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It's crazy! BYD sold more than 270000 vehicles in August

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It's crazy! BYD continued to lead sales in August.

On Sept. 1, BYD released its production and sales figures for August. Sales of new energy vehicles in August were 274386, up 56.8% from a year earlier. The cumulative sales of energy vehicles from January to August were 1.792 million, an increase of 82.16% over the same period last year. Specifically, passenger car sales were 274086, up 57.5 per cent from a year earlier. Of this total, 145600 were sold by pure electric vehicles and 128500 by plug-in hybrid vehicles. In overseas markets, BYD sold 25023 vehicles of new energy overseas in August.


Subdivided into various brands, sold 133668 cars in August, including 45004 for Qin family, 22760 for Han family, 12242 for Tang family, 21000 for Song family (Song PRO, Song MAX DM-i) and 32662 for Yuan family. sold 128682 vehicles in August, of which seagulls and dolphins accounted for nearly half of the sales, with 34841 and 32745 respectively in August, 5700 seals in August, 4604 frigates 07, 12092 destroyers 05, 1760 E2 and 36940 Song PLUS series. The brand sold 11515 vehicles in August, of which the D9 accounted for most of the sales of 10035 and the Teng Teng N7 sold 1480.




According to the data, BYD's sales mainly come from dynasty net and ocean net. At present, BYD has a total layout of dynasty net, ocean net, momentum, look up and equation leopard brand, of which dynasty net and ocean net two major product series, mainly hit the market of less than 300000 yuan. According to the official position earlier, the dynasty series is aimed at relatively mature customers, while the ocean series design concept interprets young, enterprising and open-minded, mainly for young people.

In order to maintain the increase in sales, BYD has also launched more competitive products one after another. In February this year, the champion version of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i went on sale, and the starting price of 99800 yuan officially opened "the same price of oil and electricity", which brought a serious crisis to the same class of fuel cars. Since then, BYD has successively launched a number of models, such as Han Champion, Tang DM-i Champion, Destroyer 05 Champion, Seal Champion, Song ProDM-i Champion, and so on. At the same time, the prices of these models are also falling further, which is also the reason for the steady growth of BYD sales. On August 31st, the new BYD Tang family went on sale, starting at 249800 yuan. A few days ago, in order to provide car owners with more refined customer service. BYD has also made adjustments to Dynasty Network and Ocean Network, which are divided into BYD Dynasty APP and BYD Ocean APP, which operate independently.


The Tengli brand focuses on the high-end market in the range of 30-500000 yuan, and BYD established Tengli Automobile sales and Service Co., Ltd. in February last year. At that time, officials said they would devote more resources and core business to the development of vv in the areas of product research and development, smart manufacturing, channels and sales services. In August last year, Tencent Automobile launched its first MPV model, Tengli D9, with a medium and large MPV positioning, and launched a total of DM-i super hybrid version and pure electric power options at a price of 32.98-459800 yuan. Among them, the DM-i super hybrid version launched four models, the price is 32.98-439800 yuan; the pure electric version of a total of three models, the price is 38.98-459800 yuan.


At present, Tengli brand models on sale are Tengli D9, Tengli N7, Tengli N8. For the follow-up product development plan of the Tengli brand, Tengli has said that it will launch a number of models within three years, and will name five major car series after the English name DENZA, of which D is the MPV model series and N is the SUV model series. The products of these five major car families will cover MPV, SUV, cars and urban sports cars. Data show that a total of 79412 cars were sold from January to August in 2023.


In addition to dynasty net, ocean net, momentum brand, BYD look up and equation leopard brand is also launching new models one after another. For example, the brand's look-up U8 model also went on sale in April at a pre-sale price of 1.098 million yuan. Equation Leopard's first model, Leopard 5, was also unveiled at the recent Chengdu auto show, with a blind price range of 30-400000 yuan, and the new car will be officially launched this year. Thanks to its product layout, BYD's sales rose 96% in the first half compared with the same period last year, making it one of the top 10 car sales in the world for the first time. As for BYD's sales performance, some industry insiders pointed out that the top 9 are global car companies and their products are sold all over the world, while BYD also has exports but accounts for a relatively small share, basically from a single market. There is no denying that BYD has this result is still good.


According to the earlier plan of Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, this year's sales target is to start with 3 million vehicles and strive to double to 3.6 million. Based on its annual sales target of 3 million, BYD achieved 59.7% of its annual sales target in the previous August, meaning that BYD will have to sell at least 300000 vehicles in each of the remaining four months. Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD, recently expressed confidence in the completion of the annual target of 3 million vehicles. Indeed, judging from BYD's current monthly sales, it will not be difficult to meet the annual sales target of 3 million with the subsequent launch of new models, but it may be a little difficult to sprint 3.6 million vehicles.

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