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The ranking of automobile value preservation rate in the first half of the year has been released! The most valuable one is Porsche.

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On July 4, the China Automobile Circulation Association released the Research report on the holding rate of Automobile value in China in the first half of 2023. The report includes the ranking performance of national brands, national models, all levels of models and the three-year value preservation rate of new energy vehicles.

In terms of the overall preservation rate of all types of models, the medium and large SUV has the highest preservation rate, with a three-year preservation rate of 70.93%, which is the only class on the list that exceeds 70%, followed by small cars with a preservation rate of 67.56%. In addition, the preservation rates of medium-sized cars, MPV, medium-sized cars, medium-sized SUV and compact SUV are all over 60%.


According to the analysis of the preservation rate of specific country brands, Porsche, Lexus, Ford and Kia ranked first in the three-year preservation rate of German, Japanese, American and Korean brands respectively. From the performance of the overall preservation rate of the car system, the preservation rate of German brands is higher than that of Japanese brands, of which Porsche's three-year preservation rate is the highest of 85.34%, while Lexus is 77.05%. "Automotive Industry concern" believes that the reason why Porsche's three-year preservation rate ranks first, in addition to the import identity online, the price increase in the end market is also the main reason why the preservation rate is in the forefront.

Among independent brands, the top three brands with preservation rates are GAC MOTOR, Wuling Automobile and Chang'an, respectively, with the preservation rates of all three exceeding 60%, with GAC MOTOR as the highest at 63.90%. In addition, Lecker, ideal car, Ulay Motors, Harvard, Mingjue, Roewe and BYD also entered the top 10, but the three-year preservation rate did not exceed 60%.


In terms of the preservation rate of joint venture manufacturers, FAW Toyota had the highest preservation rate of 70.47%, followed by Beijing Mercedes-Benz, which ranked second with a preservation rate of 68.87%. Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota and Dongfeng Honda respectively ranked third to fifth on the list. In other words, except Beijing Mercedes-Benz, the top five brands of joint venture manufacturers in the first half of this year are all Japanese manufacturers. In addition to the above manufacturers, brilliance BMW, Changan Lincoln, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Audi and Changan Mazda are also on the list, with a three-year preservation rate of more than 61%.


In addition to announcing the preservation rate of brands in various countries, the China Automobile Circulation Association also published the ranking of the preservation rate of subdivided models at all levels. on the whole, the preservation rate of Japanese models is significantly higher than that of German and American models.

In the ranking of the preservation rate of medium and large vehicles, Lexus ES tops the list with a three-year preservation rate of 80.41%, followed by Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6 (import), BMW 5-Series and BMW 5-Series (import), all of which have a three-year preservation rate of more than 70%. In terms of the preservation rate of medium-sized SUV, Porsche Macan ranks first, with a preservation rate of 81.38%. Jeep Horse herders, Toyota Hanlanda, Mercedes-Benz GLCs and Mercedes-Benz GLCs are closely followed, and their three-year preservation rates are all more than 70%. In the three-year preservation rate of medium and large SUV, the top three cars are Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Toyota Prado and Porsche Cayenne, respectively. Among them, the three-year preservation rate of Mercedes-Benz G-Class is as high as 108.57%, which is equivalent to "Big G" can still make money after three years. As for the MPV preservation rate ranking with relatively low market share, the three-year preservation rates of Lexus LM and Toyota Elfa are 103.74% and 100.63% respectively, which are also worthy of the name "sweet cake" in the second-hand car market.




Finally, let's take a look at the preservation rate list of pure electric vehicles, which shows that SAIC Roewe's Klaway CLEVER has the highest one-year preservation rate of 82.85%, ahead of Porsche Taycan and BYD Dolphin, with a preservation rate of 82.52% and 81.87%, respectively. In addition, the annual preservation rates of polar krypton 001 and Wuling Hongguang MINIEV also exceeded 80% in the list, ranking fourth and fifth respectively. ET7, BYD Song PLUS New Energy, Tesla Model 3, Chery New Energy Ant and BYD Han are among the top 10 on the list. It should be noted that Tesla Model Y and Ian AION Y, which currently sell well in the new energy vehicle market, have an one-year preservation rate of only 75.86% and 75.76%, ranking at the bottom of the list.


Plug-in hybrid models have the highest one-year preservation rate of Porsche's Panamera E-Hybrid and CaynneE-Hybrid, with an one-year preservation rate of 90.86% and 84.78%, respectively, ranking among the top two on the list. According to the list, a number of BYD plug-in hybrid models entered the list in the first half of this year, including BYD Song Pro DM-i, BYD Song PLUS DM-i, BYD Tang DM-i, BYD Han DM-i and BYD Qin PLUS DM-i.


Automobile value preservation rate is an important part of the performance-to-price ratio of cars, which has a high reference value for consumers to buy cars, but also reflects the market recognition of new cars to a certain extent. "Automotive Industry concern" believes that there are many factors that affect the value preservation rate of vehicles, including the number of cars in the market, product popularity and market terminal concessions are all potential influencing factors, therefore, car value preservation rate is not the only criterion to judge whether a vehicle is good or bad.

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