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The new DS 4 goes on sale today!

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On July 13th, the new DS 4 was officially launched in China, with a total of two models, Xia Le Palace (Trocadero) and Rivoli (Rivoli), with a price range of-10,000 yuan. It is understood that the DS 4 is based on the EMP2 V3 platform, and it will also become the fourth strategic model launched by DS after DS 3, DS 7 and DS 9.

The appearance of the new DS 4 adopts the latest family design style of the DS brand, the interior of the hexagonal middle net is decorated with dot matrix, and the connection between the headlamp and the grille is decorated with chrome. The headlamp adopts matrix LES light source, and the shape of daily running lamp draws lessons from the design of Areo Aport Lounge concept car.


On the side of the body, the new DS 4 uses a large number of broken-line elements, with personalized 19-inch rims, so that the side appears to have a strong sense of strength and movement, while the exterior rearview mirror cover is decorated with two-color painting, with hidden door handles, two-color rearview mirrors and the roof, setting off a strong sense of fashion. On the rear side, the taillight of the new DS 4 is narrow and long, echoing the headlight group, and when lit, it presents a mesh-like internal structure, which brings stronger recognition to the rear. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new DS 4 are 4400/1830/1470mm and the wheelbase is 2675mm.



In terms of interior decoration, the new DS 4 is equipped with a 10.25inch embedded central control screen design, full LCD instruments and physical buttons under the central control screen are integrated with the iconic diamond elements of the DS brand, with a large number of leather packages, the new car still presents a unique high-end sense of French models. In addition, the new car is equipped with a 21-inch AR-HUD head display, a 5-inch touch screen and L2 driving assistance, and the shape of the electronic shift lever is also very exquisite.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.6T engine with a maximum power of 215hp, and the transmission system will match the 8AT gearbox. From the perspective of power parameters, the performance of the new DS 4 will be better than that of DS 7, which is currently on sale in China, and consistent with DS 9.

The original model of the DS 4 was introduced to China in 2012, when its mission was to challenge BBA's entry-level cars and help the DS brand gain a foothold in the domestic luxury car market. Unfortunately, the price of about 250000 yuan and the partial personality style of French cars failed to impress domestic consumers at that time. Eleven years later, the second-generation DS 4 has made a comeback, but it is no longer easy to capture the market, and judging from its market pricing, perhaps not many consumers are willing to pay for it.


DS, unaccustomed to the Chinese auto market, has repeatedly jumped on the brink of obscurity and on the verge of delisting. Of course, this muddling along attitude of development, it is difficult to see the hope of DS out of the predicament, now luxury brands have begun to enter a big reshuffle, there is not much time left for DS.

Even if it did not withdraw from the Chinese market, DS's performance in the Chinese market is very ugly. According to the number of new car compulsory insurance purchases, the DS brand sold only 518 vehicles in China in 2022, which is the result of the "joint efforts" of all four models.


In fact, the DS brand model is good, the exterior and interior is personalized enough, and the driving experience is even comparable to that of a group of so-called performance cars. However, the high pricing of French models, coupled with the light and luxurious positioning of the DS brand, make life more and more difficult for French brands, including DS, in the Chinese market. In addition, at present, there are only a few dozen DS brands in domestic dealer outlets, and some provinces do not even have a 4S store. Consumers can not buy a car if they want to buy a car. It is very troublesome to repair a car when something goes wrong. How to dispel consumers' worries about DS brand models may also be an urgent problem to be solved in front of DS brand officials.

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