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Operate in reverse! Gaohe HiPhi Y official announced an increase in price

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Since the beginning of this year, "price war" has been the key word of the automobile industry. In the second half of the year, the price war did not stop, but became more and more intense. According to incomplete statistics, since August, a number of car brands have started a price war, including SAIC-Volkswagen, Zero running Automobile, Najiao Automobile, Great Wall Euler and other brands to introduce "price reduction preferential" policies. The models involved in price reduction are mainly new energy vehicles.

In the context of a number of car companies have started a price war, Gaohe Motor is operating in the opposite direction, raising the price of some of its HiPhi Y models. Among them, the prices of HiPhi Y560km avant-garde version and 560km elite version remain unchanged, the prices of 810km long-lasting version and 765km flagship version both increased by 10,000 yuan, HiPhi Y 810km long-lasting version increased from 399000 yuan to 409000 yuan, and HiPhi Y 765km flagship version increased from 449000 yuan to 459000 yuan.


For the reasons for the price increase, Gaohe official and its general manager said: the price increase is based on the two models (long-lasting version and flagship version) of 115kWh batteries carried by HiPhi Y, which are very popular after listing, and the proportion of orders exceeds expectations, so the prices of these two products are adjusted after the introduction period as originally planned.



Relevant information shows that Gaohe Automobile is a pure electric vehicle brand under Chinese American Express, which was established on July 31, 2019. It currently has three models on sale, the first volume car Gaohe HiPhi X launched in September 2020, a total of two models, the price range of 680,000 million, high-tech HiPhi X delivery in May 2021. The second model, the high-tech HiPhi Z, was launched in August last year, with a total of two new models, starting at 610000 yuan. It is worth noting that high-tech cars do not have a strong sense of presence in the market in recent years, which has something to do with its poor sales.

Relevant data show that the insurance volume of Gaohe HiPhi X in 2022 is 4349, with an average of less than 400 per month. The launch of the second model, the high-tech HiPhi Z, did not boost sales of high-tech cars. From the price point of view, the launch of HiPhi Y is indeed much cheaper than the previous two Gaohe HiPhi Z and HiPhi X cars, but it may also mean that Gaohe HiPhi Y will bear the burden of high-tech car volume.



Today, Gaohe also announced on its official Weibo that the total delivery volume of Gaohe HiPhi YY in August was 1021 vehicles, saying that the result was more than 1000 in the first full month after its launch. Xu Bin, general manager of Gaohe Automotive Brand and Communication, also said in a post: August delivery broke thousands! Production capacity is still climbing in September! Although it is not such an eye-catching figure in the new power, it is a special milestone for Gaohe. It is not easy to build a high-end brand, let alone a high-end brand originated in China.


Judging from the total delivery volume of Gaohe HiPhi YY in August, there is indeed a gap compared with other popular car-building new forces, but from another point of view, from its positioning and price point of view, the first month of this result is still good. However, at present, in order to seize market share and increase sales, many car companies have joined the price war one after another, but Gaohe Automobile is in the opposite direction, raising the price of some models of Gaohe HiPhi Y. this operation will more or less have a certain impact on the follow-up sales of Gaohe HiPhi Y.

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