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Two months on the market! A domestic electric car became popular.

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A few days ago, a video of an electric car catching fire in front of a shopping mall sparked heated discussion.

According to the available information, the place of the fire was at the gate of a KTV in Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, and the vehicle was at a standstill. At the beginning, when the bottom of the front of the vehicle began to burn, the staff of the suspected relevant business premises brought fire extinguishers to put out the fire on the vehicle, but it did not have any effect. As the fire of the vehicle increased, the staff did not dare to come near to put out the fire. Another video showed that the sky was completely dark at this time, and many people were watching at the scene. The fire brigade was putting out the fire and using water cannons to suppress the open fire, but unexpectedly, the car suddenly burst into flames. Firefighters had no choice but to continue spraying water to cool down, but it seemed difficult to completely suppress the fire. According to the crowd at the scene, firefighters completely extinguished the car five times. It is worth mentioning that the car has not been licensed yet.

It is understood that the fire vehicle is the first car under Lantu Automobile-- Zuguang, the new car positioning medium-and large-scale luxury electric sedan, officially listed at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, the price range is 32.29-432900 yuan, competitors lock in the Lulai ET7 model. In terms of power, Lantu Yuguang is equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system, the maximum power of the front motor is 160kW (218hp), the maximum power of the rear motor is 215kW (292hp), the total power of the system is 375kW and the maximum torque is 730Nm. It is understood that Lantu Yuguang's battery comes from Funeng Technology, including 109kWh battery or 86kWh semi-solid battery, and the corresponding mileage is 730km (CLTC) and 580km (CLTC) respectively.

Compared with fuel vehicles, the cause of electric vehicle fire is relatively simple, most of which are caused by the battery system under the action of internal and external reasons. Among them, the external factors include overcharging, short circuit, extrusion, high temperature, acupuncture and so on. the internal factors include low purity of cathode material, uneven distribution of electrolyte, burr of electrode, lithium precipitation of negative electrode, impurities on the surface of diaphragm and other internal defects. After entering the summer, electric cars catch fire more and more frequently, but few car companies admit that the poor quality of their products led to the occurrence of fire accidents. Generally speaking, the electric vehicle fire can be attributed to two major reasons, one is that after the collision, the battery pack is extruded, resulting in structural damage, resulting in fire combustion. Second, the overcharge of the battery leads to overheating of the battery, or the high temperature in the natural environment, at this time, if the heat dissipation capacity of the BMS system can not keep up, the circuit may be short-circuited, which is also widely believed to be the reason for many fire accidents in summer. However, from the scene of the Lantu electric car fire, the above causes of the fire may basically be ruled out. First of all, as an unlicensed new car, it is almost certain that the aging battery is not the cause of the accident. In addition, there was no obvious collision at the scene of the accident, and the vehicle caught fire in a state of complete stillness, which can rule out the possibility of impact and fire. Of course, the specific cause of the vehicle fire has yet to be further confirmed by the authorities, but as of press time, Lantu did not respond to the fire accident.

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