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Xiaopeng G6 is sold from 209900 RMB to Standard Tesla Model Y

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On June 29th, Xiaopeng G6, the fifth production car of Xiaopeng, was officially put on the market, with a total of five models with a price range of 20.99-276900 yuan. According to previous reports, the Xiaopeng G6 is the first model under the Xiaopeng SEPA2.0 "rocking" architecture, offering two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive power, equipped with an electric tail and lidar, was officially unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show against the Standard Tesla Model Y.


In terms of appearance, the new car is built with the design concept of "science and technology flow aesthetics", and the whole is still Xiaopeng family's relatively round design style. what is different from Xiaopeng car models on sale at present is that the new car embeds Xiaopeng LOGO in the middle of the through headlight belt with black treatment, and the overall style is very simple and has a sense of science and technology. The headlamp and the lidar below adopt an integrated design, and the interior of the air inlet is decorated with hexagonal elements arranged in a matrix. It is understood that the Xiaopeng G6 is equipped with a total of 31 intelligent sensing hardware, which can support high-level auxiliary driving functions. The rear part of the car, the LED light belt and the front are also disconnected design, and the rear window is also equipped with adaptive lifting tail wing, which can automatically adjust the lifting height according to the vehicle speed.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of Xiaopeng G6 are 4753/1920/1650mm, wheelbase 2890mm, positioning medium pure electric SUV. For comparison, the length, width and height of Tesla Model Y are 4750/1921/1624mm and the wheelbase is 2890mm. It can be said that Xiaopeng G6 is made to compete for Model Y.

In terms of interior decoration, the Xiaopeng G6 adopts a new design style, the whole center console is integrated into the "vector ring" design, the oval steering wheel ensures the upper field of view and legroom, and the physical buttons in the car are reduced as much as possible. The Xiaopeng G6 full LCD dashboard is 10.2in in size, while the central control screen is 14.96in. It is equipped with a Xmart OS 4.0car system and a four-tone area voice function in the whole scene.

In terms of power, the Xiaopeng G6 will provide two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive power, of which the two-wheel drive version of the maximum power 218kW, peak torque 440N ·m; four-wheel drive version of the comprehensive power 358kW, comprehensive torque 660N ·m. In addition, Xiaopeng has 800V fast-charging technology and self-operated fast-filling piles, but the specific mileage has not been announced.

2021 is Xiaopeng's "highlight moment". In this year, Xiaopeng delivered a total of 98155 new cars, pressing Kilai and ideal, and firmly ranked first in the new force of car-building, but in 2022, Xiaopeng's delivery volume suddenly encountered Waterloo. Although the annual delivery reached 120757 vehicles, it was surpassed by ideal, Ulai, Nezha and other new force companies, not even half of the annual sales target set by themselves.


There is no doubt that among the three "Wei Xiaoli", Xiaopeng cars are visible to the naked eye. In the first five months of this year, Xiaopeng delivered a total of 32815 new cars, while ideal cars delivered 28277 in a single month.

The point is, Xiaopeng's condition has not improved. According to the sales data disclosed by ideal Automobile, the cumulative sales of Xiaopeng Automobile from June 1 to 25 was 6400, ranking seventh in the new power in the country, and still the ideal car in the first place, reaching 27300.


With such a depressed market performance, Xiaopeng pinned all its hopes on the newly launched G6 model. Of course, Xiaopeng Automobile is very optimistic about the performance of the G6 model in the future market, almost using all the technology that can be used, but whether it can bring a turnaround to Xiaopeng car or not, we still need to take a look at it step by step. In the past few years, Xiaopeng SUV has been difficult to sell, whether it is the entry-level model G3 or the high-end model G9, and the most dazzling achievement of the new entrant Wang Fengying in the past at the Great Wall is the product planning and marketing of the Great Wall SUV. Obviously, he Xiaopeng wants to rely on Wang Fengying's experience to replicate Great Wall's success in the SUV field.

Despite a poor start to the year, Xiaopeng said it would not change its target of 30 per cent annual sales growth. He Xiaopeng also said, "I made decisive adjustments to the company's strategy, organization and management team in the first quarter of 2023. I am confident that in the next few quarters to create a positive cycle of product sales, team morale, customer satisfaction and brand reputation."

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