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The magic car is over! Volkswagen ID.GTI concept car released

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At the 2023 Munich Auto Show, the Volkswagen ID.GTI concept car was officially unveiled, the new car is based on the MEB platform Volkswagen ID.2all concept car, and the mass production version will be officially launched in 2027. This means that the myth of the GTI series, which is regarded as a classic by countless fans, will come to an end in the era of fuel cars, and it will enter the era of pure electric.

From the overall appearance, the Volkswagen ID.GTI concept car is based on the Volkswagen ID.2all concept car, with a close-to-closed black grille on the basis of the red body, long and eye-catching red strips under the IQ.LIGHT matrix LED headlights, and the red GTI logo embedded on the right side of the front face. In addition, the unique bumper design of the GTI model is inspired by the racing car, and the upper air intake follows the honeycomb design that has been used since the fifth-generation GTI, with red trailer hooks on both sides.


On the side of the body, the ID.GTI concept car is very similar to the ID.2all, with a hatchback shape and a strong C-column design, while the rear door handle adopts a hidden design, the position of the front door and side skirt are marked with black GTI, and the bottom of the side beam is covered with black matte strips to further optimize the vehicle's aerodynamic performance. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the car are 4104mm/1840mm/1499mm and the wheelbase is 2600mm.




In the rear part, the ID.GTI concept car is redesigned on the basis of the first-generation Golf GTI classic styling, equipped with crimson penetrating LED lights, and only bright red designs are used for the outer frame of the 3D taillight group and Volkswagen logo on both sides. The rear enclosure is equipped with a two-stage diffuser and the black spoiler on the roof replaces the black tail window frame to optimize aerodynamic performance.

In terms of interior, the concept car uses many classic elements of the GTI series, with checkered elements throughout the cockpit, a brand new dual-format steering wheel with a red logo, and a shift gear at the rear. Equipped with a 10.9-inch dashboard and a 12.9-inch central control screen, the dashboard can replicate the instrument interface of the original GTI in retro mode, just like the instrument panel used by the legendary Pirelli GTI. In addition, the concept car is also equipped with an augmented reality look-up display system, and front passengers can see the projected information.


The most classic hatchback owned by Volkswagen is golf.

Most people's knowledge of the car is limited to the performance of the home market, but for Volkswagen, it prefers to integrate power and handling into the model, which is the origin of the Golf GTI.

In 1973, the high-performance version of the Beatles determined Volkswagen engineers to develop a true high-performance car, so the R & D team improved on the unlisted EA337 to launch the first-generation golf GTI. However, Volkswagen executives were not optimistic about the performance of the golf GTI at that time, but they did not expect to sell more than 5000 units in the first year after its release, which officially unveiled the golf GTI's high-performance hatchback legend.


In 1984, Volkswagen launched the second-generation Golf GTI, which is mainly based on the previous generation of models with small improvements. Overall, the second-generation golf GTI continues the design of previous models, but it is larger, wider and more comfortable.


In 1992, the golf GTI entered the third generation, and its design style is more rounded, which is a major process of the modernization of the golf GTI. The larger body, richer safety configuration and better power performance make this generation of golf GTI a great success.


In the fourth generation of models, the Golf GTI began to change greatly. the first three generations were all equipped with naturally aspirated engines, the first two were equipped with 1.8L engines, the third was 2.0L engines, and the fourth generation Golf GTI was replaced by 1.8T turbocharged engines, although this turbocharged engine did not change much in terms of power. But many consumers are still looking forward to the golf GTI with the new engine.


The fifth generation golf GTI is the most familiar to domestic consumers, and it is also the peak work of previous generations of GTI models. In addition to the appearance update, its power has also been upgraded to the 2.0T+DSG double clutch gearbox, which breaks with the tradition that all generations of golf GTI are manual transmissions, and represents a new era in the mechanical design of this performance model.


Starting from the sixth generation of models, Golf GTI has entered the process of localization. At the 2021 Tianjin Auto Show, the eighth generation golf GTI model went on sale with a price range of 229800 yuan. The new car is based on the Volkswagen MQB Evo platform, looks like overseas models, and uses the 2.0T turbocharged four-cylinder engine of the previous generation GTI.



Now, the overseas golf GTI has been confirmed to be a pure electric model, which is likely to affect the replacement of the domestic golf GTI. Retail data show that Volkswagen sold 64193 golf vehicles from January to July 2023, but it is not clear how much golf GTI sold.

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