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Tesla responded to the Big V dispute case: the judgment of first instance apologized to Tesla. The Shanghai Auto Show incident is still under trial.

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Tesla responded to a reputation dispute with Weibo user "Yan Chuang" in a post on Weibo on Aug. 28. Tesla said that recently, we have noticed that Mr. Yan posted on Weibo the relevant contents of the reputation dispute with Tesla, which attracted everyone's attention. In order to let the broad masses of netizens know the truth, I would like to explain the relevant situation: 1. With regard to the case in which Tesla sued Mr. Yan over the dispute over Mr. Yan's right of reputation, the court recently made a judgment of first instance after a trial, finding that Mr. Yan constituted an infringement of Tesla's reputation. Should apologize in writing to Tesla. 2. In response to Mr. Yan's remarks on the actual hammer of Tesla's car brake failure involved in the Shanghai Auto Show incident, as the relevant case is still under trial, Tesla will sue and investigate Mr. Yan's legal responsibility in a separate case in due course. Tesla did not give up the right to be held accountable for the remarks.


The thing is, Weibo user "Yan Chuang" posted on Weibo on August 26th that in February 2022, Tesla brand filed a legal action against the person concerned because of its video "interpretation of Tesla's Brake failure with Real Hammer" and the Shanghai auto show incident, which forwarded a comment on "Tesla asked the navy for public relations" on Weibo. In order not to interfere with the administration of justice, he did not mention this matter on any occasion before receiving the final judgment because of his identity as a media person. Before filing the case, he rejected numerous third-party organizations'so-called apologies and compensation for less than 500000 of the mediation requirements. At the same time, invite the best lawyer within your ability to defend his right of reputation.


Yan Chuang said: "before the trial in March this year, Tesla's market public relations staff repeatedly put forward the demand for mediation, and I proposed that I could accept the possibility of reconciliation only if the special side publicly apologized. During the trial, Tesla legal personnel withdrew the request for Tesla's reputation infringement due to my "brake failure real hammer interpretation video". In the end, this part did not appear on the judgment at all. Before the Chengdu auto show the night before last, I received the verdict and a big stone in my heart finally landed. I will discuss the specific results with my lawyer and report back to you. I hope to use my personal case to tell every Chinese that, in the face of American giant enterprises, bullying a Chinese individual with geometric multiple resource fraud, do not be afraid, because I believe that China's judicial system is fair and just. "

In response to Tesla's response, Weibo user "Yan Chuang" also posted again today: "due to the limited ability, financial resources, and the influence of the international environment, many things cannot be put on the table." But since Tesla attaches so much importance to this matter, I will only talk to you from my own experience about how Tesla uses "legal weapons" to protect his rights and interests. "


It is understood that Weibo user "Yan Chuang" Weibo certified as "senior auto talent", currently has 4.397 million followers in Weibo.


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