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Jianghuai OEM million level MPV? Official response

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According to reports, Apple supply chain analyst Guo Mingyi posted on the social platform on Aug. 1 that Huawei and JAC Motors are working together to develop a MPV model with a price of about 1 million yuan, which is expected to be in mass production in the second quarter of 2024, with a sales target of about 50, 000 vehicles one year after its launch.

In this regard, Jianghuai Automobile related personnel responded to the media that they have seen the relevant news, but the specific situation is not clear. "all we know is that we have been working with Huawei at the business level since 2019. As for the high-end car plan, everything is subject to the official announcement. " An authoritative source told the Financial Associated Press that Guo Mingyi's question about the time of mass production of MPV in the second quarter of next year was incorrect, and the other would not comment. Huawei said it would not comment.


In December 2019, Huawei and JAC signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement and MDC platform project cooperation agreement, which plans to carry out in-depth cooperation in smart driving, intelligent cockpit, smart electric, intelligent Internet connection and cloud services. In the following years, there was no more news about the cooperation between the two sides in the car market, and it was not until this year that there was new progress in the cooperation between the two sides.

At the 100-person meeting on electric vehicles in China in April this year, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, terminal BG CEO and intelligent car solution BU CEO, explained why Huawei should uniformly manage and market the products of many car companies. Yu Chengdong said: "at present, the boundary is produced by Cyrus, and Chery, BAIC and Jianghuai will also join us right away. If each car company adopts a different brand. Our marketing, service and retail will be very complex, so we want to adopt common elements and brands. "

In the same month, there was also news in the market that Huawei's smart car cooperation with Jianghuai Automobile will target the ultra-high-end luxury pure electricity market, with a price range of about 800000-1 million yuan, and delivery is expected next year. Jianghuai is interested in learning from Huawei's engineering development system, so it has opened up more flexible cooperation space to Huawei, the report said. People familiar with the matter said: "in this cooperation, Jianghuai attitude is quite positive, and take the initiative to learn from Huawei's management model, even vehicle development is carried out in accordance with the IPD process." This time, including vehicle research and development, electronic and electrical architecture, three power, Huawei will also participate in some. " However, JAC did not respond to the above news at that time.


It is understood that the new project between Huawei and Jianghuai is located in the Jianghuai Xingang Industrial Park in Feixi County, with a total investment of about 2.6 billion yuan. The factory is expected to be completed early next year. According to the official website of China Construction Group on February 16, the consortium of the sixth Bureau of China Construction won the bid for the EPC project of Anhui Feixi New Energy Automobile Intelligent Industrial Park, with a winning bid of about 1.544 billion yuan. The project is located in Jianghuai Xingang Industrial Park, South Xingang District, Feixi County, with a total construction area of about 510000 square meters. The main construction contents include punching and welding joint workshop, painting workshop, final assembly workshop, office space, restaurant and related public auxiliary facilities. China Construction Group announced that the project is a key project in Hefei and will be used by Huawei and Jiangqi Group to jointly develop a new generation of high-end smart electric vehicles in Hefei. The above news is believed by the industry to disclose in advance the plan of Jianghuai Automobile Group (Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd.) and Huawei to build a joint car. However, the above announcements can no longer be seen on the official website of China Construction Group.

In addition, Jianghuai Xingang Group also released the bidding results of the large synchronous stamping line in the stamping workshop of the Jianghuai Xingang construction project with an annual capacity of 300000 mid-and high-end intelligent new energy passenger vehicles, as well as tender notices for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service of the painting process equipment for the construction project of 300000 medium-to-high-end intelligent new energy passenger vehicles in Jianghuai Xingang. According to the "bidding documents", after the completion of the EPC project of Feixi New Energy vehicle Intelligent Industrial Park, the production model level will be B-D +, which can adapt to the common platform development of Sedan (sedan), SUV, MPV, Crossover, Sporty and other models, and reach an annual production capacity of 300000 new energy passenger vehicles. Earlier, the relevant person in charge of Jiangqi Group revealed in an interview that the manufacturing base of Jiangqi Group's cooperation with Huawei is under construction, and the production model will be undertaken by a new brand.


It is understood that in addition to Cyrus, Chery, BAIC and Jianghuai will also produce Huawei's complete solution models, covering sedans, SUV, MPV and various sizes. At present, the models developed by Huawei and Cyrus are mainly SUV; in the future, Jianghuai will focus on MPV; Chery or develop two models based on Chery E platform, project code EH3 and EHY, respectively, to mark Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y, respectively, to become the main force of smart cars in the compact model; BAIC Polar Fox will launch a high-end car in 2024. As other partner car companies have not yet released specific models, whether this will eventually be the case will still need to be confirmed by further official announcement.

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