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Or become history! Another Toyota model will be discontinued.

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The new Toyota Crown Signia has made its debut. The new car will go on sale next summer at a price range of $4.5 billion to $55000. It is understood that the Crown Signia positioning medium-sized SUV, power will provide oil-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid version choice.


According to Auto House, the Crown Signia will replace Toyota Venza after its launch, when Toyota Venza sold in North America will be discontinued next year. It is reported that with the addition of Crown Signia, Toyota's SUV lineup in the North American market has become very crowded. As a result, Toyota has also made some adjustments. Dave Christ, general manager of Toyota North America, said in an interview with the media that the Venza will stop production after the end of the 2024 model. Toyota executives said there had been some debate within the company about whether to keep Venza, saying: "We are very satisfied with Venza. If it is not so close to the crown Signia, we will keep it instead." But the two are similar in size and the buyers are also similar, so we decided to stop production of the Venza. "

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The fourth-generation HARRIER was officially launched in 2020. The car is based on the TNGA-K platform and is located between the RAV4 and the Hanlanda. At the same time, the car also entered the US market for the first time and named the new generation Venza. In the domestic market, this model is made by Guangzhou Automobile Toyota and FAW Toyota respectively, and named Weisa and Lingfang HARRIER respectively, both of which are new products of Toyota Gemini strategy.

As Toyota brothers, Weisa and Lingfang HARRIER do not attract much attention in the domestic market. Retail data show that Weisa sold 24847 vehicles from January to October this year, with an average monthly sales of more than 2400, compared with 19710 in 2022, while Lingfang HARRIER sold 21180, with an average monthly sales of just over 2000, compared with 40638 in 2022.

As of press time, it is not clear whether the domestic market Weisa and Lingfang HARRIER models will be affected by the news that the Crown Signia will replace Toyota Venza after its launch.

Going back to Toyota's Crown Signia model, as a new member of the Crown family, the new car still uses Toyota's new family design style, which is quite similar to the style of Toyota bZ series electric cars. The front face is designed with a hollowed-out grille with special-shaped headlights, which is highly recognizable as a whole, giving people an innovative and exquisite visual experience.

With smooth and slender lines on the side, the new car looks lower and slender than the round Toyota Venza, and is expected to significantly improve the legroom for rear passengers and offer optional 19-inch and 21-inch wheels. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4930/1880/1620mm. In the rear part, the design of the new car is relatively simple, and the through taillight group design makes the rear of the car look very sturdy. in addition, the rear of the new car is surrounded by a double-layer two-color design, which further increases the sense of hierarchy and weight of the vehicle.

Interior part, the new car uses two-color matching with three-dimensional "carving" layout, the overall styling avant-garde fashion. The car is equipped with 12.3-inch suspension center control screen and 12.3-inch LCD dashboard, the design of the center console is also very hierarchical, while the center console area also retains a large number of physical keys, pay attention to practicality. In terms of power, the new car will provide gas-electric hybrid version and plug-in version of two options. Among them, the oil-electric hybrid version uses a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine + motor hybrid system, with a maximum power of 181 kilowatts.

Toyota has not officially released the pricing of the new car, and Dave Christ, general manager of Toyota Motor North America, said the price of the new car will be "roughly the same" as that of Venza. As a reference, the American version of Weisa currently on sale starts at $36315, with a top price of $44460, and the new car is expected to sell in the range of $4.5 billion to $55000.

With the exposure of the news that Weisa is about to stop production in the overseas market, it seems that Weisa and Lingfang HARRIER are doomed to their fate in the domestic market. According to reports, the overseas market Venza (Weisa) will be replaced by Crown Signia. It is not known whether the car will be imported to the domestic market at the same time after its launch.

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