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Starting from 160000 RMB, Harvard Raptor starts pre-sale.

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At the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, the Harvard brand's new SUV model "Harvard Raptor" was officially released and opened for pre-sale, with a pre-sale price range of 16-190000 yuan. As a brand new product, the Harvard Raptor is designed in hard style, powered by a 1.5T Hi4 plug-in hybrid system and equipped with rear axle differential locks. According to the plan, the new car will be officially launched in mid-September, and the model will be sold by Havron in the future.


In terms of appearance, the new car uses a square hard cross-country shape, the front face is designed with rugged double-three horizontal grille and embellished with exposed rivets, the middle is a brand-new "HAVAL" English logo, the recognition is very high. There are retro round headlights on both sides, and the design of the headlights and front bumper is basically the same as that of the Harvard Dog. In addition, the front of the new car is surrounded and the lower part of the door is surrounded by anti-friction panels, which is full of hard style.



On the side of the body, the shape of the new car is also more square, with a protruding wheel arch, with a black side skirt with off-road style and black five-spoke rims, creating a good sense of strength, and a luggage rack is added to the roof, which is in line with its hard-line style. In the rear part, the new car taillight is designed in a split square shape, which is somewhat similar to the fixed vision of the Land Rover Guardian. The rear part is equipped with external spare tire, the trunk is designed with side opening, and is equipped with optional trailer hook. The total mass of quasi-trailer is 750kg without brake and 1500kg with brake. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car is 4800/1916/1822mm, the wheelbase is 2738mm, and it is located in the medium-sized SUV. The length of the car body is longer than that of the second-generation big dog and the owl dragon MAX.


Interior decoration, the new car also uses a hard cross-country design style, the car uses a number of horizontal and vertical lines design, outlines the atmosphere of a very tough guy, equipped with 13.2in full liquid crystal dashboard, 14.6in semi-suspended central control screen, W-HUD head display, but also uses the tank 300s of the same electronic lever, air conditioning outlet also retains the traditional mechanical keys The front of the passenger car has a handrail and a semi-open storage grid, and the combination of hard styling and fashion sense makes the interior design more textured. In terms of seats, the layout of five seats is adopted in the new car.


In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 1.5T+Hi4 intelligent four-wheel drive electric hybrid technology, 1.5T engine maximum power 123kW, maximum torque 243N ·m. The hybrid system is divided into two versions and correspond to matching different capacity of lithium iron phosphate battery, 19.09KWH-lithium iron phosphate version system integrated power 278kW, comprehensive torque 750N ·m, NEDC pure electric life 102km, support fast charge, power peak 33kWX 27.54kw-lithium iron phosphate version system comprehensive power 282kW, comprehensive torque 750N ·m, NEDC pure electric battery life 145km, support fast charge, peak power 41kW. Both systems support V2L external discharge technology and discharge power 3.3kW. In addition, the new car is also equipped with series-parallel four-wheel drive architecture, using the front and rear axle double motor distributed layout, with a variety of drive modes.

At present, Harvard brand in the sale of hardline SUV is mainly Harvard H9, but unlike Harvard H9, the Harvard Raptor uses plug-in hybrid power. In addition to the Harvard Raptor, the new generation Harvard H5 has also become the latest model in the hard-line SUV product line of the Harvard brand. It has been officially launched on August 21, with a total of 6 models, offering gasoline and diesel versions, with an official price range of 12.28-157800 yuan. The car is built on a tank platform, using non-load-bearing body structure and positioning full-size SUV, which is currently the largest SUV of the Harvard brand.


With the launch of the Harvard Raptor, the hardline SUV family of the Harvard brand will be further expanded. at the same time, the new car is also a new start for the Harvard brand in the new energy off-road SUV field. In August 2022, Harvard held a new energy strategy conference to announce the brand's comprehensive transformation to a new energy track. According to the plan, the proportion of sales of Harvard new energy models will rise to 80% by 2025, and the sale of fuel vehicles will be officially suspended in 2030.


Data show that from January to July this year, Harvard brand sales totaled 355600 vehicles, up 1.55% from a year earlier, of which July rose 2.75% to 63000 vehicles. Among the subdivided models, the top three models sold by the Harvard brand in July were Harvard H6, Harvard Dog and Harvard Owl Dragon, with sales of 16900, 10600 and 6197 respectively. Among them, Haveron / Owl Dragon MAX is a brand new product launched by Haveron brand in May. Great Wall has named Haverong brand "Haverong net", and Haverong Raptor will be the second product of Haveron series and continue the Hi4 front and rear drive module assembly of Haveron series.

At present, the Harvard brand has fully started the electric transformation, and the Haveron series will be the key models on the road to the transformation of the Harvard brand, and it is also the key for the Harvard brand to return to its peak. The industry believes that with the launch of models such as Harvard Owl Dragon / Owl Dragon MAX and Harvard Raptor, sales of the Harvard brand will continue to be boosted.

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