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Xiaomi car is suspected of breaking the law! There is no official response yet.

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Car blogger @ Li Sir recently questioned Xiaomi's release of "millet car parking", saying that "Xiaomi SU7 valet parking video is suspected of illegal behavior". The blogger said that the current traffic regulations obviously do not allow drivers to leave the driver's seat or hands off the steering wheel, and safety is the bottom line of a car factory.

The blogger raised several questions: 1, the scene explained that this is an online celebrity parking building in Dongguan, 7 stories high, and the roof is an online celebrity coffee shop, which has to go up to the rooftop through a spiral channel similar to Tokyo drift; 2. The passage is not very wide, scraping marks can be seen everywhere; 3. It is also common to walk to the middle floor to meet a car. 4. The key point is to go up to the seventh floor. As soon as the car turns around, there are dozens of seats facing the front of the car, and there are also dozens of seats on the right. When this coffee shop was busy, I saw hundreds of people drinking coffee here at the same time. A car without a driver is tested here. In case of an accident, does it want to become an online celebrity bowling alley?

The blogger questioned and @ Lei Jun: 1. Is it appropriate to choose such a public parking lot with more people and more cars to shoot valet parking video? 2. Has Xiaomi obtained the license for L3 self-driving test? 3. Does this parking lot belong to the restricted area for autopilot testing?

On January 5, Lei Jun released Xiaomi SU7 "valet parking" function to promote intelligent driving. Lei Jun said, "We are testing celebrity sign-in points on the Internet in Dongguan: open-air parking on the seventh floor. After the driver gets off, the car automatically drives to the rooftop parking lot on the seventh floor. Whether it is converging cars, or pedestrians to avoid, are very straightforward, and in the narrow space to find parking spaces, and then smooth parking, very powerful."

In response to the blogger's query, some netizens said, "I didn't see you guys shouting this and that when I made a film in Wisdom before," and "I didn't see you guys calling me around when Huawei was shooting." the blogger's response was "I also questioned it." Another netizen said, "I'm not sure it was reported. Before this video was released, did you see any pictures and videos on the Internet about the rice car here?" The blogger responded that "suspected illegal acts can be reported?" Some netizens also believe that, "if suspected of breaking the law, then naturally there are relevant departments involved in the investigation, do not need to take advantage of the heat of millet cars on Weibo to brush traffic."

Lei Jun and Xiaomi did not respond to bloggers' questions about the promotion of smart driving by Xiaomi SU7's "valet parking" function.

The Xiaomi SU7, the first production car under Xiaomi Automobile, was unveiled on December 28th, 2023. According to the plan, Xiaomi SU7 will be launched in the first half of 2024, and from the product configuration announced by Xiaomi Technology Day, the positioning of Xiaomi SU7 is not low. First of all, as a "7" series product, Xiaomi SU7 positioning medium and large pure electric car, length, width and height are 4997/1963/1440mm, wheelbase 3000mm. Secondly, Xiaomi SU7 has been equipped with Xiaomi V6/V6s motor, which has been jointly developed with Liandian and Huichuan respectively, and the maximum speed of V6s and V6 motors has reached 21000rpm. In addition, such technologies include CTB core body integration, 101V battery pack based on Ningde era Kirin battery, 800V voltage platform (871V silicon carbide high voltage platform), 9000 ton integrated die casting machine, etc., these configurations add up to basically determine the price of Xiaomi SU7 will not be very low.

At the press conference, Lei Jun once again mentioned that Xiaomi car is the last time he gambled on all his wealth to start a business, and his determination and sincerity to build a car is self-evident. Since the release of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun has also become the "face" of Xiaomi cars, with his Weibo sending out several tweets related to Xiaomi cars every day to maintain the popularity of the market for Xiaomi cars.

For the outside world is particularly concerned about the price, there is no specific information, but the probability is not cheap. Lei Jun said at the press conference: "Xiaomi car has the performance index not inferior to Tesla Model S, 0-100km/h acceleration, 100km/h-0 braking distance, top speed three indicators are not behind. So don't shout 99000, it's impossible! anyone with this kind of performance and configuration has to be more than 400000! so there is no need to talk about 149000, or respect for technology!" Earlier, Lei Jun also revealed that the price of Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a little expensive, but it is reasonable and will certainly exceed everyone's expectations in the experience.

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