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Just want to be the top seller of domestic luxury brands? Li Xiang: don't be an overseas market ​​​ before 2025.

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On the evening of July 18, ideal Motor Chairman and CEO Li Xiang posted on Weibo that in the first two weeks of this month, more than 200 cars were exported in parallel, just to fill the gap between delivery and insured volume. The export markets are mainly in Central Asia and the Middle East, but Li Xiang said that the ideal car will not be an overseas market before 2025, but will concentrate all resources to achieve the 2025 goal, and overseas markets will still maintain a direct sales model.


Li would like to disclose that after a detailed investigation, it was found that it was mainly exported to Central Asia and the Middle East, and also posted a picture of the ideal L7 price in the Kazakh market, and invited netizens to convert the ideal L7 price to be exported. The price tag of the picture shows that the ideal L7 sells for 31.8 million tenge, or about 515000 yuan. Compared with the domestic starting price of 319800 yuan, the export price of this ideal L7 is nearly 200000 yuan higher.


In the comments section of the above Weibo, some netizens said that the price of the ideal L9 in Kazakhstan was about 690000 yuan (domestic 459800 yuan), while others said that he had exported part of the ideal L series to Russia.

For netizens' comments, on July 19, Li wanted to post again to make three points: "1. We do not have any agents overseas, and those who claim to be agents are fake." 2. We will not authorize any agents or dealers, we will always adhere to the direct sales model, in the digital age, this model is very healthy, do not worry about us. 3. We have no right to limit the demand for private parallel exports, nor do we have any special prices. "


It is understood that parallel imported cars, also known as parallel trade imported vehicles, referred to as trade cars, refer to cars purchased by traders from overseas markets and introduced to the Chinese market for sale without the authorization of brand manufacturers. The parallel export car is the opposite process, but without the authorization of the brand manufacturer, the trader buys it from the Chinese market and introduces it to the overseas market for sale. Generally speaking, vehicles that can achieve parallel exits are very popular. Only in this way can traders be attracted to export, or even be sold at a higher price to make a profit.

With the rapid expansion of the new energy vehicle market, Chinese car companies have also begun to accelerate the layout of "going out to sea". Since last year, new energy car companies, including BYD, Ulay and Xiaopeng, have landed in overseas markets. According to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Chinese car companies exported 3.111 million vehicles in 2022, an increase of 54.4 percent over the same period last year, surpassing Germany for the first time to become the world's second largest car exporter, of which 679000 new energy vehicles were exported, an increase of 1.2 percent over the same period last year. Judging from this year's data, China's car exports still continue the strong trend of last year, showing a rising trend. Data show that China's car exports in the first half of this year were 2.14 million, an increase of 75.7 percent over the same period last year, of which 534000 new energy vehicles were exported, a 1.6-fold increase over the same period last year.

Unlike Lulai and Xiaopeng, although the overseas market has broad prospects, the ideal car does not choose to go to sea. Li wants to say that the ideal car will not be an overseas market before 2025 and will concentrate all its resources to achieve the 2025 goal. We will still maintain the direct sales model in overseas markets. On July 18, ideal announced its sales in the 29th week of 2023, with weekly sales of 7700 vehicles, ranking first among new power brands in China. In addition, as of July 16, ideal car sales reached 16900 this month, ranking fourth among luxury brands in the Chinese market, second only to the three luxury brands BBA.

In a letter to all employees of the ideal car on June 30, Li said that the three years from 2023 to 2025 will be the most important three years for the ideal car from stage 1 to stage 10. The goal of ideal car is to achieve the first sales of all luxury brands in the Chinese market (that is, the first sales of all passenger cars above 200000 yuan), the delivery volume of 1.6 million vehicles per year, and the goal of revenue of 500 billion yuan.

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