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The same price for oil and electricity! Cadillac LYRIQ Rui Song goes on sale from 361700

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Today, SAIC GM Cadillac announced the price and equity adjustment of its pure electric model LYRIQ Ruige, which fell by 60, 000 yuan.

In addition, "time-limited cash car treatment" activities will also be provided to new car buyers, which will include: from now on to August 31, users can pay a deposit of 2000 yuan to 20000 yuan to deduct the corresponding purchase money, or pay 3000 yuan deposit to enjoy 20000 yuan deduction for car purchase and free home recharging rights. At the same time, from now on to all Ruige old car owners plus "user special treatment", including about 20000 yuan worth of 2-year insurance gift package.



From a comprehensive point of view of the stack offer, the price of the high-performance premium version of Ruige all-wheel drive is reduced from 479700 yuan to 401700 yuan, the premium version of Ruige long-drive drive is reduced from 459700 yuan to 381700 yuan, and the luxury version of Ruige rear-drive long-drive luxury version is reduced from 439700 yuan to 361,700 yuan.

In addition to the price reduction and superimposed preferential policies, Cadillac officials also offer flexible ways to buy cars with optional rights and interests. New buyers can choose to buy a right package worth 60000 yuan according to the use of the car, including lifetime warranty, 3-year charging, home charging and other rights.


It is understood that LYRIQ Ruige will be launched in June 2022, the new car positioning pure electricity in the large SUV, is Cadillac based on General Motors Ultium (Chinese name for Audenon) electric platform to create the first luxury pure electric SUV model. The new car has launched a total of three models with a price range of 439700 yuan to 479700 yuan. In terms of appearance, the large enclosed front grille with shield style is adopted, and the interior of the grille is equipped with radioactive LED light source and luminous Cadillac logo to improve the recognition of the vehicle, with large area air intake shape on both sides and double strips LED daytime driving lights with longitudinal layout, the overall sense of science and technology is full.


The side of the body adopts slip-back styling design style, with large-size rims, chrome-plated decoration and touch-type hidden doors to enhance the overall fashion sense of the vehicle. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5003/1977/1637mm and the wheelbase is 3094mm. In the rear part, the lines of the new car are relatively simple, the taillights are designed in two groups, and the top uses a through design, which extends to the D column, which is very exaggerated in length and shape, while the Cadillac classic vertical light group mechanism is used at the bottom, which echoes the daytime driving lights on the front face.



Interior decoration: the most bright spot, with an integrated 33-inch ring screen with a resolution of 8960 × 1320 pixels, integrated with dashboard, infotainment, navigation, lighting control, air conditioning and other functions. It can also be divided into three areas to display different information. The steering wheel has also been changed to touch buttons, with glowing control knobs and hollowed-out wood grain decoration panels, which further enhance the advanced sense of vehicle interior decoration.


In terms of power, the two rear-drive models are equipped with a maximum power 255kW, a drive motor with a peak torque of 440N m, and a 100km acceleration time of 6.9s. The front and rear double motors are used in the four-wheel drive model, the total output power is 375kW, the total output torque is 710N m, and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is 4.6 seconds. In terms of battery life, all models are equipped with power batteries with a total capacity of 95.7kWh, 653km under the CLTC operating conditions of the rear-drive version and 600+km under the CLTC operating conditions of the four-wheel drive version.


This time, Cadillac announced a reduction in the price and rights and interests of LYRIQ Ruig. it is not difficult to see that after Buick ELECTRA E5 and ELECTRA E4, Cadillac took the lead in opening the "oil and electricity at the same price" strategy at the beginning of the second half of the year, driving the return of luxury electric market value with pioneer luxury design, advanced and reliable pure electric strength and luxurious and comfortable driving texture.

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