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Affected 75000 people! Finding out the cause of Tesla's data leakage

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Tesla aroused widespread concern in the market due to the leakage of internal employee data. According to several media reports, a notice issued by the attorney general's office of the US state of Maine on Friday showed that the data leak that occurred by Tesla in May affected 75000 people, including employee-related records. and this incident stems from "internal employee misconduct".


A copy of a letter sent by Tesla to those affected with a notice of data disclosure said: "Foreign media (German Business Daily) informed Tesla on May 10, 2023 that he had obtained confidential information from Tesla. The investigation showed that two former Tesla employees violated the company's IT security and data protection policy, embezzled the information and shared it with the media (German Business Daily). "


The letter also pointed out that Tesla had filed a lawsuit against the two former employees involved, but the letter did not specify which jurisdiction it was in. In addition, the electronic device believed to store Tesla's confidential information has been seized. Tesla said the company also obtained a court order prohibiting former employees from further using, accessing or disseminating the data, or face criminal penalties. It has cooperated with law enforcement agencies and external identification experts and will continue to take necessary and appropriate measures. However, as of press time, Steven Ellen Tucker, Tesla's data privacy officer, had not commented on the incident.

According to Interface News, Tesla said in a previous notice to employees that the leaked "Tesla file" contained confidential 100gb data, including the employee's name, as well as contact information such as address, mobile phone number and e-mail address. The notice has been shared with the Office of the Attorney General of Maine. The leaked data also included about 2400 customer complaints about Tesla's sudden acceleration and another 1500 about brake problems.


In May, the German newspaper Business Daily reported that Tesla's failure to adequately protect the data of customers, employees and business partners caused leaks and received complaints from thousands of customers. In addition, the report cited confidential 100GB data leaked by a whistleblower, including more than 100000 outgoing and current employees, including their names, private email addresses, phone numbers, salaries, customer bank details and secret production details, as well as the social security number of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

At present, the automobile industry is entering a new era of intelligent network connection, and more cars are endowed with the characteristics of intelligence and interconnection. As intelligent network connection vehicles have become the development trend of the automobile industry, user data security has also become the focus of attention. In September 2021, Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out: "data security is the key to the success of Intelligent Networked vehicles, which is closely related not only to personal interests, but also to the interests of society as a whole."


Tesla announced on its official Weibo that Tesla has set up a data center in China to localize data storage. All data generated from the sale of vehicles in the Chinese mainland market will be stored in China. After the competent government departments jointly issued several regulations on Automobile data Safety Management (for trial implementation) in October 2021, Tesla, as the first batch of pilot enterprises, actively participated in the compliance pilot work organized by the competent departments.

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