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The results of the Winter Test Open Day of understanding car Emperor are announced

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Recently, a large number of netizens and car companies questioned the results of the 2023 winter test. In this regard, understanding car Emperor held a winter test open day in Mohe today. from the posters released by understanding car Emperor, we can see that this time, understanding car Emperor invited 25 groups of car companies, media, industry organizations, and user representatives to watch it at the scene. The test was divided into two live shows in the afternoon and in the afternoon.

It is understood that the temperature of this test has reached about 40 degrees below zero, which is twice as low as the temperature measured by the last car emperor in winter. In the morning, the main test is to plug in and extend the range of pure electric endurance tests. the first batch of models to participate in the test are M7, Teng Teng D9, Wei brand Gaoshan DHT, Lantu FREE, Linke 08, and look up to U8.

According to the official results, the first place is still looking up to the U8, with a pure electric mileage of 65.5 km and the engine intervening when the electricity is 23%. The second place is Lantu FREE pure electric mileage of 36.8km, the third place is Tengli D9 pure electric mileage of 18.9km, the fourth place is Wei brand alpine electric mileage of 17.4km, when the electricity is 29%, the engine intervenes. At the bottom of the list are M7 and Lengke 08, in which M7 pure electric mileage is 10.6 km and LEC 08 pure electric mileage 6.5 km.

In the afternoon, the main purpose of the test is to test the models. The vehicles tested are equation Leopard 5, Linke 08, M7, Mercedes-Benz EQE, Tank 400Hi4-T, Xiaopeng G6, smart Elf # 3 and so on. According to the test results released by Zhe Di, we can see that the models that have passed the Milu deer test are Leopard 5, Mercedes-Benz EQE, Tank 400Hi4-T, Xiaopeng G6 and smart Elf # 3. Unfortunately, the M7 and Lecker 08 failed the test. It is understood that the "Milu Deer Test" mainly tests the ability of vehicles to avoid obstacles.

It is worth noting that when I understood the results of Che Di's winter test earlier, the score of M7 was not ideal, and it was in the last place. The result measured at that time was that the success rate of range was 31.6%, with a nominal range of 175 km and an actual range of 55.3 km.

In response to this result, the official statement at that time pointed out that the vehicle was heated by air conditioning for a total of 71 minutes before the formal test, and continued to heat for another 40 minutes after the temperature in the car reached 24 degrees Celsius. In this process, there are more than ten times to open and close the doors and windows, of which the longest time is more than 3 minutes, which greatly increases the energy consumption of air conditioning and leads to a rapid decline in electricity consumption. Under the condition of severe cold and continuous heating of air conditioning, the windows and doors are opened for many times for a long time, which seriously deviates from the real use scene of users. At the same time, it is also pointed out that the test begins only when the electricity of the vehicle is only 74.9%, carrying the driver and four 60-kilogram sandbags.

In addition to the official interpretation, Yu Chengdong of Huawei also posted on WeChat moments: the test is misleading! Science and rigor are the basic rules that should be followed!

Following questions issued by Qijie Automobile and Yu Chengdong, Great Wall Motor, Geely Motor and others have issued statements to question the test results.

Today, the Great Wall also launched the "Round Table Forum on jointly improving the Environmental testing level of China's New Energy vehicles", inviting in-depth exchanges among industry professionals. Li Ruifeng, CGO of Great Wall Motor, said in a post: media evaluation is a supplement to the professional evaluation of the industry. the media perspective makes the evaluation easy to understand and attract attention, which is beneficial to the industry, but the premise is professional, fair and inseparable from perfect evaluation standards. It points out that the evaluation of new energy vehicles is a complex and huge system, and it is necessary to have professional equipment, professional environment, professional operating norms and professionals, which need to discuss, build, share and seek common development. At the same time, officials said they proposed to work with all parties in the industry to promote the establishment and application of environmental testing standards for new energy vehicles. At the same time, the Heihe Winter proving ground and other new energy and environmental testing platforms and capabilities will be fully opened to fully support friends in the industry to carry out professional testing around the actual needs of users from a professional perspective.

It is worth noting that today, Dr. Wang Yao, assistant secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and head of the Technology Department, said in an interview with the media that the main controversial points between the car understanding emperor and the car companies mainly lie in the science, professionalism, rigor and impartiality of the test, as well as the possible misleading to consumers and the credibility of the media itself. It said that although any third-party evaluation of automobile performance is different from the testing carried out in the process of automobile product access or product development, it should also follow and refer to the standards recognized by the relevant countries or industries.

With regard to the remarks made by Dr. Wang Yao, head of the Technology Department of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Tesla, an electric car giant, also forwarded the article today, while commenting: our global engineering team conducts a large number of extremely stringent extreme cold tests every year to ensure the reliability of the products. As the association said, media testing away from industry standards can mislead the public and consume public resources. Whether you consider buying Tesla or not, we sincerely invite you to come to the store for a test drive. Your real experience is the most important.

The official official also forwarded the article this afternoon, commenting: the evaluation of new energy vehicles is a complex and systematic project, which requires professional technical support and strict operating procedures to ensure that the evaluation results are accurate and fair. The starting point and end point of any test should serve the real experience of consumers. It is also pointed out that before the launch of each new car, Huawei and Selis engineers will conduct rigorous tests on daily and extreme conditions to ensure that the car is more comfortable and comfortable in winter. In addition, it is also pointed out that some authoritative testing institutions, such as China Automotive Research Institute and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, use rigorous, scientific and reliable testing methods to verify the pure electric range, comprehensive range and other data of vehicles.

Regarding the understanding of the results of the Open Day of the Chedi Winter Test, some netizens pointed out that for new energy vehicles, the winter test is a very important link. Due to the low temperature in winter, the battery activity will be reduced, resulting in a reduction in battery mileage. Therefore, in the winter test, the pure electric mileage of each model will be greatly affected, for many car owners, the reference is of little significance.

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