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Domestic BBA sales: Audi leads Mercedes-Benz and BMW

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A few days ago, Mercedes-Benz Group and BMW Group have announced their first-half sales. Among them, BMW Group (including MINI) sold 392600 vehicles in China in the first half, up 3.7% from the same period last year; Mercedes-Benz Group (including smart) delivered 377200 vehicles in China, up 7.0% from the same period last year. As a member of BBA, Audi has not announced the global market and China market sales, but the "automotive industry attention" is still expected to be lower than BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


However, according to retail sales data, BMW ranked last among the total domestic model sales of BBA in the first half of the year. Among them, Beijing Mercedes-Benz ranked first with 289900 vehicles, ahead of FAW Audi and brilliance BMW, with sales of 287200 and 276700 respectively. It should be noted that Audi has two joint ventures in China, and the other joint venture, SAIC Audi, sold 8827 vehicles in the first half of the year. If you add SAIC Audi's sales, Audi's domestic model sales surpass Beijing Mercedes-Benz to become the first domestic sales of BBA.



For a long time, the sales of BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Group in China are higher than that of Audi, there are two main reasons: one is that BMW and Mercedes-Benz respectively put the sales of MINI brand and smart brand into the group's sales in China, while Audi is a single brand; second, the imported models of BMW and Mercedes-Benz are more than Audi, and the sales of Audi's imported models in China are far lower than those of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. As a result of the above two reasons, Audi's sales in China have been surpassed by BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

In terms of specific models, among the domestic models of the BBA brand, the Audi A6L has the highest sales, with a cumulative sales of 80100 in the first half, while the competing Mercedes-Benz E-Class is 77600, while the BMW 5-Series is relatively bleak, selling only 51234 in the first half of the year. In third place was Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which sold a total of 66700 cars in the first half of the year, compared with 56700 Audi A4L models and 54800 BMW 3-Series cars. It can be seen that there is no BMW name in the top five sales of BBA domestic models, and the BMW 3-Series happens to be ranked sixth.


However, the new energy product matrix of BMW and Mercedes-Benz is getting richer, which Audi cannot match. In the first half of the year, BMW i3 and BMW iX3 sold a total of 17600 and 17000 vehicles, making them the best-selling domestic pure electric models in the BBA brand, while no more than 10,000 domestic pure electric models under other BBA brands, including Audi Q4 e-tron 8982, Mercedes-Benz EQE 3355, Mercedes-Benz EQB 2735 and Audi Q5 e-tron only 2119.



Of course, the reason why the BMW i3 and BMW iX3 can become the best-selling domestic pure electric models in the BBA brand is mainly due to their large end-market discounts. According to the quotation posted by netizens, the official price of the BMW i3 is 353900, with a total price of 284500 yuan, including purchase tax, insurance and so on. Of course, the landing of 240000, 250000 BMW i3 is also everywhere, and even some provinces and cities can land in 230000. In this case, even if it is oil to electricity, even if it is a special supply in China, there will be consumers to pay the bill!



Price for quantity is also a helpless move by BBA. The new power of car building and the rapid rise of domestic new energy have a certain impact on BBA. Taking the ideal with an average selling price of more than 300000 yuan as an example, the cumulative delivery of ideal cars in the first half of this year was 139100, an increase of 130.31% over the same period last year. In addition, high-end new energy brands of traditional car companies began to come to the fore, with gratifying performances such as polar krypton, Lantu, Zhiji and Avita.

In the future, electrification will become an important layout direction of BBA brand. According to foreign media reports, Audi is considering buying electric vehicle platforms from Chinese competitors for the first time to speed up the development of electric products, and Volkswagen Group CEO Obermu has approved the project.


Audi sales director he Ximan said in an interview with the media, "in this transitional period, Audi must fully participate in the critical stage of the market." In fact, our first electric model has been a gratifying success, but the follow-up may not be so strong, which reminds us that we need to make continuous efforts to firmly and accelerate the electrified transformation. " The Audi brand is scheduled to launch the Audi e-tron GT quattro in the coming weeks, but new models based on the PPE platform will be launched between 2025 and 2026.

In order to further consolidate its advantages, BMW will continue to increase the launch of pure electric products, and the BMW iX1 will be put into production in Shenyang in the first half of the year. Gaulle, president and CEO of BMW Group Greater China, said that with the further recovery of the auto consumer market and consumer confidence, we will bring more attractive BMW pure electricity products and are confident that we will continue to maintain business growth.

As for Mercedes-Benz, it launched a number of blockbuster models in China in the first half of the year, including the new EQS pure electric SUV, the new EQE pure electric SUV and the new long wheelbase GLC SUV, while Mercedes-Benz will launch five new models, including the new E-Class cars, in the second half of the year. However, although Mercedes-Benz has upgraded its "electric first" strategy to "all-electric" strategy, hybrid technology is still an important part, and pure electric models face the awkward situation of being "superior and outnumbered".

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