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Annual delivery list of new energy vehicle companies!

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Although today is the traditional holiday New Year's Day, the major new power car companies still release monthly and annual delivery data as scheduled. From the ranking list of the "Tramway report" statistics, in the "Wei Xiaoli" camp, whether it is the delivery volume in December or the annual delivery volume in 2023, the three car companies have opened a clear gap, especially the ideal car and Xiaopengwei two car companies.

Data show that ideal car delivered 50353 new cars in December, an increase of 22.72% month-on-month, an increase of 137.15% over the same period last year, setting a new record for monthly delivery. This is also the first time that it delivered more than 50, 000 vehicles a month this year. Ideal Automobile had previously challenged its target of delivering 50, 000 vehicles in December, which has now been achieved. By the end of December, a total of 376030 ideal cars had been delivered in 2023, an increase of 182.21% over the same period last year.

Li Xiang said: "the 2023 goals are all achieved: 376000, 50000, 20000, 300. challenge higher goals in 2024: 800000, 100000, 30000, 2000. In other words, the ideal annual car delivery target for 2024 is 800000.

Officials say the ideal MEGA will be officially launched on March 1, compared with the planned release in December, which means the new car is more than two months later than originally scheduled for December. Ideal MEGA is the fourth model of ideal Motors and the first MPV model. The new car has made its debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show and opened a blind booking, which is expected to sell for less than 600000 yuan. According to the previous ideal car official data, the ideal MEGA 1 hour 42 minutes booking capacity of more than 10, 000 vehicles.

In December, Xiaopeng ranked second on the list with delivery volume of 20115 vehicles, an increase of 0.37% month-on-month and 78.13% year-on-year. Delivery exceeded 20, 000 vehicles for three consecutive months, another record monthly delivery, and cumulative delivery in 2023 increased by 17.26% year-on-year to 141601 vehicles.

According to the official website, Xiaopeng car models currently on sale include Xiaopeng P7, P5, G3i, G9, P7i and X9. Among them, Xiaopeng's first mass-produced model G3 and its modified product G3i will stop production in 2023, officials said. This is based on the company's long-term planning.

The X9 is Xiaopeng's sixth production car and its first MPV. As the flagship model under Xiaopeng's "supporting and shaking" structure, the new car is located in a medium and large MPV with a pure electric power system. The new car has been officially launched tonight. A total of four models have been launched, with a price range of 359800 yuan to 419800 yuan.

Lailai ranked fourth on the list, delivering 18012 vehicles in December, an increase of 12.86 percent and 13.89 percent over the previous month. A total of 160038 vehicles were delivered during the year, an increase of 30.66 percent over the same period last year. At present, Xilai's models for sale include ES8, ES6, ES7, EC6, EC7, ET7, ET5 and ET5T, covering medium and large SUV, medium-sized SUV, medium-and large-sized cars and medium-sized cars with prices above 300000 yuan, pointing directly to the traditional first-tier luxury brand markets such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In addition to the above models, the ET9, the first luxury car owned by Xilai, was unveiled on the NIO Day 2023. The new car is expected to cost 800000 yuan, but the new car will not be delivered until the first quarter of 2025.

Compared with ideal car and Xiaopeng car, there are many products of Lulai, but there are no popular models at present. In November's retail sales, for example, the highest-selling model was the ES6, which sold 5666 vehicles, while the ET5T and EC6 sold 3248 and 2739, respectively, while the rest were less than 2000. The industry believes that the out of control of the iterative update rhythm of the product is the main reason why its sales are lower than the market expectations.

Judging from the delivery situation for the whole year of 2023, the three car companies of "Wei Xiaoli" have opened a clear distance, especially between the ideal car and Xiaopenglai. Looking back at 2023, both Xiaopeng and Weilai have made a lot of innovation, but there has not yet been a very obvious boost to sales, and it is worth looking forward to what kind of change there will be in 2024. ‍ in contrast to the ideal car in the same camp, the delivery performance in 2023 is quite outstanding. At present, the three models on sale of the ideal car are all popular models, which is also the key to the rising sales of the ideal car.

