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70,000 RMB! Tesla reduced the price again.

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On August 16, Tesla Guanxuan cut prices again, and the current car of Model S started to sell at 754900 yuan, of which the dual-motor all-wheel drive version was reduced by 54000 yuan and the three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid was reduced by 70000 yuan. The current Model X car starts at 836900 yuan, of which the dual-motor all-wheel drive version is reduced by 62000 yuan, and the three-motor all-wheel drive version Plaid is reduced by 69000 yuan.


Just two days ago, Tesla just reduced the price. The price of the Model Y long-lasting version and high-performance version was both reduced by 14000 yuan, the starting price of the Model Y long-lasting version was adjusted from 313900 yuan to 299900 yuan, and the Model Y high-performance version was adjusted from 363900 yuan to 349900 yuan. At the same time, Model 3 introduced 8000 yuan limited time insurance subsidy for existing cars, ordered and delivered the Model 3 rear wheel drive version from August 14, 2023 to March 9, 30th, 2023, and purchased corresponding car insurance through cooperative insurance institutions, which can enjoy a subsidy of 8000 yuan.


Consumers are more likely to wait for the new Model 3 than the Model YMagne Model 3, which only provides insurance subsidies. According to the CAC data, Tesla's retail sales in China in July were 31423, of which 23632 for Model Y and 7791 for Model 3, meaning that consumers who are interested in buying Model 3 are more willing to wait and see after the news of the revamped Model 3 comes out.


According to the latest report, the new Model 3, which will go on sale this month, has already begun trial production and is expected to start mass production in September and delivery in October. In terms of price, according to the estimated cost of spare parts, the guidance price of the modified Model 3 is expected to be controlled at about 200000 yuan, while the battery pack will be upgraded, and the battery capacity of the rear wheel version will be upgraded from 60kWh to 66kWh.

Generally speaking, price reduction is still one of Tesla's most important means of market competition, which has an immediate effect on the growth of sales and brings more considerable market performance for Tesla, but it also makes Tesla less and less profitable. Tesla's gross profit margin in the second quarter was only 18.2%, the lowest level in 16 quarters. Of course, as Musk said, Tesla is more willing to guarantee market share than whether to make money.


Before Tesla cut prices twice, there was already a new round of price war. According to incomplete statistics in the Tramway report, as of August 16, more than 10 brands, including Polar Krypton, Ulay, Zero, and Nezha, have launched "price reduction and promotion" policies, including official reductions, time-limited promotions, time-limited subsidies, and new models with lower configurations, mainly new energy vehicles.

The Federation said that the phenomenon of sales promotion in the car market will continue, and it does not rule out the phenomenon of counter-cyclical overweight promotion in some car companies, opening the peak sales season of "Golden Nine and Silver ten" ahead of time, offsetting the sales pressure to some extent, but with the arrival of the car market "Golden Nine Silver ten", the preferential strength of the automobile market may gradually shrink.


Ping an Securities related research newspaper believes that we should be vigilant for a new round of price war. "this round of new energy vehicle price reduction on the one hand is due to the off-season of automobile consumption, on the other hand, it also confirms that the current new energy vehicle companies pay more attention to market share in front of share and profits. Need to pay attention to the possibility of a new round of price war, at the same time, the price reduction of blockbuster models also has a certain impact on the subsequent pricing of new cars. "

Shengang Securities related research newspaper believes that Tesla price reduction effect is obvious, the major new energy vehicle companies have followed, actively seize market share, the industry boom is expected to continue. Considering that the supply side is stimulated by the double points policy, the further expansion of charging infrastructure, the improvement of consumption concept and willingness on the demand side, as well as the pull of overseas export markets, the production and sales of new energy vehicles are expected to maintain a rapid growth trend.

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