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Xiaopeng M03! Naming of the first model of Xiaopeng MONA

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Today, Xiaopeng's new brand MONA officially announced that its first model is named Xiaopeng M03. At the same time, pictures of the first MONA model were also unveiled.

As for the naming of the first model of the new brand, Xiaopeng Automobile officials then forwarded the blog post and commented: surprise after the holiday, the first product of the MONA series is named Xiaopeng M03. Xiao Peng MONA, coming.

As can be seen from the exposed pictures, Xiaopeng M03 still uses Xiaopeng car logo. Appearance: the front face is equipped with a closed grille design, and both sides are equipped with a new unique shape "T" shaped headlamp group, which is highly recognizable. In terms of body, the shape of the slippery body, with the popular hidden door handle, is full of movement.

This time, officials have not released too many pictures of Xiaopeng M03. However, spy photos of Xiaopeng's first MONA model leaked on the Internet earlier. As can be seen from the spy photos, the appearance is basically consistent with the official appearance picture released this time. Interior decoration, basically continued the simple style of Xiaopeng family interior decoration, cancelled the dashboard, equipped with double-spoke multi-function steering wheel and large-size suspension central control screen, physical keys basically did not see. In terms of batteries, the new car may be equipped with a single motor rear drive system, equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack, comprehensive range or up to 550km.

Data show: Xiaopeng MONA is in August last year, Xiaopeng strategic cooperation with Didi, launched a new electric vehicle brand. According to officials, MONA's first product, which is positioned as a compact pure electric car with a price of about 150000 yuan, will be in mass production this year, launch in the third quarter, and start delivery in the fourth quarter for C-end and B-end sales. The MONA brand was announced at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, implying Made Of New AI, the new brand positioning the global popularity of AI smart cars.

On the arrival of the first MONA model, he Xiaopeng, CEO of Xiaopeng, said at the MONA brand launch site: the MONA brand is a new species that subverts innovation and will release more information in June. In the second half of this year, it is hoped that the MONA brand will sell better than Xiaomi SU7. At the earnings meeting last month, on the news of the MONA brand, he Xiaopeng once again revealed that the first model of the MONA series is a product with the highest appearance, high intelligence and competitive cost in 200000, and will become a superstar product in the A-class pure electricity market. In the year after next year, Xiaopeng will also launch a variety of products on the A-class platform, and put Xiaopeng's XNGP into this price range, popularizing high-level intelligent assisted driving in this price range with the largest sales volume.

At present, with the price war of new energy vehicles becoming more and more fierce, the launch of Xiaopeng's new brand MONA is also highly expected by the authorities. Since 2024, Xiaopeng's sales have not been very optimistic. Data show that from January to May, Xiaopeng sold 8250, 4545, 9026, 9393 and 10146 cars, respectively. The cumulative sales volume from January to May was 41360 vehicles. Earlier, officials had expected sales of 29000 to 32000 vehicles in the second quarter. With reference to Xiaopeng's sales from April to May, only 9461 vehicles need to be completed in June to reach the target. For Xiaopeng, this sales figure should be no problem.

However, for this year's target, he Xiaopeng hopes to sell more than 280000 vehicles a year. As a reference, sales from January to May in 2024 reached only 14.8% of the annual target of 280000, and there are still some challenges in achieving the annual target.

At present, Xiaopeng car models on sale are G3, P7, P5, G6, G9, X9 and other models, the model price, mainly concentrated in the range of 15-400000 yuan. The price positioning of the MONA brand is about 150000 yuan, which staggers with the price positioning of Xiaopeng's existing models, which is conducive to obtaining market share in different price areas. The launch of the first MONA model will give a certain boost to Xiaopeng's sales in the second half of the year. However, although the price range from 10 to 150000 has huge market potential, the competition in this price range is also very fierce, and it remains to be seen whether Xiaopeng's new MONA first model will be favored by the market.

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