In addition to "Wei Xiaoli", zero-running cars also achieved the delivery performance of more than 10,000 vehicles in December. 18618 zero-running cars were delivered in December, a slight increase of 0.59% from the previous month and an increase of 119.22% over the same period last year. Zhu Jiangming, founder of Zero, said in an open letter marking the eighth anniversary of Zero on December 24 that delivery of more than 20,000 vehicles could be achieved in December, but according to the latest delivery data, Zero failed to meet this expectation. By the end of December, a total of 144155 zero-running cars had been delivered this year, an increase of 29.67 percent over the same period last year.

Nezha delivered a total of 127496 cars in 2023, down 16.16% from the same period last year. As of press time, Naha has not officially announced the delivery of new cars in December, but it is not difficult to speculate that it delivered 5135 vehicles in December, down 58.93% from the previous month and 34.12% from the same period last year. This is the last place on its "bottom" list for the sixth month in a row. At present, Naga is seeking to boost sales through the development of overseas markets, where sales exceeded 20000 in 2023, according to official figures.

In addition to the new power brands, other new energy vehicle brands have also released the latest sales figures.

BYD sold 341000 new energy vehicles in December, up 12.96 percent from the previous month and 45.00 percent over the same period last year. It sold a total of 3.0244 million vehicles in 2023, reaching its annual sales target of 3 million vehicles on schedule.

GAC Ean delivered 45947 vehicles in December, an increase of 10.54% from the previous month and 53.11% over the same period last year, with cumulative sales of 480003 vehicles during the year. According to the plan, the annual sales target of GAC Ean is to guarantee 500000 vehicles and compete for 600000 vehicles, with a target growth rate of more than 84.5%. According to the annual sales target of 500000 vehicles, the completion rate of GAC Ean in 2023 will be 96.00%. Although GAC Ean failed to meet its annual sales target on time, its monthly sales performance in 2023 showed a monthly growth trend from January to December.

The AITO series delivered 24468 new cars in December, an increase of 29.96% month-on-month and 141.23% year-on-year. Among them, the new M7 delivered 20611 vehicles, accounting for 84.24% of the total sales volume. 2023 AITO series delivered a total of 94380 vehicles.

Up to now, the models on sale in AITO include M5/M5 EV, M7 and M9. Among them, M9 was launched on December 26, and a total of 4 models were launched with a price range of 469800-569800 yuan. The new car positioning large SUV, built by Huawei's full-stack smart car technology solution, offers two power versions, plus program and pure electric. Yu Chengdong called the car "the best SUV in tens of millions of yuan, and the most powerful SUV you can see on the road." According to the plan, the new car will be the first to start delivery on January 26 this year, and a large number of delivery on February 26. Officials say the M9 has totaled more than 30000 cars in seven days on the market.

13476 polar krypton cars were delivered in December, an increase of 2.84% from the previous month and 18.88% over the same period last year, with a total of 118685 delivered during the year. Up to now, polar krypton cars have a total of four models: polar krypton 001, polar krypton 009, polar krypton X and polar krypton 007. among them, polar krypton 007 was launched on December 27, and the new car launched a total of four models with a price range of 20.99 yuan to 259900 yuan. the new car will be officially delivered today, which may further boost sales of polar krypton cars.

In addition, 10017 Lantu cars were delivered in December, breaking the 10,000 mark for the first time, an increase of 42.98% from the previous month and 479.35% over the same period last year. A total of 50552 vehicles were delivered in 2023.

Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Federation of passengers, said that due to the dual influence of the withdrawal of car purchase tax concessions and the withdrawal of new energy subsidies at the end of 2022, the auto market has made greater adjustments before the Spring Festival in 2023. Passenger car retail showed an M-shaped trend in 2023, with a low growth rate in January, June-July and December, and a high growth rate in April and November.

In view of the development of the car market in the new year, Cui Dongshu pointed out that 2024 will be a big year for car market sales, and the total retail sales of passenger cars in 2024 are expected to be 22.2 million units, an increase of 3% over 2023.

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