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It is exposed that the maximum discount of Weiwei to show the car is 32000 RMB, and the current car of ET5 is reduced by 24000 RMB.

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According to a report by Zhi Che Di, recently there has been news from NIO that on the basis of power exchange and other gift rights, NIO has further promoted the preferential policy of purchasing cars with limited time in August, and users who book the ET5 and ES7 exhibition cars before August 1-31 can offer discounts of 24000 yuan and 32000 yuan respectively. According to the report, a NIO sales said that there is indeed a discount for the display car at present, but it also depends on whether the configuration that the user wants can match it, and the actual discount amount is also related to the difference of the vehicle model. including vehicle properties (exhibition / existing), display time, inventory time, actual configuration. In addition, an ET5 user who recently bought a car said that when he chose a car, most of the backstage vehicles on display were 100kWh batteries, "even if it was cheap, it was over budget, so I didn't choose it."


According to the 21st Century Economic report, when the reporter asked the sales consultant of NIO to verify whether the policy of 24000 yuan discount for ET5 cars launched by NIO in August was true, the other side said that this policy was true and would last until the end of August, but "it is not allowed to say." As for why this policy has been achieved, the salesperson said that other models are recent replacement models, and due to the launch of the ET5T, the policy has been adjusted to boost ET5 sales.


ET5T, namely ET5 Touring (travel version), launched two models with a price range of 29.80-356000 yuan, that is to say, ET5T has the same price as ET5. It should be noted that the former has more loading space, which weakens the market competitiveness of the latter to some extent.


The ET5 is the second car owned by NIO and by far the cheapest car under the NIO brand, with a price range of 29.80-356000 yuan. The ET5 positioning medium-sized luxury sedan was delivered in September last year. Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of Xilai Automobile, once said: "in the past year, the average monthly sales of the BMW 3-Series is more than 12000 vehicles. With the delivery of the ET5, ET5 sales will exceed the 3-Series within a year." Data show that from January to July this year, the cumulative sales of the Lulai ET5 was 31036 vehicles, while that of the BMW 3-Series was 84302 vehicles. There is still a huge sales gap between the two.

ES7 is the fifth production car of NIO, positioning the big five-seat pure electric SUV, between ES6 and ES8, based on the ES6 NT2.0 platform, the current price range is 43.80-518000 yuan, mainly with the domestic BMW X5 in the car market. Cumulative sales in the first seven months of this year were 5360.


In fact, this is not the first time that NIO has offered a discount promotion for vehicles in stock. In February this year, ES6, a stock car in Lulai, can get a discount of 18000 yuan when it is made into an exhibition car, while ES8 can get a discount of 24000 yuan. On June 12, Xilai officially announced that it would adjust the rights and interests of users and the price of all models, abolish the free replacement of electricity for life, adjust the vehicle warranty period from 10 years to 6 years or 150000 kilometers, and reduce the price of new cars by 30, 000 yuan.

The "price for quantity" approach has also brought obvious results in terms of sales volume. The data show that in June this year, the delivery volume of NIO returned to the level of 10,000 vehicles, a month-on-month increase of 73.96%. In July, sales increased further, with sales of 20462 vehicles in the same month, an increase of 103.6% over the same period last year, an increase of 91.1% from a month earlier, a record high. This is also the first time that Wei has sold more than 20, 000 vehicles in the coming year. By the end of July this year, NIO had accumulated sales of 75023 vehicles.

August is the traditional off-season of the car market, and it is also the start-up period of the second half of the year. At the same time, it is also connected with the upcoming "Golden Nine Silver Ten". According to incomplete statistics, since August, 10 automobile brands have launched "price reduction and promotion" policies, including official reduction, time-limited promotion, time-limited subsidies and so on. Most of the models involved in the activity are new energy vehicles, with a drop of up to 60,000 yuan. Yesterday, the polar krypton brand official Xuan reduced the price, its extreme krypton 001 dropped by 3.0-37000 yuan, of which the prices of You version and ME version models were reduced to 386000 yuan and 349000 yuan, while the latest price of the entry-level WE version was 269000 yuan. On the same day, Changan Ford announced that in addition to upgrading Qualcomm's third-generation Snapdragon cockpit platform ("8155" chip) for all existing Ford electric horse owners free of charge, it also launched the "welcome gift" today, including a reduction of 40, 000 yuan, a replacement subsidy of 8000 yuan, an additional purchase gift of 4000 yuan, and so on.


As for the follow-up car market whether to continue the "price war"? Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Federation, said that the overall market of the domestic traditional fuel vehicle market is relatively stable, while the new energy vehicle market is in a phased promotion, and it is impossible to accurately judge whether it will cause a "price war" in the car market as a whole. However, some industries believe that the follow-up will not rule out greater preferential policies.

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