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Harvard owl dragon MAX "can't keep the electricity"? Official response

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Qiao Xinyu, deputy general manager of Harvard Brand Executive, responded to online rumors that Harvard Owl Dragon "stopped production" and Harvard Owl Dragon MAX "felt unable to keep electricity" on the social platform on Aug. 31.

Qiao Xinyu said: "in the past few days, we have noticed that some media have published false remarks about the 'suspension of production' of Harvard's owl dragon in order to attract eyeballs." it has also been detected that some technology bloggers and accounts in a certain circle of cars publish content with the same title and similar keywords, and even reply is the same, creating something out of nothing, random rhythm, malicious magnification with no factual basis, and then distorting the facts. Qiao Xinyu also pointed out that the Harvard brand dragon sequence product matrix has been continuously increasing and improving. I believe everyone has seen that our series of owl dragons, raptors and follow-up dragons are advancing according to the rhythm. Welcome to keep paying attention.


In addition, Qiao Xinyu responded to MAX's "feeling of losing electricity": "recently I heard on the Internet that MAX' felt unable to keep electricity'. We urgently communicate and confirm with the technical team. first of all, we can clarify that you can rest assured to use this point. there is no problem under normal driving conditions. " In addition, Qiao Xinyu revealed that Harvard's first OTA upgrade plan for MAX will be launched in early September, which will have a lot of places to optimize and upgrade. In addition, for some power preservation strategies or demands put forward by users, the technical team will comprehensively optimize the power preservation strategy to effectively address the power preservation concerns.


In July this year, the owner of the "Harvard Owl Dragon MAX" posted a post saying that the most important problem of Harvard Owl Dragon MAX' is the loss of electricity. "set up intelligent hybrid, compulsory power protection, but can not protect the electricity at all, the previous night the electricity is still 81%, but after starting the car in the morning, the electricity is only 77%."


Harvard Owl Dragon / MAX is a new model launched by the Harvard brand of Great Wall Motors. On May 9, Harvard Qiaolong / Qiaolong MAX officially launched, and the two models are plug-in models, of which Harvard Owl Dragon locates the compact SUV with a price range of 13.98-156800 yuan, focusing on the mainstream consumer market; the Owl Dragon MAX locates a medium-sized SUV with a price range of 15.98-179800 yuan, mainly in the high-end market, which is the first model equipped with the new hybrid architecture of Great Wall Hi4 intelligent four-wheel drive system.


Among them, the owl dragon MAX appearance uses a mesh of borderless grille and a new shape of the headlamp design, but the overall shape is not as stable as the owl dragon. The rear part of the car, compared with the owl dragon, the tail design of the owl dragon MAX is relatively simple, and does not use through-type taillights, and the rear surround and the car body use different colors, coupled with chrome trim decoration, intended to enhance its sense of movement. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the owl dragon MAX is 4758 (4771) / 1895/1725mm, and the wheelbase 2800mm is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, but from the size point of view, it can only be regarded as A + grade SUV.



In terms of interior decoration, the Qiaolong MAX uses a three-screen design, including a 12.3inch LCD meter, a 12.3inch central control system control screen and a 12.3inch co-driver entertainment screen. Among them, the co-pilot screen specializes in entertainment, can be independently connected to Bluetooth headphones, a stronger overall sense of luxury, and equipped with a new generation of Coffee OS system, equipped with Snapdragon 8155 chip. In addition, the owl dragon MAX canceled the gear lever and replaced it with a gear, freeing up the space in the T-word area. In terms of power, the owl MAX is equipped with a 1.5L engine + dual motor plug-in system, in which the maximum power of the engine 85kW, the total power of the system reaches 205kW, the peak torque 585Nm, the transmission system matches the two-gear DHT gearbox, the pure electric NEDC has a range of 105km zero-100km/h acceleration time of 6.5s, and the battery comes from the ternary lithium battery of Guoxuan Tech.


Whether it is Harvard owl dragon or fierce dragon MAX, after the launch, both models are aimed at BYD Song Pro and Song Plus, but offer higher product configurations at similar prices. Owl Dragon MAX features all-wheel drive, and the top four-wheel drive version is nearly 40, 000 yuan cheaper than Song PLUS's top four-wheel drive. It is understood that at the end of the year, the owl dragon will also launch pure electric models, which will bring stronger competitiveness through the product matrix of pure electricity + plug-in power.


Data show that from January to July this year, cumulative sales of the Harvard brand rose 1.55% year-on-year to 355611 vehicles, of which July rose 2.75% to 62967 vehicles. The industry believes that the growth of the Harvard brand is related to the launch of new cars of Harvard Owl Dragon and MAX. Taking July sales data as an example, the top three models of Harvard brand sales in July were Harvard H6, Harvard Big Dog and Harvard Owl Dragon MAX, with sales of 16922, 10630 and 6197 respectively.

The data show that Haver Owl Dragon MAX has sold 15383 vehicles since its launch. Among them, Qionglong MAX sold 6098 vehicles in June, ranking 97th in the country, and 6197 in July, ranking 95th in the country.

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