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It is exposed that the ideal car is locked remotely after maintenance. The official refutes the rumor

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Recently, a Weibo certified digital blogger posted on Weibo: a customer's ideal L9 crashed and the maintenance was too expensive. he found a repair shop outside to fix it, but the ideal car detected an anomaly and locked the car remotely. When asked about the reason of the 4S store, the staff of the 4S store replied: because the car did not go to the ideal 4S store to be repaired, it was locked.


According to a video posted by the blogger Weibo, the car was still new and the customer crashed it on the road without buying the damage, and then sold the car directly to the repair shop. After buying the damaged car, the repair shop changed the front nozzle, water tank and airbag. As a result, the car was locked remotely. The original video owner said: a car worth four or five hundred thousand yuan is like a pile of scrap iron here, and you can't even drive it if you want to. After that, the repair shop contacted the ideal 4S store, hoping to unlock the car, but the reply from the ideal 4S store was to let the repair shop tear down all the changed things and come to us to repair according to the specifications of the ideal company. Finally, the video owner said that once the repair shop is not cost-effective, the repair cost of the ideal L9 has far exceeded the value of the car itself.


The auto industry focused on finding the original video on Douyin, which was forwarded 1817 times and received 1260 comments as of press time.


Today, in response to this incident, the ideal Automobile Law Department said: in response to some self-media dissemination of the ideal car remote lock, it has been verified that the vehicle was seriously damaged as a result of the accident and has been presumed to be completely damaged and auctioned by the insurance company. After the accident, due to the damage to the engine system, the ideal car has been unable to perceive the actual state of the vehicle.

For the case that the network vehicle cannot be started after repair, because the vehicle has been maintained at an unauthorized network, the mismatch between the repaired or replaced parts and the whole vehicle software cannot be ruled out. The specific cause of the fault needs to be tested by a real vehicle before it can be confirmed. The information disseminator said that there was no factual basis for "being ideally remotely locked" and "forced maintenance at official service outlets". Ideal car always strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, respect user privacy and data security, in any case, without user authorization, ideal car will not arbitrarily access user data, remote locking operation. At the same time, the ideal car always adheres to the principle of respecting the openness and fairness of the maintenance market, and respects consumers' right to choose a maintenance factory independently. Ideal Motor will take necessary legal measures to create and spread online rumors and reserve the right to sue the rumor mongers.


Relevant data show that the ideal L9 went on sale on June 21 last year with a price of 459800 yuan. According to the latest sales figures, the ideal L9 sold 6852 vehicles in May.

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