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Great Wall Automobile Executive connotation BYD: "Chinese cars together" is a moral kidnapping! Why don't we fight first!

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Wang Yuanli, CTO of Great Wall Motors, posted his views on the BYD video "together is a Chinese car" on Weibo on Aug. 11. It said that Chinese automobile companies must face the reality of competition directly, and that instead of moral kidnapping together, commerce should still be solved with commercial logic.If it is only emphasized verbally, it must be honey in the mouth and arsenic in the heart. it would be better to fight first and then get together.


The view of Wang Yuanli is completely different from that of other car bosses, which makes Wang Yuanli's view seem out of place.



Under its Weibo, some people say that Wang Yuanli's pattern is too small, while others lament the independent values of Great Wall cars. When there is only one voice of public opinion, this in itself is worth thinking about.




On August 9, BYD's 5 millionth new energy vehicle went offline.


Outside the venue, BYD took a "historic" photo of 13 electric cars together. The models were placed very special. The C position was the Red Flag E-HS9 from China FAW, while BYD's two models were placed on the far side.


In the live broadcast that night, BYD moved out FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile, Geely, Great Wall, NIO, Xiaopeng, ideal and other enterprises, reviewed the development history of Chinese cars, paid tribute to all Chinese car brands, and issued the slogan "together is Chinese cars". Industry insiders shouted, "this is the verve and pattern that Chinese car companies should have."


At the scene, Chairman Wang Chuanfu recalled that BYD was in the past: "when BYD first transferred from the battery industry to the automobile industry, all kinds of questions and laughter came in the face."

In 2003, BYD acquired Qinchuan Automobile in Xi'an, becoming another private carmaker after Geely and Chery. At that time, China's automobile market was in a period of rapid development, but it was also monopolized by foreign brands. How can battery builders build cars well is the biggest doubt from the outside world compared to YD. After entering the automobile industry, BYD bought the Toyota Corolla. Through dismantling, learning, imitating and assembling, BYD F3 was born. With its low price and exquisite imitation, the F3 continues to sell well after its launch. After tasting the benefits of F3, BYD successively launched F0, F3R, G3, L3, F6, M6 and other models, and became the first independent brand with sales of 448000 vehicles in 2009. However, looking back at BYD's entire history of fuel vehicles, perhaps only the F3 can be regarded as a popular style.


"2019 is the most difficult year for BYD, but BYD has only one goal, and that is to live. Only we know better the bitterness and difficulty behind it."

In 2008, BYD released the world's first mass production plug-in hybrid vehicle, the F3DM, which is equipped with the world's first DM hybrid technology. In 2018, the DM hybrid technology developed to the third generation, but there was almost no sense of existence of the plug-in model at that time. BYD faced an embarrassing situation of huge investment but little success in developing new energy vehicles. In 2019, German brands dominated by Volkswagen and Japanese brands dominated by Toyota performed strongly, while the market share of Chinese brands began to decline, many domestic car brands were endangered, and many brands finally had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Looking back on his past experience, Wang Chuanfu choked up and burst into tears: "many Chinese brands, like BYD, have the experience of not being recognized and favored."once we were afraid that we could not wait for spring."


In January 2021, BYD officially launched the DM-i Super Hybrid, planting the flag into the hinterland of fuel-fueled cars. Also from now on, BYD sales ushered in a blowout, surpassing FAW-Volkswagen with sales of 1.805 million vehicles in 2022, which sold 1.779 million vehicles for the whole year and has been the No. 1 passenger car market in China for three consecutive years.

BYD Automobile has become the top seller in China's passenger car market for the first time in the history of BYD, and it is also the first time that a Chinese brand has been in the Chinese automobile market. Fundamentally speaking, BYD surpassed FAW-Volkswagen. On the surface, the goal of FAW-Volkswagen winning the top spot in the passenger car market for four consecutive years was terminated, and its market position began to be loosened. Chinese brands led by BYD began to challenge the status of joint venture brands in the Chinese market and began to disintegrate the status of joint venture brands in the Chinese market.


The United States has GM, Ford, Tesla, Japan has Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Germany has Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, South Korea has Hyundai, Kia, these are world-class car brands, known by global consumers. Wang Chuanfu said that in the era of fuel vehicles, Chinese cars have been struggling to catch up, the huge Chinese auto market, but not a single China's own world-class brand. Today, the era of Chinese cars has come, Chinese cars will give birth to a number of world-class brands, we all have the opportunity to become real world-class brands.

In 1984, Volkswagen signed a contract with SAIC to establish China's first automobile joint venture, Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd., which opened the curtain of China's modern automobile industry, but in the following decades, joint venture car companies have a say in the domestic market, and Chinese car companies can only seek cooperation with foreign companies. In 2019, Great Wall announced a partnership with BMW Group to establish Light Beam Automobile Co., Ltd., which is Great Wall's first joint venture project. Wei Jianjun, chairman of the board, revealed some helplessness, saying frankly: "it's not that Great Wall doesn't want a joint venture, but it's not our turn to do so."



Today, the dominant position of fuel vehicles is gradually disintegrated by new energy vehicles, China's automobile market is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, and the market pattern will be reshaped. Not long ago, Volkswagen officials announced that they would take a stake in Xiaopeng Automobile, and the two sides plan to jointly develop two electric models of the Volkswagen brand for the medium-sized car market in China. Audi has also reached a consensus with SAIC that the two sides will speed up the development of electric vehicles through cooperation. Some people say that this is still a technology-for-market deal, but this time the role has changed.


According to the evaluation of people in the industry, China's automobile industry has technical and cost advantages in the fields of electrification and intelligence, and the speed of development and iteration of Chinese automobile enterprises is also faster than that of foreign-funded automobile enterprises. China's new energy industry is gradually becoming the technology export center of global new energy transformation.


In the era of fuel vehicles, the automobile power has dominated the pattern of the automobile industry, which is becoming history. In the era of new energy vehicles, China has become the first in the world, and many proud car brands have been born. BYD, as the largest new energy vehicle manufacturer in the world, may also achieve the goal of "leader of new energy vehicles". Of course, at the return conference, we had no way to evaluate BYD. Some netizens said, "if you compete, don't be so hypocritical." some netizens said that "opponents can also sympathize with each other." BYD shouted the slogan "together is the Chinese car." whether it is true or false, maybe everyone has his own answer.

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