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2023 domestic automobile sales service satisfaction list, Japanese joint venture list!

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The satisfaction of automobile sales service is of great significance to the major automobile brands, which is also an important factor that constitutes brand word-of-mouth and product reputation. On July 20th, J.D.Power, a consumer insight and market research institution, released the 2023 China sales and Service satisfaction Research SM (SSI) report. The research shows that the sales service satisfaction of luxury brand and mainstream brand is 765 and 752 respectively, among which the sales service satisfaction advantage of luxury brand is further expanded. in addition, the service satisfaction of new energy vehicles is better than that of fuel vehicles.


The China sales and Service satisfaction study collected feedback from about 25000 owners who bought new cars from June 2022 to March 2023, covering 43 car brands and 68 defeated brands. focus on the overall satisfaction of new fuel car owners with a car ownership period of 2 to 6 months.

It is understood that the sales service satisfaction index is composed of car purchase customer index and defeated customer index. Among them, the car purchase customer index includes online experience (14%), pre-store communication (9%), store reception (14%), in-store car viewing (15%), test drive (10%), transaction process (16%) and delivery process (22%). The defeated customer index includes six factors: online experience (23%), pre-store communication (20%), store reception (21%), in-store car viewing (15%), test drive (11%) and bargaining experience (10%). Sales service satisfaction is calculated on a 1000-point scale.

This study ranks car brands in three segments: luxury car brands, mainstream car brands and China's own brands. According to the research, in the 2023 ranking of China's sales and service satisfaction, the average scores of luxury car brands, mainstream car brands and Chinese independent brands are 765,752 and 743 respectively.

In the ranking of luxury brands, Porsche, Audi and BMW all reach the average level of service satisfaction of luxury brands. Among them, Porsche topped the list of luxury brand sales service satisfaction with a score of 772, while Audi and BMW ranked second and third with 771 and 769 respectively. While Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Lexus and other auto brands sales service satisfaction index are lower than the average, of which Volvo ranked bottom with a score of 751.


According to the research report, the luxury brand sales service satisfaction advantage further expanded in 2023, from 9 points in 2022 to 13 points. Among the satisfaction scores of various car purchase factors, the two major brand camps performed best in pre-store communication and delivery process, while the experience satisfaction of test driving decreased significantly.


In the ranking of mainstream car brands, there are eight brands that have reached the average level, most of which are from Japanese joint ventures. Specifically, Guangzhou Auto Honda topped the list with 763 points, while Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, FAW Toyota and Dongfeng Nissan ranked second to sixth respectively, while Buick ranked second with satisfaction points of 762. the growth is relatively obvious. In addition, the German joint venture FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-Volkswagen, which have a large market share, are also above the average, with satisfaction scores of 756 and 755 respectively. Dongfeng Fengshen, Wuling and Jiaotou are the three most dissatisfied car brands with sales and service.

In the ranking of Chinese independent brands, Changan Automobile and GAC MOTOR tied for the first place in terms of sales and service satisfaction of their own brands, with both satisfaction scores of 750points, while Geely ranked third with 749points. Other brands, Chery, FAW Red Flag, Tank, Harvard, FAW Pentium are also above average.

In addition, FAW Hongqi and Lecker are the high-end brands on the list. According to the definition of J.D.Power, independent high-end brands refer to models in which more than 50% of sales are contributed by its high-end models and the manufacturer's suggested retail price exceeds 150000 yuan. Among them, FAW Red Flag ranked fifth with 747 points, while Lectra ranked 10th with 736 points, but lower than the average score of its own brands.


From the perspective of specific brand scores, the after-sales service of luxury brands is obviously better than that of independent brands and joint venture brands, which is also the reason why the sales service satisfaction of luxury brands is higher than that of the latter. However, with the rise of independent brands and the outbreak of the new energy vehicle market, this situation has also found obvious changes. For example, fuel vehicle consumers have the phenomenon of de-popularization in car purchase decisions, are more decisive in purchase decisions and behavior, attach importance to vehicle performance and pay less attention to price. In addition, the research report shows that when fuel owners consider intended models, the proportion of new energy vehicles has increased to 12.6% from 5.1% last year, and the service satisfaction of new energy vehicles is better than that of fuel vehicles.

J.D.Power said in a research report: "among the defeated customers who failed in the final transaction, the service satisfaction score of new energy vehicles was 738, 23 points higher than that of fuel vehicles. Among them, in the store to watch the car and test drive these two items to lead the most, 36 points higher than the fuel car and 39 points respectively. In addition, the performance of fuel vehicles lags behind that of new energy vehicles in terms of the explanation of the sales staff, the proportion of taking the initiative to invite the test drive, and understanding the adequacy of the product during the test drive. "


For consumers, quality control and service reputation have gradually become an important reference standard for consumers to buy cars. With the development of intelligence, consumers have more channels to understand the models, not only listen to the introduction of sales, so consumers will not pay much attention to the models with poor reputation. The head of J.D. Power China also said that at present, the Chinese auto market is full of uncertainties, but consumers have become more certain in the process of buying cars. Dealers need to change from the sales model around the product selling points in the past to the sales model around the motivation of customers to buy cars, through accurate responses to customer questions, to help them verify their choices and dispel concerns, so as to achieve the final transaction transformation.

This year is the 24th consecutive year that J.D. Power released China sales and Service satisfaction Research SM (SSI). According to the data, J.D. Power was founded in 1968 and headquartered in Westlake Village, California, USA. In China, J.D. Power conducts joint automobile research and enterprise customization research by collecting consumer feedback on many products and services. In terms of automobile customer satisfaction index, it has been highly recognized by the global business community.

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