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A new batch of collision test results of PICC Research: Lion Platinum is the most outstanding, Haoying fights against Baoyan again.

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On August 28th, China Insurance Research C-IASI released the first results of the 2023 evaluation of models, involving Toyota Sina, Honda Haoying, ideal L7, BMW X1, Feifan R7, Kia Lion Platinum expansion, Chuanqi GS8, Toyota Lingfang, among which the ideal L7 and Feifan R7 are new energy vehicles.


From the overall crash test results, the most "outstanding" model is the Lion Platinum extension from Kia, because it is the only model that gets A (good) for passengers and pedestrians outside the car.

One of the most obvious features of Kia is the use of "fiberglass anti-collision beams". FRP is not steel, it is a kind of plastic reinforced by fiberglass, called fiberglass reinforced plastic or fiberglass. The FRP front anti-collision beam does not protect the suspension and lights at the left and right ends enough, and does not occupy an advantage in the collision, so it is difficult for modern Kia models to get high scores in the C-IASI test.

The anti-collision beam is a kind of device used to reduce the collision energy of the vehicle when it is collided, which is composed of the main beam, the energy absorption box and the installation plate connected to the vehicle. The main beam and the energy absorption box can effectively absorb the collision energy when the vehicle collides at low speed. Minimize the damage of the impact force to the longitudinal beam of the car body, so as to play its role in the protection of the vehicle. Therefore, the anti-collision beam is of great significance to vehicle safety, even if it only plays a short-term conduction role in the collision accident, but it can be related to the personal safety of drivers and passengers in the limit case.

Judging from the sub-item results, the occupant safety index of Lion Platinum extension is A (good), mainly because the side impact index is M (general). From the point of view of the side impact, the invasion of the B-pillar of the lion platinum boundary is somewhat serious, which has a certain impact on the driver's torso, pelvis and legs.

It is worth mentioning that Honda Haoying once again participated in the war to protect research. Before "meeting" Haoying, PICC Research played the role of "upright and upright" in the eyes of the Chinese people, and a generation of magic car Passat was fully exposed under the test of PICC Research.

In June 2020, China Insurance Research released the collision test video of Honda Haoying. In 25% of the offset collision tests, the Haoying A column was seriously bent, the center console collapsed to the cockpit position in a large area, and there was an obvious collision between the dummy's knee and the structure in the car, coupled with the absence of knee airbags, the overall performance was indescribable. In the side collision, the door of the driver side of Haoying has a certain degree of depression until it touches the members of the car, and the strong impact causes the side column of the car body to collide with the head of the dummy.

Haoying, a compact SUV owned by Guangzhou Auto Honda, is a sister car to Dongfeng Honda CR-V, which was officially launched in November 2019. Its sales volume continues to rise by virtue of conscientious market pricing, while Haoying's dismal collision test performance has also caused consumers' dissatisfaction with brand manufacturers.

On June 19, the official website of the China Insurance Research Institute officially released Honda Haoying's "report card", with a total score of 92.2%. The occupant safety index, pedestrian safety index and vehicle auxiliary safety index all got G (excellent), which is very different from the test video. Oddly enough, PICC Research does not recognize Honda Haoying's achievements. PICC Research said in an official statement that the official website has not released the Honda Haoying test results in any form so far. The data has been stolen and the police have been reported to the police. The official website will be checked for security and the Honda Haoying results will be released another day.


In December 2020, PICC Research once again released Honda Haoying's crash test results, which are exactly the same as those leaked on the official website, which is also the beginning of the change of PICC's image in the Chinese people. Since then, the China Insurance Research Institute will announce the crash test results of two batches of models every year, but it is difficult to attract attention in the market.

Return to the new generation of Haoying crash test results, in fact, there is not much to say, the safety index of both passengers and pedestrians outside the car is G (excellent). According to official data, the new generation of Haoying does improve the strength of the car body, using ACE load-bearing body structure, and more than 50% of the whole car body frame is made of high-strength steel.

Another model worth mentioning is the ideal L7, which is the only one that participates in a 25% offset collision in the front of the occupant side. The results show that the occupant side of the front 25% offset collision, also received excellent evaluation. 25% offset collision on the passenger side is an option in the collision test, 25% offset collision because the front contact overlap is small, the front longitudinal beam basically does not participate in deformation energy absorption, coupled with the short front anti-collision beam, the anti-collision beam may not participate in the transfer of impact energy. Finally, only the upper stringer inside the front fender may be really involved in energy absorption, which makes the intrusion of tires into the passenger cabin more serious. As a result, ordinary models rarely take the initiative to participate in the occupant side front 25% offset collision, because it is easy to appear unpredictable performance, and no matter how the ideal L7 active challenge, you can also see the trust of the ideal car to its products.


In addition, the crash test results of Toyota Sena, BMW X1, Feifan F7, Chuanqi GS8 and Toyota Ling Fang are also announced, as follows:

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