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June car / SUV/MPV/ New Energy sales list

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According to data released by the Federation of passengers, domestic passenger car sales in June were 1.894 million, down 2.6% from a year earlier and 8.7% from a month earlier. Among them, car sales were 896000, down 9.3% from the same period last year. SUV sales were 909000, up 3.5% from the same period last year and 89000, up 13.5% from the same period last year. Sales of new energy electric vehicles were 665000, up 25.2% from the same period last year.

Car list TOP10:

The best-selling car in June is still Qin PLUS, which includes both DM-i and EV, with sales of 38200 in that month and 200300 in the first half of the year. In the list, BYD dolphins and Han also appeared on the list, with 26400 and 25000 respectively. At the same time, Model 3 and AION S electric cars also entered the top 10, with 22700 and 22500 respectively.


Xuan Yi is still the best-selling fuel car, with sales of 29600 vehicles that month, surpassing Lang Yi's 27300. On June 13, SAIC-Volkswagen Lang Yi Xinrui went public with a price range of 999-123900 yuan, but for now, the new car has yet to bring effective market growth. In addition, Suiteng, Camry and style are all in the top ten.

SUV list TOP20:

The top three models on the list are all electric vehicles, with 51500 Model Y, 27000 Song PLUS and 23500 Yuan plus. The same is true in terms of half-year sales, Model Y is 203900, Song PLUS and Yuan plus are 176500 and 141100 respectively. In addition, Song Pro ranked fifth on the list with 21100 vehicles.


Changan CS75 PLUS became the best-selling fuel vehicle on SUV's list, with sales of 21700 vehicles that month, ahead of other joint venture / autonomous compact vehicles. In the joint venture market, the best-selling SUV is CR-V, with 17700 vehicles, while Fenglanda, Rongfang and Weilanda respectively rank 7th-10th on the list.

MPV list TOP10:

The Teng Teng D9 has overtaken the Buick GL8 to become the best-selling MPV, selling 10600 vehicles that month, compared with 6743 Buick GL8. By the end of June, the Tengli D9 also overtook the Buick GL8, with 56200 vehicles and 54700 vehicles.


The market performance of other MPV models is relatively stable, including 6526 Chuanqi M8, 5850 Toyota Sena, 5345 Chuanqi M6 and less than 5000 other MPV models.

New Energy list TOP10:

As BYD is currently selling new energy vehicles, the top 10 models on the new energy list are also BYD. Qin PLUS, Song PLUS, Dolphin, Han, Yuan PLUS and Song Pro are in the top 10, of which the highest is Qin PLUS, with 39200. However, the highest-selling electric car does not come from BYD, but Tesla Model Y, with 51500 vehicles, far surpassing BYD. Two other electric vehicles on the list come from Chinese electric car companies, including the AION S and AION Y, with 22500 and 20600 respectively.


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