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From 159800 RMB! Pre-sale of Kia's first domestic electric car

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At the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show, Kia's new pure electric medium-sized SUV--EV5 officially opened its pre-sale, with a pre-sale price range of 159800-229800 yuan. It is understood that Kia EV5 is the first domestic pure electric SUV of Kia in China, which will be officially launched at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show.


In terms of appearance, Kia EV5 continues the conceptual design in styling, with a brand new digital tiger whistling grille on the front face and black painting on the bottom to increase the sports atmosphere. The newly designed headlight group is integrated with the concept of constellation map, with penetrating daylight group, the overall recognition is not low. In addition, the new car is surrounded by trapezoidal vents and is equipped with a silver guard, highlighting the strong "hardness".


The side of the car body, stout black eyebrows and thick side skirt, slightly raised front and rear fender visually have a muscular feeling, as the current popular hidden door handle, suspended roof and other designs are not absent. In terms of the rear part of the car, the shape of the new car's taillights is simple and recognizable, the through-type stereoscopic lamp group style echoes with the headlight group, the KIA logo is located in the middle of the lamp group, and the rear encirclement of the new car is also equipped with relatively hard "armor", which echoes with the front encirclement design. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Kia EV5 are 4615/1875/1715mm and the wheelbase is 2750mm.



In terms of interior decoration, the overall design style of the Kia EV5 is more simple than that of the Kia models on sale, with an integrated suspension screen above the center console and a new UI design for the car system, with touch buttons and physical buttons at the bottom of the screen. In addition, the four-frame steering wheel adopts two-color matching, and the rear is also integrated with a shielding operating lever. The central armrest in the front row of the Kia EV5 is connected to the seat and uses the same color and material as the seat. It is understood that Kia EV5 will provide 9 exterior color matching and 4 interior color matching.

In terms of power, Kia EV5 is equipped with a single front motor with a maximum power of 160kW and a maximum torque of 310Nm. In the battery part, the car will use lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by Xiangyang Fudi Battery Co., Ltd. In the suspension section, Kia EV5 will use front McPherson and rear multi-link independent suspension.

According to the plan, this year will be the first year for Yueda Kia to enter China's electric car market. Starting from 2023, Yueda Kia will launch at least one pure electric vehicle in the Chinese market each year based on the electrified global modular platform E-GMP. By 2027, it will launch a total of six EV models. By 2030, it is expected to achieve annual sales of 450000 units, of which the EV model accounts for 40% of the annual sales of 180000 vehicles.

The EV6, the first electric car based on the Kia E-GMP platform, was officially launched at the 2023 Chengdu Auto Show with a guiding price of 28.28-419800 yuan. In terms of power, Kia EV6 offers two types of long-range 77.4kWh and 58kWh, with the maximum power of 170hp and torque of 350Nm in the standard rear-drive version and 235hp and 605Nm of torque in the quasi-endurance four-wheel drive version. The maximum power and torque of the EV6 long-range rear-drive model is 228km, 350Nm, 528km, 605Nm, 528km, 605Nm, 528km, 528km, 528km, 528km, 528km, 528km, 528km and 528km respectively.


In addition, Yueda Kia plans to launch its flagship electric SUV-EV9; in 2024 and then an entry-level pure electric SUV, a high-end electric car and a medium-sized pure electric SUV from 2025 to 2027, respectively, to bring more yuan and more outstanding products to Chinese consumers.

It is not difficult to see that Kia will not only continue to focus on the Chinese market, but will also quickly launch the layout of the new energy sector, but Kia is more conformist than the all-out efforts of its own brands. This is also close to the route of many other joint venture brands in China New Energy, which is not rash but will not stop completely.

Take Kia EV5 as an example, although the current price is unknown, as a joint venture pure electric SUV, its price is not expected to be very low, while the current sales of pure electric vehicles launched by brands such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan in China are very mediocre. On the one hand, Korean brands need to compete with German and Japanese brands, while facing the suppression of independent brands, the pressure is not generally small.


China's new energy market has completely subverted the situation in which joint venture brands played a leading role in the fuel car era in the past, and independent brands, dominated by BYD and the new car-building forces, have become the biggest stars in China's automobile market. Although not willing to lag behind the joint venture brand has also made a counterattack, but the effect is mediocre, even if it is a bloody price reduction, it is still difficult to capture the hearts of Chinese consumers. At present, Kia will go all out to promote the comprehensive landing of the new energy strategy and provide Chinese consumers with a higher quality mobile travel service experience by introducing more world-leading electrified technologies and products. but it remains to be seen whether it can take off again in the Chinese market.

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