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He Xiaopeng came into the factory to hit the screws: be disliked!

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On July 11, Xiaopeng Automobile Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng issued a document saying,"At the request of the majority of Pengyou, I went to the factory yesterday to follow up the situation of G6, and I tried to screw the screws at several stations." In conclusion, professional matters should still be handed over to professional students. I went to help but did not help. I felt that I was despised throughout the whole process. The production monitor said that because he was worried that he did not screw it properly, the time for reexamination was much longer than the output of my help." In this regard, He Xiaopeng said,"I am still responsible for the next to everyone to encourage the solution of difficulties, we do our best to deliver and quality!"


This matter originated from the evening of July 7, He Xiaopeng issued a document revealing that "G6 after listing orders are very hot, production line is also working overtime at full speed." In the comment area of this article, many netizens have suggested that He Xiaopeng go to the factory "live screw","sleep in the factory"...



On June 29, Xiaopeng G6, a key product that decides whether Xiaopeng Automobile can return to monthly sales of more than ten thousand yuan, was officially launched, and its price range of 20.99 to 27.69 triggered a positive reaction from the market.

As the first product under the technology architecture, Xiaopeng G6 will directly benchmark Tesla Model Y, but gather the latest technologies such as 800V high voltage, front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting body, CIB battery body integration and high-end automatic driving XNGP, which makes it superior in mileage, power consumption control and domestic auxiliary driving function.


In terms of power, Xiaopeng G6 will provide two kinds of power: two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, among which the maximum power of two-wheel drive version is 218kW and the peak torque is 440N·m; the comprehensive power of four-wheel drive version is 358kW and the comprehensive torque is 660N·m.

At the launch conference of Xiaopeng G6, He Xiaopeng said he was confident that he would sell Xiaopeng G6 to the sales champion of 250,000 yuan SUV within two months. He Xiaopeng said in an interview that Xiaopeng G6 is a successful product with at least a monthly sales of more than ten thousand.


As of June 28, Xiaopeng G6 orders have exceeded 35,000 vehicles, and He Xiaopeng repeatedly disclosed on social media that Xiaopeng G6 orders are hot, but Xiaopeng Automobile has not disclosed the latest order volume.

The key work of Xiaopeng Automobile is to promote order conversion and ensure the stability of supply chain. He Xiaopeng said, In order to guarantee supply, Xiaopeng car two months in advance buffer, Early July can start delivery, It is expected that the third quarter of this year Xiaopeng G6 monthly delivery climbing speed will far exceed Xiaopeng G9 and Xiaopeng P7i. Previously, due to insufficient supply chain preparation, the sales growth rate of Xiaopeng P7i, a new car listed in March, was affected to a certain extent, which failed to effectively drive the overall sales recovery of Xiaopeng Automobile.

The price of Xiaopeng G6 is still unexpected to the market, which is also the main reason for its current order boom, but at the same time it also raises concerns about the profitability of Xiaopeng cars. In the first quarter of this year, the gross profit margin of Xiaopeng Automobile was-2.5%, which was the first negative gross profit margin since the first quarter of 2020.


He Xiaopeng pointed out that fuel vehicles will accelerate downward in the next five years, and the annual sales volume of 3 million vehicles will only be tickets for automobile companies. Over the next 10 years, there will be only eight mainstream car companies left. He Xiaopeng said that Xiaopeng Automobile will continue to carry out a long organizational system reform. At present, the organizational change has only completed the first step, and there are still two big steps and three big steps. It will be at least until 2027 before he expects China to be No.1 and ranked high in the world.


According to the latest sales data disclosed by Ideal Automobile, from July 3 to 9, among the sales volume of new brands in China market, the ideal car was 7,900, NIO Automobile and Tengshi Automobile ranked second and third respectively, with sales volume of 3,100 and 2,500 respectively. In addition, Xiaopeng has only 12,000 cars, ranking eighth among the new forces.

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