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High-performance imported car! 258000 pre-sale of Elantra N

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At the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, the new Elantra N officially opened for pre-sale, with a total of two new models priced at 259800 yuan and 278800 yuan respectively. According to the plan, the new car will be put on the domestic market by import in the fourth quarter.


As a performance car, Elantra N carries out a series of sports on the basis of the basic model to enhance the front face black decoration presents a similar X shape, larger and more ferocious intake grille also has a modern "N" series logo. A sturdy black trim board is added under the grille to bring a more powerful visual effect, a large trapezoidal grille is hollowed out, the air vents on the left and right sides are modeled with a wind blade, and the red strips on the same color panel and front lips of the car body are embellished with a strong sense of movement.


From the side, the new car has a stronger waistline design and a redesigned side skirt, with 19-inch spoke rims and N-series exclusive red calipers, the overall recognition is not low. In the rear part of the car, the new car uses a fixed rear spoiler and exaggerated bilateral double exhaust, black fixed tail wing, bottom diffuser and N-series exclusive inverted triangle reflector, all bring a good sense of freshness to this car.


In terms of interior decoration, Elantra N uses a black layout, and the curved duplex screen with integrated LCD dashboard and central control screen emphasizes the sense of science and technology. In the details part, the center console of the new car retains many physical buttons to facilitate drivers to operate during driving. At the same time, details such as the center console and seats are wrapped in large areas of leather and soft materials, and there is also an "N" series exclusive logo on the back of the seat.


In terms of power, the new Elantra N is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 280hp and a peak torque of 392N ·m. The transmission system matches an 8-speed wet double clutch gearbox with a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.3s.

As a high-performance car, Elantra N's main competitors are Golf GTI (22.98-234200 yuan), Lecker 03 + (19.88-256800 yuan) and Civic TYPE R (420000 yuan). From the point of view of the price, the pricing of the new Elantra N is relatively reasonable, after all, as an imported model, but it is not easy to sell it. Golf GTI and Lecker 03+ monthly sales are basically less than 1000 vehicles, while for modern brands with relatively weak brand power, the challenge is still relatively great.

In addition to the new Elantra N, the new Elantra is also officially on the market, the new car launched a total of 4 models, the price range is 9.98-133800 yuan. As a medium-term revamped model, the appearance and interior design of the new Elantra will adopt a new design style, and the price will be the same as that of the old model.


In terms of appearance, the new Elantra will redesign the front face, the slender and sharp headlights and the smoked black front grille will be integrated, and the lower front of the car will surround the air intake on both sides, making the overall shape of the new car more athletic. In addition, the front air intake on both sides is also equipped with a black aerodynamic kit, showing a more dynamic visual effect as a whole. In terms of color matching, Amazon gray and laser blue are added to the new Elantra.


On the side of the body, the new Elantra has a rising waistline and blackened roof, with new sports rims to create a more athletic body posture. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4725/1810/1415mm, the wheelbase is 2720mm, the length of the new car is increased by 45mm compared with the current model, and other data remain unchanged. In the rear part, the new Elantra uses through-type taillights, and the rear enclosure is decorated with silver chrome plating and red lines.


In terms of interior decoration, compared with the current model, the overall layout of the new Elantra remains basically unchanged, the design of the dual 10.25-inch screen is retained, and the style of the steering wheel remains unchanged. The whole center console still uses the through-type air conditioning outlet, and the physical buttons to control the air conditioning and vehicle machine system are added under the central air conditioning outlet.


On the power side, the new Elantra will continue to carry 1.4T (maximum power 140kW, peak torque 211N m) and 1.5L engine (maximum power 115kW, peak torque 144N m). The former matches the CVT gearbox and the latter matches the 7-speed dry double clutch transmission.

Elantra's competitors mainly include Volkswagen Longyi, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Xuanyi and other compact joint venture cars, compared with the above models, Elantra's market performance is more mediocre. For example, Nissan Xunyi sold 158635 vehicles in the first half of the year. At the same time, independent models have also begun to erode this market, such as Qin PLUS, owned by BYD, Yida, owned by Changan, and Xingrui, owned by Geely, which have also outperformed Elantra.

At present, only Elantra, Tusheng L and ix35 are supporting sales of Hyundai in Beijing. Data show that Beijing Hyundai sold a total of 123259 vehicles in the first half of the year, of which the highest selling model was the Elantra, with 53661, while the other two models sold 22875 and 22592 respectively, while the other models were less than 10,000.


A few days ago, Beijing Hyundai officially put up its Chongqing factory for sale, transferring a low price of 3.684 billion yuan, while the factory has a total investment of 6.223 billion yuan, which means that Beijing Hyundai basically sold the Chongqing factory at half the price. It is understood that the Chongqing factory is the fifth factory built by Hyundai in Beijing. It is located at No. 18 Hyundai Avenue, Yuzui Town, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, covering an area of 1.872 million square meters. The models put into production are Renna, Anxino, Festa and ix25 models.


The plight of Hyundai in the Chinese market is not only due to political factors and the slow transformation of new energy, but also due to the lack of product competitiveness. Beijing Hyundai's living space is constantly being squeezed, and the cost-effective product operation mode is no longer workable. at the same time, Hyundai's brand power in China continues to decline, which is also one of the reasons why Hyundai Motor Group adjusts its product structure in China. However, with the increasing competition in the market, there is not much time left for Beijing Hyundai.

Today's Beijing Hyundai is at the crossroads of fate. Even if the Elantra once had more history, even if it had an admirable highlight moment, it still needs to proceed from reality. After all, it is only based on market demand that it can bring more possibilities.

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