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Latest complaint list: a number of popular models are on the list

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According to the statistics of the car quality Network, a total of 18225 valid complaints were received by car owners in July 2023, a record monthly number of complaints, up 28% from the previous month and 41.6% from the same period last year. Data show that a total of 777 models were involved in effective complaint information in July, with a total of 135 models with complaints of more than double digits.


According to the July 2023 TOP30 Complaints list, BYD has once again become a "regular customer" in the top 10 models, including Song PLUS New Energy, Han, Tang New Energy, Song Pro New Energy, Qin PLUS and Seals, making it the brand with the most models on the list in July. In addition, a number of FAW-Toyota models, including Crown, Ruizhi and RAV4 Rongfang, also appear on the list.

Judging from the above list, the top three complained models on the list are all from BYD, namely, BYD Song PLUS New Energy, Han New Energy and Tang New Energy, all of which are popular models of BYD. Take June sales data as an example, the sales of these three models are 27041, 25010 and 13402 respectively. Among them, BYD's Song PLUS new energy model topped the list, with the number of complaints rising from 44 in June to 1182 in July, an increase of 1138 from June, while Han and Tang New Energy ranked second and third respectively, although the number of complaints against the two models was relatively low, with 392 and 356 respectively. From the perspective of specific complaints, these three models are complained about because of "hybrid mode conversion failure, change price".

An owner of the BYD Yuan PLUS2022 430KM premium model said: "the car is forced to upgrade the OTA at night without authorization. After the upgrade, the power consumption increases, and the driving range can only run more than 200. Moreover, the car always has the problem of turning to the right, especially at high speed, the paint shell on the side of the door explodes and falls off, and there is an abnormal noise of backing or stepping on the brake pedal at low speed. I hope the manufacturer will follow up."


In addition, issues such as "changing the price" are "clich é s", mainly because they are cheaper than YD's new models, causing dissatisfaction among old car owners. An owner of BYD's PLUS2022 510KM flagship model said: "BYD's PLUS manufacturers greatly reduced the price and bought a car with a price increase of 2000 yuan in February 2023, and now it has dropped by 5800 yuan and demanded a return of 5800 yuan."


Complaints about "price changes" also include Changan Auchan Auchan Z6 New Energy and Dongfeng Peugeot 408 models. In fact, "price change" is very common in the automobile industry, especially since 2023, the automobile industry has set off a large-scale price war. At the beginning of the year, Tesla launched an unprecedented price reduction, and the wave of car price reduction also spread from new energy vehicles to the fuel vehicle field. In March, the Dongfeng price reduction pushed the price war to its peak, and "price reduction promotion by car companies" has also become the norm in the industry. However, "Automotive Industry concern" believes that frequent price adjustments do cause confusion to car owners, especially price cuts. If car companies cannot appease old car owners in a timely manner, it will easily make old car owners feel unbalanced. For this reason, some car owners will also provide some compensation for their rights and interests.

In addition to the above three models, BYD Song Pro New Energy, Qin PLUS, Seals, Destroyer 05 and frigate 07 also appeared on the list, of which seals were complained of "suspected design defects; failure of driving safety assistance systems" to 10th on the list. The owner of the 2022 550km standard rear-drive version of the premium model said that problem 1: the auxiliary driving function is not in line with the publicity, the lane maintenance function is very chicken rib, the car body shaking around the speed of more than 80 is very obvious, it can hardly be maintained when crossing the corner, seriously deceiving consumers! Question2: the seat collapse is so obvious! Since buying a car, the seat leather has collapsed and folded in less than a month, including not limited to the main driver and copilot, but also to a certain extent in the back row! (the problem of seat rust was raised by other riders, and I haven't seen it myself.) question 3: the gap between the headlights is leaking, and there must be "tears" under the headlights on rainy days, which is particularly serious! Help to improve after the first insurance. Question 4: there was a failure of the right rear door handle in the later stage. Question 5: since February 2023, prices have continued to be reduced in disguise. So far, the official comprehensive discount has been as high as 31000, and the official championship version (regarded as a new model) has been released in less than half a year, adding and reducing prices, without providing a corresponding compensation plan for old car owners. there is sales fraud. The latest problem, the promised compensation scheme is not fulfilled, the installation of electric tail doors and repainting services are gone, manufacturers do not act, the pressure is all on the agents, and finally hurt the agents and customers, such manufacturers have no morality to speak of, do not withdraw the lawsuit without apologizing.


In addition to BYD's several models on the list, FAW Toyota was also the "hardest hit" on the complaint list in July, including Crown, Ruizhi, RAV4 and Carola models. Among them, Crown and Ruizhi were complained to the fourth and sixth places on the list, and the problem complained about is still the classic "instrument cracking; parts aging", but these two models are relatively old and have little impact on consumers today. More or to Toyota formed a "high reliability, good durability" reputation caused a certain impact. Judging from the whole list, the complaints about "instrument cracking; aging parts" mainly focus on some Japanese brand models. In the July complaint list, Dongfeng Nissan Teana and Guangzhou Auto Toyota Camry also have the same complaint problem.

In addition, FAW Toyota RAV4 Rongfang was also complained to the 13th place on the list because of "gearbox jitter and tire wear". The owner of the 2022 2.0L CVT two-wheel drive urban version said: "the vehicle is in N gear or P gear and the throttle is at 1100 rpm, and the vehicle is obviously shaking. FAW Toyota secretly sent a maintenance plan to the 4S store, admitting the processing defects of the gearbox spindle and the need to replace the gearbox assembly; without recall or extension, the owner will bear all the losses." Another owner said that the wheel disc of the main shaft of the gearbox produced from August to October in 22 years was poorly processed, the defective products left the factory, and the vehicle trembled abnormally; the rear tire was worn off.


In addition to the above models, BMW 3-Series, Teng Teng D9, Chuanqi GS8, Yinglang and BMW X3 are also in the top 20, with complaints such as "abnormal noise of transmission shaft, abnormal wear of braking system", "suspected design defects", "air conditioning problems", "audio and video system failure", "deviation", "not in line with publicity, engine / motor oil burning" and other problems.

Automobile as a large amount of consumer goods, complaints are directly related to the safety and quality of consumers, so they have been concerned by consumers. Judging from the overall complaint list in July, the number of complaints lodged by independent brands exceeded 10, 000 for the first time in history in the July 2023 TOP30 list, with the proportion of complaints reaching the highest level in nearly five years, up 3 per cent from June. In addition, the number of complaints lodged by joint venture brands also increased in July from a month earlier, up 18.2 per cent from June, but the proportion of complaints fell 2.9 per cent.


In addition, from the perspective of the country of automobile brands, in addition to the substantial increase in the number of complaints against independent brands compared with the previous month, complaints against American, Japanese and German brands also increased in July, with American brands rising by 41.7% from the previous month, while the number of complaints against European brands dropped by 10.6% from the previous month, with the proportion of complaints falling below the single digits. In terms of the number of vehicle complaints, the number of complaints against 2021 models continued to rise in July, rising 68.5% month-on-month to the first place, with the increment of complaints coming from some independent brand new energy models, while the complaint volume of 2023 models maintained month-on-month growth, up 49.1% from June, and most of the complaints were focused on some independent and German brands.

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