fuel car market as much as possible. Lang Yi Xinrui can be regarded as the "youth version" of New Lang Yi. In addition to enriching and perfecting the Lang Yi family product camp, lower product prices can also win over more consumers. In terms of competitors, Lang Yi Xinrui still competes with Toyota Corolla, Nissan Xuanyi, Honda Ling Pai, Hyundai Elantra and other joint venture compact cars, including Geely Dihao, Changan Yida, Chuanqi Shadow Leopard and so on. In addition, with the rapid development of Chinese brands and new energy market, new energy models such as BYD Qin PLUS DM-i and Guangzhou Automobile AION S are also their main competitors.

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