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Annual sales of 400000 vehicles? Li wants to clarify

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Li, founder, chairman and CEO of ideal Motor, wants to post a clarification on Weibo on June 27th. "Today, there are media reports that our target for this year has been adjusted to 400000 vehicles, which is wrong and unfounded," Li said on Weibo. We completed more than 130000 vehicles in the first half of the year and do not have any capacity to complete 400000 vehicles in the whole year. Products, sales, production capacity, organization and other capacity do not support 400000 vehicles this year, and the gap is still huge. The capability chain of the automobile industry is built one step at a time, and there are no particular shortcuts. "


On the same day, the ideal car was released in the 26th week (6.19-6.25) of 2023. According to the data, the weekly sales of ideal cars are 7500. Ideal car said that only with the ideal L7, ideal L8, ideal L9 three models have exceeded other new power brand all-line model sales, continue to lead the new forces. As of June 25, ideal car sales have reached 27300 this month, and the monthly sales target of 30, 000 vehicles is about to be met. At the same time, ideal car continues to maintain the top five sales of luxury brands in the Chinese market, ranking highest on the list, surpassing other traditional luxury brands other than BBA.


Subsequently, Li wanted to forward the weekly sales information to his personal Weibo, and put forward: "this week's luxury brand fuel car dealers in the sprint for the first half of the sales task, the main force of the sprint is generally on the car product line. First-tier luxury brand car sales are still very solid. The problem is, we can't produce car products. "

Up to now, ideal Auto's models on sale include L7, L8 and L9, with a price of more than 300000 yuan. Li Xiang also posted his views on Weibo for five markets worth about 300000 yuan. Li Xiang said that the launch and price reduction of new products such as Zhiji LS7, NIO ES6, Mocha and Lecker 09 five-seat version in June, but the ideal L7 can still deliver more than 13000 vehicles this month and continue to grow at a high speed. Despite the overwhelming comparison between the Blue Mountains and the ideal L8, the ideal L8 has risen from more than 7,000 last month to more than 9,000 this month. The ideal L9 has also been raised to more than 8,000 from more than 6,000 last month. In addition to the steady delivery of more than 30,000 vehicles, orders have reached a new high, and production capacity has become the biggest bottleneck in delivery rather than demand.


Li Xiang also pointed out that in the early stage of entering the fast-growing mass market (refer to crossing the gap), the core driving force of sales volume is whether the comprehensive growth rate of the enterprise (product value, commercial ability, supply capacity, organizational capacity) can keep up with or even exceed the growth speed of the market. This week, NEV's market share of passenger cars worth more than 200000 yuan exceeded 40% for the first time. As a result of the influx of more new NEV models, it is crazy to erode the market share of fuel vehicles. Most second-tier fuel car brands are likely to see their sales plummet this year, and first-tier brands will start to have problems with specific models (the model market that NEV enterprises focus on). In the fourth quarter of this year, more than 200000 of passenger cars accounted for more than 50% of NEV, without any accident.


Li previously made it clear that the ideal car would increase its market share of 30-500000 yuan SUV from 9.5% in 2022 to about 20% in 2023. According to the FIFA data, the capacity of this segment in 2023 is about 1.4 million-1.5 million, which means that if the ideal car wants to achieve this goal, its sales target will reach about 280000-300000.

Data show that from January to May in 2023, the cumulative sales of ideal cars was 106542, ranking first in the list of new power sales, of which 28277 were sold in May. For comparison, the cumulative sales of Xilai in the previous five months were 43854 and Xiaopeng 32815.

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