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Audi FAW new energy project starts and goes into production at the end of the year

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On June 30, the construction of Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Supporting Industrial Park was launched and the Audi PPE (Premium Platform Electric) supporting project was intensively started in Changchun, Jilin Province, with a total investment of 44.48 billion yuan.


In October 2020, Audi signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Audi FAW High-end New Energy Vehicle Cooperation Project with FAW Group, announcing that both parties will jointly establish a new energy joint venture company. At that time, Audi's official German website showed that the new joint venture management committee consisted of five people, three Germans and two Chinese. In January 2021, the Board of Directors of FAW, Audi Management Board and Supervisory Board of Volkswagen Group officially signed a contract, announcing that Audi FAW New Energy officially settled in Changchun. In March 2021, Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was established, marking the birth of Audi's third joint venture company in China, in which Audi and Volkswagen hold 60% shares of the company and FAW Group holds 40% shares, which means Audi and Volkswagen enjoy the dominant power of the company.


In February 2022, Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Project won the filing publicity of investment project of Industry Department of Development and Reform Commission of Jilin Province. According to the publicity information of the project, Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Project covers an area of 2.46 million square meters, including stamping, welding, coating, assembly, battery assembly and other main automobile production process workshops, control centers and training centers covering an area of 1.54 million square meters. The construction site is located in Changchun City Automobile Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jilin Province.


In June 2022, Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Project started in Changchun, which is Audi's first base specialized in producing pure electric vehicles in China. The project is planned to be completed in December 2024. After completion, three pure electric vehicles, B+SUV e-tron, B+SAV e-tron and C Lim LWB e-tron, will be put into production. These three models correspond to Q6L e-tron (eQ5) and Q6L e-tron Sportback (eQ6), as well as pure electric car A6L e-tron.

As a pure electric vehicle platform with high-end positioning under Volkswagen Group, Audi FAW will produce PPE-based models in China. The PPE platform is one of the latest electric vehicle platforms of the Volkswagen Group, jointly developed by Audi and Porsche, which supports B-D models, i.e. mid-size cars to large cars, and the first pure electric vehicle based on the PPE platform is the A6L e-tron.


As we all know, Audi A6L is the core product of Audi brand in China, and Audi FAW named its first production car A6L e-tron to illustrate the importance of its position. At the same time, although the A6L e-tron is consistent with the fuel version in name, the A6L e-tron based on the PPE platform is not an oil-to-electric model. At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Audi A6L e-tron concept car debuted, positioning medium and large pure electric vehicles, length, width and height of 4960/1960/1440mm respectively, wheelbase of 2950mm, it will be equipped with a comprehensive power of 476 horsepower front and rear dual motor system, maximum torque up to 800N·m, annual output of 150,000 vehicles. According to relevant information, A6L e-tron will have three power configurations after mass production. The entry-level will be equipped with 83kWh battery pack, rear-wheel drive and CATL range of 550km. The 100kWh battery pack model will be divided into rear-drive and four-wheel drive models, with CATL range of 600km.

Before this, Audi has introduced a number of e-tron series electric vehicles, including e-tron and e-tron sportback (MLB evo platform), Q2L e-tron (MEB platform) three pure electric domestic vehicles. At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2021, FAW-Audi unveiled the Q4 e-tron (MEB platform) electric vehicle, while SAIC Audi launched the Q5 e-tron (MEB platform) electric vehicle. However, including e-tron and other models in the domestic market sales situation is not optimistic.


When the new energy vehicle market Skyworth wind direction, Audi also has to change transformation. At present, Audi already has three joint ventures in China, including FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Audi and Audi FAW, among which Audi has more dominance in Audi FAW, which will focus on the development of new energy vehicles. According to Audi's new energy strategy, it will invest 35 billion euros by 2025, and its pure electric vehicles will reach 20 models, and about one-third of the cars delivered worldwide will come from new energy vehicles; From 2026, Audi will launch new models all over the world; By 2033, Audi will phase out the last batch of internal combustion engine models and accelerate the brand electric transformation in an all-round way.

As the largest new energy automobile market in the world, many automobile enterprises have put forward the new energy target for 2025 for the sixth time, among which 3.2 million Great Wall Motors, 1 million Chang 'an Automobile and 900,000 Geely Automobile hope to obtain 20% market share, while Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and General Motors have announced the electrification process for the sixth time. Of course, for these automobile enterprises, to a large extent, they are unwilling to enter the new energy automobile market on a large scale, but this is something that has to be done. When new energy becomes the trend of the industry, it may be eliminated without transformation.

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