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Big lineup! Great Wall executives collectively settled in Weibo

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Fifteen senior executives of the Great Wall collectively opened personal accounts on Weibo on June 13. As can be seen from the posters, the Weibo executives have covered the five major brands of Great Wall Motors. They are Mu Feng, President of Great Wall Motor, Wang Yuanli, CTO of Great Wall Motor, Zhao Guoqing, CSCO of Great Wall Motor, Li Hongshuan, CFO of Great Wall Motor, Fu Xiaokang, Vice President of Great Wall Motor, Chen Siying, Wei Brand CEO, Liu Yanzhao, CEO of tank brand, Zhang Haobao, Technology General Manager of Harvard brand, and Tan Jian, Deputy General Manager of Technology of Oula Salon brand.


In one day, 15 senior executives were stationed on Weibo at the same time, a move that immediately attracted the attention of people in the industry. Regarding the arrival of Weibo executives by Great Wall Motor, the official Weibo post said: "if you have any doubts, ask directly, if you have ideas, speak directly, and if you have suggestions, put forward them directly." Car executives rushed into Weibo online business, waiting for you to watch.


Interestingly, the executives of Weibo also introduced themselves to netizens in the way of relay after entering Weibo. For example, Great Wall Automobile CTO Wang Yuanli posted that in the future, as the outpost of Great Wall automobile technology, there will be more latest technology achievements of Great Wall Motor and global cutting-edge technology sharing, and complex technologies will be told to everyone in a more popular language. At the same time, @ Great Wall CSCO Zhao Guoqing. Then, Zhao Guoqing of Great Wall Motor relayed and said: thank you for your attention and love of Great Wall Motor. In the future, I will share with you the supply chain ecosystem of Great Wall Motor, which will bring more new thinking to the industry. The great development of industry and the healthy operation of enterprises are inseparable from common progress. Next, Li Hongshuan, Great Wall Motor, is invited to debut! Great Wall Motor Li Hongshuan said in a post: value management looks at the ability in the short term and the pattern in the long run. You are welcome to make more suggestions and suggestions, and feel free to ask if you have any questions.



Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely, also commented on the arrival of Weibo by Great Wall Automobile executives: very good, but persevere, or it will be a flash in the pan. In response to competitors' comments, Li Ruifeng, CGO of Great Wall Motor, also said: learn from each other and make progress together. At the same time, Great Wall CGO Li Ruifeng also said on Weibo: the reason why company executives stay on Weibo is to gain insight into what consumers are thinking, receive demand, solve problems, and form a very good interactive relationship with users. To build services to achieve a comprehensive To C, we have a long way to go and work together.


This time, Weibo Automobile executives Group joined the Great Wall, to a certain extent, can bring more attention to the brand, but also conducive to real-time interaction with netizens. With the rapid development of the information age, many car companies are also beginning to build their own all-media matrix, through online communication with users, get the most real market feedback, close the distance with users.

Looking back on the market sales performance of Great Wall Motor in 2022 is not satisfactory. According to the data, the total sales of Great Wall cars in 2022 were 1.0675 million, down 16.67% from the same period last year, which is still a big gap from the 1.9 million-year sales target set earlier. In addition, Great Wall Motor did not perform well in the first quarter of this year. According to relevant data, the revenue and profit of Great Wall Motor showed negative growth in the first quarter. The revenue of Great Wall Motor in the first quarter was 29.039 billion yuan, down 13.63% from the same period last year. The net profit was 174 million yuan, down 89.34% from the same period last year. The non-net loss was 217 million yuan, down 116.65% from the same period last year.


To this end, Great Wall Motor has also made a series of adjustments to its brands. For example: formally integrate its Euler brand with the salon brand, name the Harvard brand new energy sales network as "Hafron", distinguish between Harvard brand new energy vehicle products and fuel vehicle products, will adopt independent sales channels and other measures. At the same time, it also launched a series of new models of Harvard owl dragon.


Or sales of Great Wall picked up in May, thanks to a series of recent measures. According to official figures, car sales in May were 101020, up 26.18% from a year earlier. Among them, Harvard brand sold 55600 vehicles in May, Wei brand sold 5770 vehicles in May, Euler brand sold 10616 vehicles in May, tank brand sold 10429 vehicles in May, and Great Wall pickup truck sold 18605 vehicles in May. However, according to the official annual sales target of 1.6 million vehicles, the cumulative sales of Great Wall from January to May are only 25.8% of the target, and it will take more efforts to meet the annual sales target.

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