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"Automotive Industry concern" from the heavenly eye to understand that Anhui Luoke Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Luoke Automobile sales Co., Ltd., Anhui Luoke Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the operating status of three companies changed from survival to cancellation.

The above three companies were all established in March 2022, and the legal representative is Yan Feng, the former CTO of Weima Motor, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, all of which are wholly owned by Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., according to Tianyan check information.

Shanghai Luoke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2021, the legal representative is Changjing, with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, is an enterprise mainly engaged in science and technology promotion and application service industry. the company is wholly owned by Stone Motor (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. In April 2021, Changjing announced that it would build a car, along with Yan Feng, the former CTO of Weima Motor.


Although Xiaomi was the first to announce the construction of a car in March of the same year, Changjing actually decided to build a car earlier than Xiaomi, but unlike Xiaomi, the car belongs to Xiaomi Group's new project, while Changjing has repeatedly stressed to the outside world that Luoke Intelligence is a company completely independent of Stone Technology. In other words, Luo Ke Intelligence is not a subsidiary of Stone Technology, and since then the market news about the construction of cars by Stone Technology has often aroused heated discussion. at that time, Stone Technology publicly said that building cars was a personal act of Changjing and had nothing to do with the company.


Since 2022, a number of Luoyang enterprises with Yan Feng as the legal representative have been set up one after another, located in Shandong, Anhui, Shanghai, Hubei and other places, with businesses related to automobile manufacturing, automobile sales, automobile services and intelligent technology. Luo Ke Intelligence established the above three companies in March of that year, but now all three companies have been cancelled. ‍‍

In mid-May of the same year, Changjing said in an interview with CCTV that he was actually a car enthusiast, and that car-building projects were more about his personal preferences and investment, which had nothing to do with Stone Technology. "then, in fact, I am not directly involved in the day-to-day operation of the car manufacturing company, there is a special team to manage, so I do not spend a lot of energy."

However, like most technology companies that become monks, Changjing lacks not only money, but also production qualifications. In December 2021, the CEO of Xilai Automobile said bluntly: "car building requires a reserve capital threshold. I said 20 billion a few years ago, but now it may not be possible to do it without 40 billion." So even Changjing, who ranks 33rd on the 2020 Hurun post-80s self-made rich list with a wealth of 6.3 billion yuan, has to raise money through financing. So far, Luo Ke Intelligence has obtained five rounds of financing, with a total public financing of US $5.24 billion.


But compared with capital, production qualification is a bigger obstacle to Luo Ke's intelligence. Luo Ke Intelligent adopted the same contract manufacturing model as NIO. At first, it chose to settle down in Wuhu, Anhui Province, to cooperate with Chery Automobile. Since then, the above three companies have been set up one after another, involving manufacturing, technology and sales. At the beginning of this year, it was reported that the Luoke vehicle project will be located in Wuhu Economic and technological Development Zone, with a planned investment of 7 billion yuan, aiming to reach the annual production level of 200000 medium-and high-end new energy vehicles. The first phase is planned for a medium-sized seven-seat new energy SUV with an annual production capacity of 50, 000 vehicles, which is expected to be mass produced in September 2023.

But somehow, Luo Ke suddenly bid farewell to Wuhu. According to a person familiar with the matter in the market, the reason for the failure of cooperation between Luo Ke Intelligence and Chery is that the two sides did not reach an agreement because of the price issue, and then found Jianghuai Automobile, but also did not have the following. Finally, he held hands with Beijing Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BAIC Manufacturing"). It should be noted that although BAIC was once part of BAIC, BAIC transferred its stake to Beijing Automobile Assembly Plant in 2015, and BAIC withdrew from BAIC, that is to say, BAIC has nothing to do with BAIC now. BAIC mainly produces off-road vehicles and military vehicles, and is controlled by Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group, which has acquired a majority stake by Shandong Weiqiao Venture Group at the beginning of this year.


In September 2022, Luoke Motor set up a branch in Qingdao; in June 2023, the declaration information of Jishi 01 model appeared in the announcement of 372 batches of new cars by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the declaration manufacturer was Beijing Automobile Factory Co., Ltd., and the tail mark was Beijing Automobile Factory. On August 17 this year, Luo Ke Intelligence and Weiqiao Entrepreneurship Group announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement, while Luo Ke Motor previously registered in Wuhu three companies have all been cancelled.

The first production model "Jishi 01", the first production model of Jishi Automobile, which is owned by Luo Ke Automobile, was officially launched on Aug. 22, with a total of two new models priced at 349900 yuan and 359900 yuan respectively. The new car can be regarded as a new energy vehicle brand jointly created by Luoke Automobile and BAIC Manufacturing. Luoke Automobile is responsible for providing intelligent solutions and design, while BAIC Manufacturing is responsible for production landing.

Polar stone 01 positioning medium and large SUV, with six-seat and seven-seat seat layout, equipped with the same 1.5T extender as the ideal L-series. From the positioning point of view, Jishi 01 cut into the hard-line off-road vehicle market segment, "Automotive Industry concern" believes that although this market segment is minority, it has also changed from the blue sea to the Red Sea. Domestic including Beijing off-road, Great Wall tanks, Dongfeng warriors and BYD look up brands and equation leopard brands are all in the layout of this market. Obviously, as a new brand, Jishi Automobile not only has to solve the problem of its low popularity, but also has to face fierce market competition. Coupled with the fact that the automobile industry is going through a reshuffle cycle, many new power car companies have been eliminated by the environment. For founder Changjing, although the new car is on the market, it still takes a long time.

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