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Nashi CEO: where GT will never reduce the price

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On July 23, Zhang Yong, CEO of Nezha Automobile, posted a clear statement on Weibo: "Set up a flog!" Nezha GT will never lower its price and will move more and more in the direction of sports performance cars."


For Zhang Yong's statement of "no price reduction", industry insiders believe that in the fiercely competitive new energy market, the flag of "never price reduction" is too hasty. But in fact, long before this, Zhang Yong appealed: "Can not blindly participate in the price war, If the product has no gross profit, The enterprise does not have enough cash flow, Blindly fall into the price war is irresponsible to the user."

On the same day, Zhang Yong also posted micro bo said, 24 Nezha S release, there will be some old car owners feel uncomfortable, in your words is "back thorn." However, any enterprise will rise and fall according to market changes. As a consumer product, the price of a product with the same performance and quality will be lower and lower. Even if it looks very good and expensive now, the price of Chinese cabbage will be free in the future. At the same time, Zhang Yong also said in the article, Nezha car to users, is a good product and affordable price. For old users, Nezha Automobile will do its best to make compensation within its power. As for the compensation package, it will be released later.


It is understood that Nezha GT is the second model built based on the mountain and sea platform. It is positioned as pure electric super-running. It adopts double-door four-seat layout. In terms of power, it provides two power versions of single motor and double motor. The maximum power of front motor of double-motor version is 170kW, and the maximum power of rear motor is 170kW. Data show that in the past three months, Nezha GT monthly deliveries of 295,1716 and 1298 vehicles, overall sales performance is very average.


As for Nezha S, it is Nezha Automobile's first mid-to-high-end model, positioned as a medium-and large-sized car. On July 20, the 2024 Nezha S was officially launched. As a modified model, the new car continued the original size and internal and external design, and adjusted the model version and specific configuration. Compared with the old Nezha S, the new model only provided 6 models. At the same time, the entry price of the new model was reduced by 30,000 yuan compared with the old model, and the overall price range was 159,800 - 269,800 yuan, among which the price of the extended range model was 159,800 - 189,800 yuan. The price of pure electric model is 22.98- 269,800 yuan. In terms of power, the new car provides two models: pure electric version and extended range version, among which the extended range version newly adds 200km model, and the extended range model adopts rear single motor; while the pure electric model still provides rear drive and four-wheel drive models, and the acceleration of the four-wheel drive version model from 0- 100km/h can reach 3.9 seconds, which can be selected by consumers with different demands.



As Nezha's first mid-to-high-end model, Nezha S's presence in the auto market is not strong. Data show that the cumulative sales volume of Nezha S in the first half of this year was 11965, with monthly sales of less than 2000 vehicles, of which only 1745 were sold in June. For reference, the monthly sales of zero-run C01 were 2673 vehicles, 8041 vehicles for deep blue SL03 and 23,000 vehicles for BYD Hanchao.

Up to now, Nezha automobile models on sale include Nezha U, Nezha V, Nezha S and Nezha GT. According to the product structure analysis of Nezha automobile at present, Nezha V series and Nezha U series focus on the middle and low-end market of less than 100,000 yuan and 100,000 - 150,000 yuan respectively, while Nezha GT and Nezha S aim at the middle and high-end market of 150,000 - 200,000 yuan and more than 200,000 yuan respectively. The latter is not only the key to expand sales volume, but also carries the upward hope of the whole brand. However, from the current sales data analysis, Nezha GT and Nezha S sales performance is not optimistic.


Data show that in the first half of 2023, the cumulative delivery volume of Nezha cars was 62417, down 1.13% year-on-year. According to the plan, the annual delivery target of Nezha Automobile is 250,000 vehicles, which means that Nezha Automobile only achieved 24.97% of the annual sales target in the first June. According to this trend analysis, it is unlikely that Nezha Automobile will achieve the target within the year. However, Zhang Yong had previously said on Weibo: "Return to its proper position by September at the latest."

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